HM Justice Minister, Boyo Buckland, to the Rescue?

John Graham Esq has written again to Robert Buckland QC trying to get back his prison correspondence I had him from various welsh prisons, allegedly full of ‘anthrax’ spores, heroin or some white powder smelling remarkably like tooth paste.

I also have been trying to obtain, for over a year, my G4S prison stolen medical records back together with my wheelchair and legal papers relating to my current two million pound damages claims, case numbers , BS614159, 1CF03361 and a few more.

I have sought help from my Devon MP, whilst in Covid 19 isolation but Ms Selaine Saxby’s letter’s to the welsh authorities are also ignored, of course, with John’s alleged letter now, I am told was seized by the vindictive South Wales Police in May 2019 to unlawfully fabricate the successful excuse that I be incarcerated in Exeter prison for the ‘rest of the that year.

So, I have written again to my local Taunton police who appear to be struggling in understanding why the clear level of ‘animus’, deceit and malice against old harmless me, continues to drift south across the River Severn?


Duty Officer @ Police Station

Taunton Somerset

25th November 2020

Dear Sir,                     

South Wales Police Perversion of Justice

Further to my  conversation today with PC Mark Jones of the South Wales Police Professional Standards Department , re my complaint over a strange ‘white powder’ being sent to HM Secretary of State for Wales, then Alun Cairns MP, from my Cardiff prison cell together with, allegedly, a similar letter to John Graham Esq, also believed to be stuffed with heroin, I update re my complaint.

  1. John Graham Esq is refused my letter to him and the welsh police and prison authorities continue to ignore both his and my FOI and Data Protection Act applications.
  2. n a few days G4S, who had me seriously bullied in HMP Parc, Bridgend, as a convicted paedophile, have but a few days left to file some semblance of a defence in my half million pound damages claim for the injury they did to me, last year, when spreading false criminal convictions around the 800 odd prisoners that I had for child abuse, firearms and narcotics.
  3. am now in possession of a copy of a South Wales Police application for an exhibit ARH/1, from my 2010 Cardiff Crown court trial, described by the prosecution in its MG3 address to the Cardiff Crown Court jury, by police female under-over agent, code name ‘Foxy’, describing it as a Lewis Machine-gun with ammunition. She, incidentally, became a ‘he’ when he gave evidence about nine months and a week after her conversation with both Mrs Kirk and myself when expressing a wish to buy it.
  4. prosecution exhibit was described by your counterpart’s HQ, in Bridgend, as a lethal barrelled firearm capable of firing more than one round of ammunition from a single pressure on the trigger while the asking the presiding judge for the mandatory 10 year prison term, five for ‘possession’ and five or the selling of what was at most, with a stretch of a vivid imagination,  a single shot .410 shot gun!
  5. My one million-pound BS614159 +2 civil damages claim, arising from 40 odd lost South Wales Police malicious criminal prosecutions, was listed for a two-month substantive hearing in January 2010 and, at all costs, had to be stopped. Evidence was scheduled to be taken from around 300 witnesses, nearly all comprising of serving police or retired police officers.
  6. When its machine-gun prosecution went ‘pear-shaped in May 2009, following my complaint taken to HRH The Price of Wales, at Highgrove, about the extreme and unusual level of corruption found in both the local police force and the Cardiff law courts, implicating both CPS and its judges, the police , instead, had me sectioned under the 1983  Mental Health Act.
  7. While investigating officers .ordered to film my cashe of machine gun rounds in my office and film the forensic stripping examination of the alleged machine-gun the police refuse, contrary to numerous judge’s orders……..
  8. to be continued                ““““““`

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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