Welsh Authorities Inflict my Imprisonment for Public Protection

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WATCH HOW THEY ALL ‘stick to the proverbial blanket by the proverbial’ in order to cover up still more South Wales Police conspiracies to pervert the course of justice
RCJ re fighting for Musa’s six Harringay Council snatched kids

28 Jan 20Transcript Extract request before Shredded

I need, please,  to purchase the last hearings transcript for world wide publicity
I just need the transcript bit in the short hearing where the QC, for the Chief Constable of South Wales Police, told the Cardiff County Court’s HHJ Beard, I must not be allowed his just released 20 odd arch leaver files  of evidence, that should of been disclosed to me in Cardiff prison eleven years ago before the farcical machine- gun trial by jury.

Lloyd Williams told the judge that if I received these police MG11 witness statements etc in any other form than on paper, I would be circulating this (illegally withheld evidence ) world-wide.

The police barrister had had a chat with Judge Andrew Kieser who had already promised, despite ‘disclosure of police evidence had not finished I would get no jury and case would be disposed of in just five days!

At least sixty  witnesses will be witness subpoenaed, by me as the prosecutor, before the forty or so police  witnesses are considered .

The last time a serious transcript, such as this, was needed to reveal widespread welsh deceit througout its courts and police force, was one of my RCVS appeals for ‘disclosure of the usual damming documents hidden in police HQ  and CPS offices.

I was at the Royal Courts of Justice before Thomas LCJ but, oh dear, the reply came back from court number 4, “the tape is ‘corrupted’ “……..ha, ha.

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On today’s 7am news the subject arose of prisoners still being given a minimum of a one year prison term only to remain in prison, sometimes, for over a decade.

This system is reliant on honest prison/police/ parole and medical assessments of ‘risk’.

Understand, please from the start, I have served five years, so far, on an unofficial false imprisonment IPP reliant on implementing the length of time in prison simply to stop my civil damages claims. This was promoted by a South Wales police inspector, in Barry, writing to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons seeking that my name be removed from the veterinary register, ie one authority to another with the latter assuming that the evidence tendered by the South Wales Police was true

So, please imagine, as in my case, my having just won over 40 malicious criminal prosecutions, whilst trying back in the 90s, to run my Barry Veterinary Hospital and a farm practice working throughout the Vale of Glamorgan.


The main Defendant in my multiple claims for compensation, in their cockeyed court system, was a Barbara Wilding, the new chief constable and fresh from the Met where she had introduced the controversial practice of ‘shoot to kill’ .policy.

What are IPPs?

Sentences of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPPs) were created by the
Criminal Justice Act 2003 and started to be used in April 2005. They were
designed to protect the public from serious offenders whose crimes did not
merit a life sentence.

Offenders sentenced to an IPP are set a minimum term (tariff) which they
must spend in prison. After they have completed their tariff they can apply to
the Parole Board for release. The Parole Board will release an offender only if
it is satisfied that it is no longer necessary for the protection of the public for
the offender to be confined . If offenders are given parole they will be on
supervised licence for at least 10 years. If offenders are refused parole they
can only apply again after one year.

Why aren’t they working?

They were designed as a way to protect the public from serious offenders but
have been used far more widely than intended, with some have been issued
to offenders who have committed low level crimes with tariffs as short as two
years. They have been handed down at a rate of more than 800 a year and as
a result more than 6,500 offenders are currently serving IPP sentences.

IPPs have proved difficult to understand and leave victims and their families
uncertain about how and when an offender will be released. IPPs lead to
inconsistent sentencing. They have been given to some offenders, while
others who have committed similar crimes have served fixed sentences.
What are we doing instead?

In July 2011 the Prime Minister announced a review of the unclear and
inconsistent IPP sentence.

Following that review we are now introducing a range of consistent tough
sentences with fixed lengths, which will see more dangerous criminals given
life sentences and give victims a clear understanding of how long offenders
will be imprisoned. Dangerous criminals will serve a tough extended sentence
which includes a long prison term and a long period of supervision when the
prison sentence has been served.

We will do this by:

 Abolishing IPPs, so that more dangerous offenders can be given
straightforward life sentences by judges.

 Introducing a “two strikes” policy so that a mandatory life sentence will be
given to anyone convicted of a second serious sexual or violent crime.
Making it the only time a mandatory life sentence must be given, other
than for murder.

 Creating a new “extended sentence” for criminals convicted of serious
sexual or violent offences, which will mean they cannot be released from
prison until they have served at least two-thirds of their sentence (by
comparison to the normal halfway point) and for the most serious
offenders only then if the Parole Board agrees it.

 Coupling this with long licence periods for these offenders, so that when
they are released from prison they will be monitored for long periods and
returned to prison if necessary. This will be an extra five years for violent
offenders and eight years for sexual offenders.

What does this mean for prisoners currently serving IPPs?

The changes will not be retrospective. Current IPP prisoners will continue to
serve their sentences, and will only be released when the Parole Board
assesses them as suitable.


I have been in welsh prisons for most of these past few years on a number of fabricated, not criminal allegations but fictitious criminal convictions

These included ‘Child Abuse’, ‘Narcotics ‘and ‘Firearms’ .

I was denied , each year, access to a live parole board enquiry until Ocober last year when, fortunately, My sister ,retired magistrate was able to sit in and be horrified.

Both the prison representative and local parole parole told the court I was too much of a risk to be released out into the community.

when chairman , Mr Green, asked why I should not be released, both remained silent.

What I did not know, at the time, was that having been charged for sending a strange ‘white powder’ from my Cardiff prison cell to John Graham, contrary to the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2002, the welsh police had already decided and assured others I would remain in prison ,for the rest of the year, even though the allegation was malicious and later dropped after my eventual release.

This is a regular tactic of the welsh police gaoling people out of spite knowing no evidence was available for any conviction.

18th December 2020

All invited to witness corrupt court for South Wales Police Conspiracy to having me shot

I buy lunch

Today’s post brings more worrying NHS reports for more tests


My dream of Breton cottage rebuilds, to vintage aircraft rebuilds and very rare 1931 Morris Minor rebuild will now not happen by me

Job lot for £60,000

Two vintage Taylorcraft aeroplanes , Breton cottage one hour from St Malo and my 4 seat ohc convertible Morris of student days — all must go


Cottage, carp pond and field just £60,000

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