The Welsh Police Ridicule HM Crown Prosecution Service (England) Yet Again

John’s letter from my prison cell, allegedlY stuffed with an unidentified ‘white powder’ caused my many months in gaol only for the charge, under the 2002 Prevention of Terrorism AcT,to be dropped

HM Crown Prosecution Service (England)

Dear Mr Evans,

I will have had to attend my Taunton hospital, GP’s surgery and special clinics at least five times this week all because the welsh judiciary criminal conduct. G4S run Park Prison, in Bridgend, South Wales, failed to prescribe to me my daily need of Omeprazole following a spectacular flying accident training for a James Bond film.

I suggest you English Crown Court barristers and solicitors have strayed away from what was relevant and why I have been incarcerated in welsh prisons for around five years of my life and why a van load of welsh coppers travelled, in 2002, to my Royal College of Veterinary surgeons’ disciplinary enquiry to lie through their teeth for a few days in order to curtail my income to fight their inherent deceit.

That failed so I was unlawfully sectioned under s35 of 1968 Mental Health Act, in 2009 , with full support from ten welsh judges and locked up in Caswell Clinic thoroughly terrified for my life. Another police attempt to stop my BS614159 +2 civil damages claims, arising from 40 odd inept failed malicious criminal prosecutions requiring, incidentally, no legal representation and a precious few defence witnesses, required to correctly be expedited.

You know or you ought to know, that the South Wales Police’s 3rd attempt to stop my multimillion pound damages claim fell right into their laps, in 2009, when the Nottinghamshire police had misguidedly handed over my replica dummy Lewis machine-gun, after confiscating it from the new owner, to South Wales Police police officers, in the dead of night, at an M5 Service Station

The devil worshipping Taffia had persuaded the English authorities, including you, despite having arrested and had interviewed the new owners of the dummy gun off my replica DH2 Battle of the the Somme biplane, I flew in the Farnborough air show, that the film prop was a prohibited weapon contrary to s5 of the 1968 Firearms Act.

Only this month the welsh police have had to, despite my eleven years of court applications for disclosure in the corrupt Cardiff criminal and civil so called courts of law, finally release twenty odd files of critical prosecution evidence that should have been served on me in Cardiff prison before the 2010 equally ridiculous ‘trading in machine gun’ jury trial.

Eight of the jury in a Cardiff pub told us afterwards that it was obvious to them there had been a police plant amongst them and my cross examination of prosecution witnesses, by the third, second day of evidence, I had been ‘stitched-up.’

It now appears the welsh police, on snatching the film prop from the English authorities, whipped it straight back to Bridgend HQ and disposed of the blocked ‘barrel’ in exchange for an already condemned 0.410 single shot gun barrel found around the police armoury there. the welsh police and also had painted the film prop back to black as the colour, when I had been in possession of it as a harmless piece of scrap iron BUT to fool the jury.

So, Mr Evans of CPS HQ, Rupert Street, Bristol, it must be of no surprise to you and your army of queen square barristers, that John Graham Esq, having had to resort over a year of procrastination by your colleagues, to finally write to and make boyo HM Minister of Justice, Robert Buckland, to ordering the release of my letter to him, allegedly sent by me in May 2019, believed to be stuffed with heroin or was it anthrax, I forget what the august 2019 interrogating police in HMP Parc told me.

No one will give me a useable CD copy of that welsh police August 2019 interrogation, under caution or sight even of my letter to JG or Alun Cairns MP, when asking for help, for fear of internet publicity, as the Police QC, Lloyd Williams, stressed in the last machine gun civil claim hearing due ,again, incourt on the 18th December 2020 at Cardiff’s Civil Justice Centre

[Lunch on me, as usual]

But I wrote to Mr Graham’s MP, Mr Burn, in Bournemouth from my welsh prison about the South Wales Police bullying but the prison staff stopped some of those letters as well. I ask you, HM Prosecutor, for copy of them, along with John Graham’s letter from me, as is my right under CPR.

My 18th December 2020 Cardiff County Court 1CF03361′ machine gun damages claim hearing needs the public gallery stuffed full as it is the only way left, apart from PLAN J, of course, in order that I get appropriate compensation from a near three decades of welsh police and welsh law courts flagrant criminality.

In a secret Cardiff Crown Court , on 2nd December 2009, a police blackmailed quite unqualified welsh doctor tendered to the presiding judge, in my absence, when not represented, a fictitious account of how I had ‘irreversible brain damage’, to be MAPPA level 3 Category 3 partly due to my having ditched in the Caribbean and been a long term drinking partner of actor, Oliver Reed Esq

I offer, again, in agreeing in some appropriate restraining order under s5 of the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act if you agree to cause immediate recovery of my welsh prison medical records so desperately needed RIGHT NOW, my wheelchair, my clothes and my shoes, my Caswell Clinic records and why the G4S robbery was needed?

You know, Mr NC Evans, the South Wales Chief Constable defends my multi -million pound ‘machine gun’ damages claim, in court on the 18th, so this criminal conduct by his officers, in this past two years, will be of no surprise to those who have followed my web sites on welsh police brutality since 1990

[Actually, a series of flying incidents back in the 70s, during my flights to Northern Ireland to ‘flight in duck and geese’ and Enniskillen Harriers Hunt Ball or to see my brother, Michael, resulting in a pushed in roof of a Pembrokeshire police car, Manx kippers spread all over Swansea runway and a Dutchman’s fortunately witnessing welsh police bullying at Cardiff airport all resulting in an acquittal or ‘offer no evidence’, is the cause of this latest pack of lies, Mr Evans , from the welshing inherently deceitful that, sadly, still dominate the Welsh so called ‘authorities’.

So, Mr Crown Prosecutor, what are your statutory duties, as laid down laid down by Criminal Procedural Rules because the welsh courts ‘do not give a damn’ about the ‘rule of law’ if it decisions may cause political embarrassment to to their own county folk?

I contacted the Avon and Somerset Police, to no avail of course, to have sight, at least, of my letters to MPs, including Mr Burns and and Alun Cairns and mine, allegedly, to J Graham Esq, all used to have me gaoled for most of last year, without a conviction.

But the welsh bstds will not even disclose all of those to you, will they? I might be advised to suggest that those entangled in this welsh filth of avarice and spite, from cross the river, first check the data from those in Bridgend police HQ as authentic?

Blue skies

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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