My G4S Welsh Prison £500,000 Damages Claim

My Damages Claim against G4S and South Wales Police is in compensation arising from the many, many months in HMP Parc to be subjected to violent bullying, medical neglect, stealing my letters for help posted from my Cardiff and Parc prison cells to my MP, for the purpose of confiscating my 1CF03361 million pound civil machine-gun court papers, for court on 18th December 2020 in Cardiff County Court, theft on the prison wing of my new wheelchair, my shoes and clothes and not forgetting my Caswell Clinic medical records specifically sent by Dr Gaynor Jones, consultant psychiatric surgeon but snatched by police on entry, by post, to prison.

The full medical records of 2009 Caswell Clinic, rigged by the police blackmailed doctor ( now wrongly banished to the almost furthest part of the world, South Island , New Zealand, in the hope I do not serve witness summonses on him and his wife, Dr ?, jointly ? concocted with that doctor and nasty bstd,Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University, (whose home address is currently needed- a reward is offered), to have me locked away as MAPPA 3/3 for life in Ashworth’s psychiatric prison–all dreamed up by Barbara Wilding to hang on to her chief constable’s state and police pensions

My oldest daughter out on a jaunt

Just a reminder, you inherently evil welsh judiciary/South Wales Police deceitful bstds, when I am gone shortly, my kids will slaughter you


Forwarded message ———
De : Jonathan Bishop (LLM FInstPa FNALP)
Date: sam. 28 nov. 2020, à 16 h 28
Subject: Request for Exhaustion of Procedures Letters (Case Numbers: (D00PD115 & CF070/2019/CA & 00PD420 & CF089/2019/CA)
To: Cardiff County, Hearings <>


Dear Sirs,

I have served two N244 applications on the court today which require permission before they can be issued. This is indicated on the N244 applications and in the emails they are attached to.

As you can see from paragraph 2 of the attached order, the permission of His Honour Judge John Milwyn Jarman of Penarth, or His Honour Judge Andrew Keyser, QC is required before they can be issued.

I do not think it appropriate for Judge Keyser to make a decision on whether to admit my applications because we are both officer holders within the Church of Wales. I am on the Llandaff Diocese Conference and he is on the Governing Body’s Standing Committee. In terms of Judge Jarman, while Penarth is a nice place, I do not regard them to be a good judge following them siding with the Student Loans Company over me when the case has not been heard by the European Court of Human Rights yet. I will no be paying the Student Loans Company anything as they have failed to implement my needs assessment meaning they owe me money for the loss I have incurred as a result of my Article 2 of Protocol 1 Convention Rights being infringed by them and The Welsh Ministers.

The fact both these judges have harassed Maurice Kirk, the Flying Vet, means they will be going under tough scrutiny when the new online newspaper Crocels Today is launched as Crocels puts the interests of those who help animals above legal scum, especially as those “in control of an animal” are a beneficiary of Crocels, whereas those who do not defend Her Majesty’s laws are not.

Yours faithfully,

Freeman Pastor Councillor Jonathan Bishop LLM FInstPA FNALP BSc(Hons) MCIJ


Jonathan Bishop LLM FInstPA FNALP
In House Counsel, Para-legal Professional, Data Protection Officer
Jonathan Bishop T/A Crocels Community Media Group

Swansea Address: Ty Morgannwg, PO Box 674, Swansea, Glamorganshire, SA1 9NN, Wales.
Pontypridd Address: 1 Celyn Chambers, 109 Heol-y-Parc, Pontypridd, Glamorganshire, CF37 9EG, Wales.
Berkeley Address: Block C11A, Glamorgan House, Watts Close, Station Road, Berkeley, Cotswolds, GL13 9FB, England.
Dublin Address: Glamorgan House, 22 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, Leinster, D04 ED73 P9H6, Ireland.

Telephone(s): 01792 345105 (Swansea), 01443 805737 (Pontypridd), 01453 822368 (Berkeley), +353 1 5461093 (Dublin), +44 7092 107212 (Emergency)

Pre-Nominals: Mixter, Freeman, Pastor, Councillor.
Degrees: BSc(Hons), PGCE, MSc, MScEcon, MBA, LLM,
Fellowships: FRSS, FRAI, FRSA, FInstAM, FinstPa, FNALP, FCLIP, FBCS, FGBL,
Technical: ECDL, CITP, MarTech,
Pastoral:  MWCMUK, SBPS.  

Author of over 125 research publications.
Editor of: Examining the Concepts, Issues and Implications of Internet Trolling; Transforming Politics and Policy in the Digital Age; Gamification for Human Factors Integration: Social, Educational and Psychological Issues; Psychological and Social Implications Surrounding Internet and Gaming Addiction; Didactic Strategies and Technologies for Education: Incorporating Advancements; The Digital Media Reader: Media, Culture, Society and Politics in the Digital Age; and Perspectives on the Information Society

Envoyé par mon ordinateur / Anfonwyd gan fy nghyfrifiadur / Sent from my computer

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Maurice J Kirk BVSc  
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About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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