Refused Court Exhibits, Witness Statements, MPs Alun Cairns, Kevin Brennan, James Wallis, Jo Stevens and Selaine Haxby despite my constituency MPs at the time

Ms Selaine Saxby MP



10th January 2021

Dear Madam,

                                                            G4S Robbery

Witness Summons 

In the light of  my previous letters and visits to your constituency office in Barnstable your writing to  Bridgend police and HM Governor of HMP Parc,  attempting to recover my medical records and legal papers robbed of me by G4S bullies on 1st November 2019, must have triggered a response.

 I ask you again to send me copies of your communications with both the South Wales Police and HM Governor of HMP Parc during your time when you were my constituency MP.


Maurice John Kirk BVSc


its my witness statement to sign but signing particulars of claim when barrister drafted it is a little worrying if easy to sign for me for both it will catch them at 9 am….I can always hand sign and scan as printer is now working!!!

with Cairns MP blocked and witnesses for Courts, with their usual pack of proven lies, I put in application for my Devon MP, Ms Haxby, who wrote to GFS for my stolen medical records, machine gun legal papers , wheelchair and other property property before she and aide realising the welsh ‘can of worms ‘ , ridiculing our Taunton and Exeter Crown  courts was on the menu.

Outstanding Facts in the latest South Wales Police Criminal Conspiracy

  1. Police refuse to identify the ‘white powder’ I allegedly posted from my Cardiff prison cell to then, HM Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns MP and to John Graham Esq to cause my further unlawful five months in gaol, in 2019, whilst being not convicted of it.
  • Police, despite court order and HM Crown Prosecution Service promises, refuse my right of ‘inspection’ of any of the court exhibits as many are still withheld by the South Wales Police.
  • I am refused copies  of MPs’ communications, on my behalf, attempting to recover my G4S HMP Park property robbed from me as urgently needed medical and legal records, wheelchair, shoes, clothes and 1CF03361 ‘machine-gun’ evidence is stolen by police.
  • Successive courts with their ‘knickers in a twist’ refuse to assist in my property recovery.
  • Why? The current level of corruption within our UK judiciary is an absolute disgrace

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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20th Jan 2021

Medical Certificate not to Travel to Courts

Thankyou for today’s letter. I have had concern expressed by Musgrove of being unable to access some years of my South Wales medical records.

I enclose a letter covering some points.

I had colonoscopy recently, usual removal polyps, anaemic a little but still with recurrent gut pain, better on 20mg Omeprazole bid

Due for scoping my Barretts in Musgrove, if not pushed too far back!

I need, please,  a medical cert for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. It is to avoid travel when courts say it can be heard on remote/virtual hearing but not without a doctor’s sick note.

My lung/diverticulum damage January 2019 Cardiff hospital withheld records and withheld G4S  parc prison medical records both support my need for not travelling and need for a priority 1st vaccine?.


Appeals process

We have several tiers to our legal system. Most of our cases start off in the Administrative Court, which is a branch of the High Court. The appeal route from there is to the Court of Appeal and thence to the Supreme Court.

Court of Appeal

When greedy Haringey Council lawyers stole all their seven Nigerian kids

In most cases permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal is required. The lower court may grant permission, but this is unusual as it is a way of saying that the judge accepts the decision may not be right. More often, permission is refused and one has to apply for permission from the Court of Appeal itself. It is vital to initiate this process quickly. One has to lodge an “Appellant’s Notice” within 21 days of the decision to be appealed along with grounds of appeal. This is relatively easy to do, as the information required is not great. Nevertheless, full documentation and a skeleton argument in support have to be provided shortly after that.

In cases where permission for judicial review is refused by the High Court, the Appellant’s Notice must be lodged within one week (7 days).

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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