English Judge Exeter Crown Court to Order Release of my Stolen Medical and Machinegun Records from HMP Parc and Cardiff

Conor Burns MP , John Graham Esq’s very able MP for East Bournemouth

Conor Burns suspended from House of Commons business | Bournemouth Echo

Welsh authority expected to steal my letters in and out of its prisons, over a ten year period and expect to get away with it …..disgusting little individuals

FAO of Exeter Crown Court/HMP Cardiff/HMP Parc/South Wales Police REDACTED

Dear Sirs,                                       Re: cases T20200177/1CF03361/BS614159+2, G00TA220


South Wales Police to disclose Stolen Prison Letters – YouTube

Case management T20300177 is the question of how the court and jury need to know:

  1. That the ‘bad character’ evidence totally contradicts itself and becomes obvious evidence of the corruption that occurred in prosecutions and convictions, based on evidence that police and complainant knew, was neither true, accurate nor complete.
  • For example, if the ‘bad character’ evidence is reliable? That would mean doctor TW, who colluded with errant South Wales police officers in the 2009 ‘deactivated’ Lewis gun failed prosecution, was being honest. If the doctor was honest and correct that means I was then and am now far too ill with ‘significant irreversible brain damage’ and Paranoid Delusional Disorder PDD to organise my case for tomorrow. The hearing of 22 Dec 2020 should not proceed as planned due to my medical state.
  • Also, if the doctor and ‘bad character’ evidence is reliable (with irreversible conditions) then I was and am too ill to have received the sentences I received from 2010 to 2019 or receive as severe bail conditions and a sentence even if convicted in case T20200177. 
  • Another major contradiction is if the ‘bad character’ evidence is true, obviously I would not be able to write from prison as all mail would be MAPPA2/3 monitored and it was xxxxxxxxxxx duty to question how the prison’s failure to supervise a high profile  alleged offender is what caused her ‘harassment’ and G4S, HMP Cardiff and Parc Governors ought to be in the dock not me. A prisoner could not know that passing a letter for MP, for the authorities to decide if it could be sent, would cause harassment?
  • Please could the CPS explain this legal point in if the ‘bad character’ evidence is true I could not harass a person from prison as I would not know what experts who monitor my mail at a prison authority decides to send would amount to harassment?  Where are my letters to Secretary for State for Wales and John Graham if they are not relevant?
  • The CPS cannot have it both ways. They need to be absolutely clear about my state of mind and health. Does the detail in the ‘bad character ‘evidence mean
  1. If the ‘bad character’ evidence is true then I am “too ill” to manage proceedings on 22 December 2020 and following?
  • If he ‘bad character’ evidence is true that means I am so very ill that the CPS and court explore whether to drop the case on compassionate grounds?
  • Or as the detail in the ‘bad character’ evidence says I am so very ill the CPS agree I should agree I receive a much more minor sentence if convicted next year.
  • It follows if I do not have ‘significant irreversible brain damage’ and PDD then the CPS cannot use the ‘bad character’ as reliable or else the CPS will be committing a criminal wrong of deceit before an English Crown Court? 
  • If the CPS says the ‘bad character’ evidence is true could the CPS explain exactly how the conditions I am supposed to have affects these proceedings and if convicted? In the Tony Martin case, who shot young burglars as they fled his property, he only had a three-year sentence when I have had five-years for simply saying the ‘truth’. 
  • Please see my 1CF03361 Cardiff County Court documents to understand the medical evidence and it’s context and how it was deliberately falsified to try to lock me away, indefinitely, in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital as MAPPA 3/3 victim of the State ( within top 5% most dangerous in the UK)‘too ill’, when the 2009 prosecution conspiracy started failing (3rd day of trial, 2nd day of prosecution evidence).      
  • Errant police used TW to have me prosecuted 4 times from 2010 to2019 on the basis that the medical evidence was true and I was unreasonable with harassment to object.  
  1. But Errant elements of the South Wales Police and the doctor (now sacked by the NHS) who colluded with them, used false medical evidence they obviously knew to be false and misleading at the Cardiff courts from August 2009 up to the present day.
  1. It was xxxxxxxxxx who is supposed to have arranged someone to talk with me to explore how she may take up the casework of people who act for the authorities having been very dishonest in creating this kind of ‘bad character’ evidence, based on what ‘they know is not true’.
  1. It is all too complicated for me to write to xxxxxxxx Someone is needed to talk through the issues with me on the phone or in person. As it was xxxxxxxxxxx job to arrange someone to speak with me, on these severe G4S/HMP Cardiff/police bullying issues, I could not possibly know that my asking for help, xxxxxxxxxxx and highly privileged to help a xxxxxxxxxxxx, was interrupted as ‘harassment’.
  1. Subsequently, I found xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, was blocking my correspondence.       
  1. Also where legal casework jams-up by no obvious procedure like the notorious1997 Prevention of Harassment Act , to resolve matters and veers towards to ‘no course in law’, that is where a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is supposed to, without bias, intervene on behalf of their xxxxxxxxxx. So how can I “know or ought to know” that using a correct laid down process is harassment?
  1. Of course, if the court in case proceeds on the basis I am medically fit and in a fairly normal state of health for someone of my age, then the jury need to explore all these contradictions in the evidence of ‘bad character’ and hear from many witnesses with regards the contradictions and dishonesty in papers used by the CPS (Wales) and of why the falsification of ‘bad character’ evidence by errant welsh police was a wrongdoing that xxxxxxxxxx appears to knowingly ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
  1. Was it not wrong of the same welsh authority who, alone, had my name removed from the UK’s veterinary register, again fabricate false conviction  in order to give me a ‘hard time’ in G4S HMP Parc, including ‘child abuse,’ ABH, firearms and narcotics?


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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