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Robert Buckland our HM Minister of Justice from South Wales

FAO Sue Mountstevens

Avon and Somerset Police Commissioner

Police HQ
26th January 2021
Your ref : SM/CON-029212/EJ-AM
Dear Madam,
South Wales Police Refusing Court Ordered Court Exhibits Disclosure
I am on PLAN H for return of property the Welsh deliberately stole to manipulate an insulting criminal investigation. It is now on your ‘patch’, arising from my G4S robbery in Wales and your officers have done sweet FA about it!

My complaint has to be taken seriously as my Taunton GP cannot even obtain my last three years of Welsh medical records urgently need by staff in Musgrove Park Hospital.

I have exhausted ‘local remedies’ under my rights under the law.

For example, your Somerset officers are currently also withholding court ordered disclosure of relevant evidence. Why? ‘The penny has now dropped’ that the South Wales Police and not for the first time, has made a complete fool of a neighbouring police force due to avarice, spite and inherent deceit.

Please send me copy of my letter to you as this laptop computer is South Wales Police bugged , from a previous confiscation, meaning I can find no record of my asking you for help (PLAN E or was it F?). I request a meeting.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

South West CC Gateway
15:56 (52 minutes ago)
to me

Good afternoon,

Please can you provide more details on what you’re requesting from the CPS?

Kind regards,

CPS, South West

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Subject: Buckland passing?

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Maurice Kirk16:48 (0 minutes ago)

Gross Abuse of Process

YOU, the court heard many times from prosecution barristers and now Taunton investigating WPC, all lying when I was repeatedly told,  for well over a year , that the court registered prosecution exhibits,dangled under my nose, will b e made available for personal inspection.

Your apparently disgraceful attempts mimic the welsh authorities, the lot of you, blocking my access in obtaining certified true copies of purported Mauricce Kirk sent letters to  then HM Secretary of State for Wales and John Graham Esq full of heroin, I was told, from Cardiff prison.

Another gross abuse of Article 6 or ECHR I never expected to witness, again, in an English court of law now it has been established this Avon and Somerset Police persecution was based on deliberately false data, including convictions, from the bullying South Wales Police with their inept hatred of a superior tribe from across the river.

WHERE, exactly, is my stolen G4S HMP prison property obtained by 1st November 2019 robbery to frustrate my 1CF03361 machine gun civil claim?WHERE, exactly are the relevant court exhibits, re John Graham and HM Secretary of Wales, for my court granted physical inspection?WHERE, exactly, are my medical records robb ed from me by G4S on South Wales Police masonic instructions so urgently needed by my Musgrove Hospital , Taunton, WHERE, exactly,  is the police laboratory report identifying the ‘white powder’ I sent, G4S prison told me, to Alun Cairns MP stinking of Cardiff prison issue tooth-paste.

I told you , in open court, you must not drop your criminal charge of my alleged sending ‘white powder’ to John Graham from Cardiff prison, my main witness in this insulting affair. all waiting, like the welsh dung heap,  for both of us to die.
YOU LOT appear, incidentally, to be as deceitful as a barrister before me in Bristol County Court, when conspiring to steal £8000 from me for his Queens Square Chambers, just across the street.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc 

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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