Cardiff Prison Officer to ‘Spill the Beans’

STOP PRESS I OFFER £500 for the return of my medical records

Bristol County Court has struck out my £500,000 damages claim against G4S for robbing me, in HMP Parc, of my wheelchair, urgently needed Caswell Clinic medical records my GP and Specialist medical team in Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, are asking for , my clothes and my ‘machine gun’ South Wales Police conspiracy 1CF03361damages claim legal papers, the cause of it al

Shall I write to my favourite MP for help or would it be safer for someone to do it for £500?

FOR A WITNESS SUMMONS (Criminal Procedure Rules, rr. 28.3 and 28.4. This form is NOT for use where rule 28.5 (confidential information) applies.)

Case details Name of defendant: Maurice Kirk

Court: Exeter Crown Court

Court office address:  HM Crown Court


 Charge(s): REDACTED

 THIS IS AN APPLICATION FOR AN ORDER THAT Intelligence Officer, MARC STURGESS, of Exeter Prison must attend court to [give the evidence] [produce the documents or objects] described in this application:

Defence Court exhibits from Cardiff Prison Staff

  1. ALL MP correspondence to and from Maurice Kirk whilst he was in Cardiff Prison in 2019, as referred to in item 21 of CPS 22nd February 2021 letter of CPR late disclosure.
  2. Copies of all communications between Cardiff prison and South Wales Police during that period relating to their prisoner on remanded in custody in 2019.
  3. Copies of The Defendant’s PP1, MAPPA, MG6D, OASysis and South Wales Police records
  4. Copies of all the Defendant’s medical records including those of Caswell Clinic, Bridgend.
  5. Arrangements to be made, forthwith, for the Defendant to examine the minimum of four of his MP letters purportedly posted from his F wing prison cell, ‘with bags of white powder’ within as described in item 21 of  very late CPR disclosure of 22nd Feb 2021. (These include Alun Cairns MP letter)
  6. Disclose a copy of the MAPPA letter log, in order to avoid a jury trial, which will explain why this prisoner’s letters to the Royal Courts of Justice, contrary to PSI  04/16, on an appeal from a Cardiff Crown Court vindictive two year prison term, where no restraining order had ever been served, to be ‘breached’, were unlawfully stopped before prisoners.
  7. Of the many other stopped or deliberately delayed Defendant’s correspondence, the identification of each is needed for jury trials, this year and complaint to ECHR, CCRC, HM HO and IOPC applications.
  8. Of those few being returned to their victim,  on his day of release on 1st November 2019, this Defendant requests they be itemised, for the next presiding Exeter judge, with explanation as to why each was stopped from instructions from the South Wales Police?

Maurice J Kirk BVSc  


In The Taunton Crown Court                                               

                                        MAURICE JOHN KIRK


                              SOUTH WALES CONSTABULARY


                            CHRONOLOGY OF BACKGROUND EVENTS

                             SUPPLEMENTAL TO BAIL APPLICATION                                


  1. Between 1992-2002 Maurice John Kirk, Veterinary Surgeon, was prosecuted a total

0f 33 times by South Wales Police. All the aforesaid prosecutions were concluded

in Mr. Kirk’s favour. Between 2013-2015 Mr. Kirk litigated in court against South

Wales Police for malicious prosecution and was granted judgment in his favour in

three of the aforesaid actions. The civil case bore the case number BS 614159.

      He pleaded the sheer number of incidents (33) made for the irresistible

       inference of an agreement between two or more persons to either maliciously

       prosecute him or do him injury. At paragraph 1151 of a judgment in that case His

       Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC stated he was not convinced the Claimant was

      universally known outside his own   geographical area in addressing the

        inference of conspiracy. All the incidents occurred in The Vale of Glamorgan or that

       part of Cardiff closest to The Vale.

      If one looks at The A-Z Atlas of Wales Edition 11 all the incidents occurred

      at pages 64-65:     


Action 1 Claim 8.3 21.9.93 Cowbridge

Action 1 Claim 8.5 24.3.93 Barry

Action 1 Claim 8.6 20.5.93 Grand Avenue, Ely.

Action 1 8.7 M4 (Barry)

Action 1 Claim 8.9 22.9.93 Barry Police Station

Action 1 Claim 8.11 3.10.93 St. Athan

Action 1 8.12 4.10.93 (Struck Out)

Action 1 8.13 Barry Surgery

Action 1 8.14 15.12.93 Barry Police Station

Action 1 8.15 Barry

Action 1 Claim 8.16 9.8.94 Barry

Action 1 8.17  10.8.94 Barry

Action 1 8.23 May 1995 Barry

Action 1 8.18, 8.19, 8.20 & 8.21 The Vale of Glamorgan

Action 1 8.26 (Gafael incident) Evicted Tenant Vale of Glamorgan

Action 2 9.2.96 Flight to Ireland Cardiff Rhoose Airport

Action 2.3 12.5.96 Canton Cardiff

Action 2.4 21.1.97 Link Rd. Barry

Action 2.5 St. Nicholas

Action 2 para 6 Southey Street Barry

Action 2 para 7 4.7.19 St. Donats (police helicopter)

Action 2.8 Pontypridd Road Barry

Action 2.9 1.12.99 Llantwit Major

Action 2.10 23.1.00 A4232 near Welsh Folk Museum

Action 2.11 5.4.00 Newport Road/ Albany Road Cardiff


     Action 2.12 16.8.00 Bridgend.                                            

    Action 2 13-8 8.9.00 Church St. Llantwit Major

    Action 2 14.3 20.12.00 Cowbridge Road West Surgery

    Action 3 4.1 13.12.01 Merthyr Mawr Rd Bridgend

    Action 3 5 1-3 21.5.02 The Hayes Cardiff

    Action 3 6.1 West Gate Cowbridge.

    The incidents occurred in Maurice John Kirk’s own ‘back garden’.

    The third listed prosecution (20th May 1993) concerned Mr. Kirk being arrested

    outside his own veterinary surgery for possession of offensive weapons namely

    ‘garrotte’ wire, a common veterinary tool, on the premise that the ’general arrest

    provisions’ of The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 applied. That is to say

    the police had no idea who he was or where he could be found. They therefore

    had no address for service of a summons. Mr. Kirk spent 4 days in prison, being


     Additionally, Maurice John Kirk commenced 7CF07345 accusing South Wales Police

    of a systematic failure to investigate 24 criminal actions by third parties against Mr.

    Kirk. The case still subsists under case reference D00CF279.

    On  28.1.00 at Bristol Crown Court HHJ Ray S Jack, QC, said It is a pretty

    remarkable tale if there is any truth in it. I am voicing a little disquiet.

   Just look at the number of incidents. One asks, ‘What is going on?’

   7CF07345 concerned crimes committed against Mr. Kirk between 1993 and 2003.

  • Towards the end of the above chronology on 6th January 2001 the police

complained to The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and Mr. Kirk’s name

was removed from the veterinary register on the 19th January 2004.

This complaint had the consequence of curtailing Mr. Kirk’s income in his fight with


the police through the civil courts. By 2008 a civil jury trial was ordered by HHJ

Chambers, Queen’s Counsel.

  • On the 8th day of June 2009 a meeting took place at Barry police station of

The Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangement (MAPPA). These

events concern another civil case ICF03361. That case, argues Mr. Kirk, is the

apex of his argument (the ultimate proof) that South Wales police were driven by

what lawyers term ‘an animus’, a hostile intent, behind all their arrests and

prosecutions of him.  Mr. Kirk requests the pleadings in 1CF03361 be read in

their entirety to fully understand what he avers was the absurdity of the prosecution

that lay behind it. The MAPPA Referral information stated ‘Maurice John Kirk

has a long history with law enforcement agencies with a number of

criminal convictions together with a large number of civil actions and

complaints being instigated. At present Kirk has just over 100 civil

actions pending against South Wales Police focused on a variety of


 On the 22nd June 2009 Maurice John Kirk was arrested for the possession

 of a de-commissioned Lewis machine gun attached to a vintage aircraft used,

inter alia, for filming and air shows.  Maurice John Kirk has evidence that Dr.

             xxxxxxxxxxxx caused members of his staff to attend Barry police station

for the MAPPA meeting that led to Dr. xxxxxxxxx knowledge that Mr. Kirk was to be

arrested, remanded in custody and, should Mr. Kirk ‘approach the Chief Constable of

Wales’, on the pretext of ‘mutual exchange of witness statements’, in the civil action,

‘he was likely to be shot’ by an armed police unit.

  • On the 9th February 2010 a jury at Cardiff Crown Court  acquitted


Maurice John Kirk of all charges connected with the Lewis gun without even the need

of his having to call evidence in his defence.

Mr. Maurice John Kirk was remanded in custody with regard to the Lewis gun.

A police psychiatrist found Mr. Kirk had no relevant medical abnormality with her

patient (Mr. Kirk) to require detention or treatment. As a consequence Barry

magistrates had granted Mr. Kirk unconditional bail. The Prosecution appealed. On

the 3rd August 2009 Dr. xxxxxxxxx wrote a psychiatric report,                                              

without even examining Mr. Kirk, recommending he serve a further period of

remand whilst unconvicted in his experimental unit at Caswell Clinic, Bridgend. On

or about 28th August 2009. Dr.xxxxxxxx caused Mr. Kirk to undergo a SPEC scan

requiring the infusion of radioactive isotopes into Mr. Kirk’s brain. As a consequence

Dr. xxxxxxxx gave further reports: ‘Maurice Kirk has evidence of significant

brain damage to an area of brain significantly related to self-

awareness, judgment, decision making, self regulation of behaviour

and control of emotions’

and ‘Maurice Kirk presents with symptoms entirely consistent with a

mental illness namely Paranoid Delusional Disorder (fixed false beliefs

unamenable to reason).

In consequence Mr. Kirk suffered 8 months’ imprisonment for a crime of which he

was not guilty and was nearly placed in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric Hospital.

A number of psychiatrists and a leading Neurologist, a Dr. Kemp, opined that Mr.

Kirk was not mentally ill.

On the 28th November 2013 further brain scans were carried out on Mr. Kirk and,

as a consequence, Dr. Rose Marnell wrote in a letter ‘There is no evidence

(Mr. Kirk) The Accused suffers from Paranoid Delusional

Disorder. There is no evidence to indicate he suffers from significant

brain damage and there is no evidence he has cancer’


  • In 2011 Maurice John Kirk posted a WANTED poster of Dr. xxxxxxx on his KIRK:

      FLYING VET website, publishing a direct quote from Dr. xxxxxxx misleading

       psychiatric report. Mr. Kirk knew that unless corrected the existence of such

       a damning report it would lead to revocation of his pilot’s licence.

  • In December 2011 Mr. Kirk was made the subject of a Cardiff Magistrates’

Court prosecution for that he carried out a course of harassment against Dr.

                xxxxxxxxxxxx. He was convicted. Mr. Kirk maintains that a Restraining Order

was never served upon him as he was hastily bundled out of court on crutches.

A tireless campaign by Mr. Kirk to dispute the integrity of the Restraining Order

and assert that it was ultra vires has taken up much of Mr. Kirk’s life since,

exercising his democratic right to freedom of expression and to challenge the 2011

conviction through all proper legal channels. Between 2011-2012 Maurice John

Kirk has been prosecuted for no less four alleged Breaches of The Restraining Order.

He has referred the 2011 conviction to The Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) and

The Criminal Cases Review Commission.

  • The Second Complaint by Dr xxxxxxxxxx was discontinued by The Crown

Prosecution Service. In 2013 Tony Dicken of CPS agreed to disclose the said

file to David Leathley, Barrister as Maurice John Kirk was making application

to The Court of Appeal in person. To date no such disclosure has taken place.

Mr. Kirk contends it goes to an issue of the mala fides of Dr. xxxxxxxxxxxx

towards him.

  • In 2013 Mr. Kirk commenced the exhausting civil claim BS 614 159 at Cardiff

Civil Justice Centre in person. Despite winning three claims of malicious prosecution

Mr. Kirk maintains that his victimisation by South Wales Police continues and


the prosecutions are, once again, motivated by a desire by police to thwart his


  • In July 2013  the Police prosecuted Maurice John Kirk for the spurious accusation

by a Mark Davenport, a squatter on property lawfully occupied by Mr. Kirk, that

Mr. Kirk had both assaulted and threatened him. This resulted in the Police seeking,

and obtaining, another long remand in custody interfering with Mr. Kirk’s ability

to litigate, until October 2013  when HHJ Neil Bidder, Queen’s Counsel, dismissed

the Davenport allegations, expressing the view that there was no merit in them.

  1. Following his conviction for a fourth posting on social media about repeated

Non-Disclosure of documents pertaining to the service of the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Restraining order Mr. Kirk was ordered to serve two years’ imprisonment.

His sister Celia Jeune (a former JP) can attest to the fact that her brother’s criminal

records were wilfully corrupted falsely branding Mr. Kirk, inter alia, a paedophile.

She attended parole hearings. Mr. Kirk claims he has been repeatedly denied access to

his legal papers whilst in prison.

David Leathley

Coal Lex Chambers

1st Floor, Portland House

113-116, Bute Street


CF 10 5EQ

20th June 2020

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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