Freedom of Information Request for Maurice’s South Wales Police Stolen G4S Prison Mail

Avon and Somerset police implicated in the perversion of justice to follow shortly

Here’s my ankle tag of early August lying on the bar in a Bridgwater but now the Exeter Crown Court has ordered my 2nd tag on my leg must be taken off. NOT until I have shown it to a number of people who still doubt my stories of three decades re the evil welsh authorities unable to kick their habit of lying
Dream on, John, if you think the police will return your letters

Senior police officers and Dolmans would be facing fraud charges from me in a private prosecution if they were to be so stupid, now, as to returning yours or my prison letters

Dear Mr. Jukes, Chief Constable of S. Wales police: 

I apologise for leaving out an important part of my FOIA / Data Protection Act / S.A.R. request to you – that is: 

Mr. Maurice Kirk [d.o.b. 12/03/1945]  was charged by the police in mid-2020 with: 

“attempting to send a substance which caused distress to another [approx. May 2019] [ – the letter stopped from leaving the prison last May 2019] “ 

This letter was being sent to myself prior to it being stopped from leaving the prison, by authorities. This charge to Mr. Kirk was subsequently dropped in approximately June 2020 (but causing his protracted imprisonment whilst un-convicted). 

My FOIA requests asks for a copy of this letter – as it obviously exists as Mr. Kirk was charged with attempting to send the said letter to myself – along any other letters pertaining to myself that were not sent to me from either HMP Parc or HMP Cardiff during the times Mr. Kirk was resident in either of these prisons. 

The letter was referred to in part by the S. Wales police officer who wrote by email – a copy of that email dated 06th July 2020 email from officer “Brynsley Richards” of S. Wales police being sent with my 1st and original FOIA request letter to you sent on the 17th September 2020 by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery 1st class.  My F.O.I.A. request and attachment is attached to this email. 

Thank you. 

signed:  J. Graham  

HM Crown Prosecution Service Bristol

18th September 2020

Dear Mr Evans,

Your Police Illegally Stopping Prison Mail for my Jury Trial?

  Mr John Graham’s G4S Stolen Prison Letters

I went to my 4th insulting Crown Court hearing, last week, where I met John Graham Esq who was introduced to the presiding judge, HHJ Rose to complain directly. Mr Graham had his letters to me stopped and mine to him and others by the South Wales police, G4S prison, Bridgend , Wales . 

I now understand, possibly, stopped also by my own Avon and Somerset Constabulary here in Taunton and at Exeter gaol! I ask you to have seized all my stolen personal  property immediately. It may still be in HMP Parc for my jury trial and if you will not, then WHY NOT?

Whereas I am promised by your CPS Bristol department, on a regular basis, with the return of  my mail, also purloined by many of the above named, nothing ever arrives!

 What hope does Mr Graham have in getting his letters and then finally released to me as they are of great importance for my one million pound jury trial destined for a two month trial next year? The reason for my gaol for  most of 2019 when  ‘unconvicted’?   

Maurice J Kirk BVSc  
Tel 07708586202                                                                  

Three Breton houses one hour from St Malo for £90,000 the lot!

tel 077085862020 to pay for legal fees if I can pin down a QC and entourage to expose just what reall goes on behind closed doors in Welsh law courts!

Also carp lake and building land behind £60,000

Prospective purchaser–we can land the aircraft in the field behind the camera in Merdrignac

aeroplane thrown in if you buy this house as well beside the landing strip

Police dropped the charge of my prison supply to John Graham in a letter full of anthrax or was it heroin, I forget which only for the judge to let me live in my own home, if only I can open the front door!

This on days price of £30,000 and one on left, today only for £80,000

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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16 Responses to Freedom of Information Request for Maurice’s South Wales Police Stolen G4S Prison Mail

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wait until fake cctv comes out more. I think the government already use it.

    When I was injured i believe my cctv was doctored like the “capture”.

    The government will hardly admit we cut bits and did stuff to your cctv and really how would the average person know and be able to challenge that!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s human error again not wickedness and corruption

    Apparently it’s different when we are not perfect we are not allowed to make human errors but they are only thing is what we do doesn’t result in a a shawshank redemption incarceration for people and the destruction of their lives

    The thing is the system is broken how do you design a better one that works?! Anarchy without the police.
    Or would people live in harmony without them?!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I always think as well judges have their own bias etc they pretend to be perfect but are not themselves

    And you know they do have a bias if it’s a woman daughter of a police officer or a woman daughter of a cancer sufferer and father self employed Struggling business man they stitch up the daughter of the cancer sufferer. Believe me the cps and police and daughter of the inspector have no conscience as they stitch women up

  4. Anonymous says:

    These male judges pretend to be married to have a face that fits the public image

    BUT secretly deep down they hate women they despise them they lie to them and about them and the women get hurt and punished as deep down the judges blame the women as he wants a man

    Is the guy secretly bisexual or was he gay living a secret life

    Why not just divorce wife and be honest but isn’t hiring a rent boy prostitution itself illegal ?!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Never seen a female judge but thing is with females is women are capable of misogyny as well they gang bully with men if they don’t like women get jealous etc

    Their all a two faced gang of bullies in SWP and cps

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have no doubt all that happened is as the police and social workers etc turned a blind eye

    Other women traitors to those girls and young women let them Down

    Social workers and police women who labelled women as racist and the cps who prosecute women who stand up to men who play the race card when being a total c person isn’t relevant to skin colour a cunt is a cunt or a nice guy is nice it’s not relevant to skin colour but the truth is the cps got extra brownie points for racism charges so women like the inspectors daughter will call other women racist, why should another tenant be treated like their intimate with someone, their weird when they have no knowledge if they have had boyfriends of different races or where they are from
    They make their nasty allegations and the cps and police and government in general want to punish women for having white skin

    The jealous daughter of an inspector calling women racist when she is a danger to anyone’s instincts and you should never trust that evil woman to hAve anyone’s best interests at heart but her own

    The cps and police join in and treat women like toilet paper it’s truth

    There should be a law against women sharing with men not their boyfriends and really the government should have a society with accommodation cheap enough that women have safe accommodation and don’t have to share with men at all then women are safe from landlords and men

  7. Anonymous says:

    I remember as well that the inspectors daughter was saying he works for the bbc like that gives credibility and it’s like so did jimmy saville he still pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes for years

    The public paid him through our tv license to the bbc

    My sister and I never liked him my mother said a strange man in shell suits who wore gold medallions and smoked big cigars

    It’s like working for bbc gives creditability

  8. Anonymous says:

    I always think injustice happens when oddball men like jimmy Saville get to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes for years and people paid for it it’s like the emperor has got no clothes on again. Gas lighters. You then find out you were conned taken in by the invisible cloth. The weavers pretending to make clothes. Jimmy saville a good example of how the bbc and government allowed him to gas light and the public mask presented

  9. Anonymous says:

    The problem is as well the cps and police will say so and so was drunk on 10 January 1998 and 20 years later they will still say they were drunk in jan 1999 so they will say so and so is an alcoholic they won’t mention the person was coming home from night out and that they are mostly sober.
    It’s how they paint the picture.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So and so was drunk in 1998 and still they say so and so has previous for being drunk. They didn’t even label alcohol bottles then to know how many units you drinking

  11. Anonymous says:

    I was almost murdered by the force. What can you do. They won’t admit yes we assaulted her.
    Yes we did such and such. It’s no different to an abusive man they lock you up, want
    You to eat cardboard meals, they don’t let you even go to the toilet in peace blah blah

  12. Anonymous says:

    As a woman as well if you been in a cell on your period it’s hell

    As well as sensory deprivation,
    You can’t wash the smell of blood out of your private’s

    You have to ask for disgusting sanitary pads that are more like nappies

    You can’t use
    A hot water bottle if you have cramps

    It’s like an attack on your ovaries

  13. Anonymous says:

    I remember that twat of an inspectors daughter as she said sharif Ali was cooking for her

    The jealousy and the inspectors daughter portrayed him as a wonderful man as the cps and police said the inspectors daughter lived with mr sharif Ali for two weeks before she moved to London

    The jealousy As the cps and police believe the evil of the inspectors daughter

    When cross examined mr sharif Ali said he never cooked for her

    The jealousy as the inspectors daughter said the women are to obey her sharif Ali and as the
    Man of the flat the cps and police support him

    The police said the inspectors daughter is the landlord a controlling force of evil as she cries and said hurt women that mr sharif Ali hated

    The jealousy as the cps and police said that the inspectors daughter said the new man in her tenants life is mr sharif Ali the police and the inspectors daughter want it hurt women

    The jealousy as the inspectors daughter whose mummy cried the force discriminated on women is now the cheerleader for all men as it suits the bitchy agenda

    The jealousy as the cps and police and the daughter who’s mother cried discrimination said the jealousy of the inspectors daughter and her father and her sharif and the police as the force said they want women to hang

    The jealousy as the daughter is shit stirring her stupid lies as she said mr Ali was pretending to be her boyfriend the daughter of evil and her shit stirring as she said her men friends are different
    To the Men her mother cried discrimination about
    The stupid woman of evil and her lies and spite

    The face of evil full of spite and malice and had cps and police who support her jealousy of women the evil

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would NEVER ever want to have a meal with sharif Ali they had a problem as I had
    Been away for a week and apparently used to stay In my room

    Exactly I rented a room
    To be near work not to live with
    That stupid bastard and have that controlling force of evil in my life bitchy women like her and her switching sides between the force discriminating on women to women
    Being racist stupid woman

    Why that stupid woman bought her flat in Cardiff stupid disgusting bastard woman

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