How the Welsh Authorities lie to the English?

Maurice may be out of circulation shortly as he is publishing as to ‘what really is going on in our UK law courts

at the moment Last month in this prison the welsh police admitted it had been stopping my letters to MPs and without my knowing, regarding their T20097445 ‘machine gun’ conspiracy to have me gaoled in psychiatric prison for life. This was to avoid an already doomed jury trial; I being accused of ‘trading in machine guns’ but this indictment only carried a mere 10-year mandatory prison term.

All was designed to frustrate, for another decade or so, my million-pound BS614159+2 civil damages claim listed for trial that summer! The police had already lost 40 malicious criminal prosecutions while attempting to prevent my practicing veterinary science in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.

Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University seriously lied to Caswell Clinic Staff one being diagnosed already mentally sick that led to his dismissal

On 6th Jan 2001 police had successfully applied to the Royal College of Veterinary surgeons to have my name removed from the veterinary register reliant from their around 113 criminal allegations in 9 years. Only 11% were successful in a conviction as the incidents invariably were in the dead of night on the way to some emergency and so devoid of independent testimony.

To avoid the predicted ‘machine gun’ acquittal the South Wales Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, therefore had the Caswell Clinic, Glanrhyd Hospital ,Bridgend, staff blackmailed to state, in a secret 2nd Dec 2009 Cardiff Crown Court and without my knowledge, that I had ‘significant brain damage’, ‘Paranoid Delusional Disorder’ and so MAPPA level 3 registered!

A lying little bitch and should be gaoled

The plot thickens as in 2013 my substantive civil claims were ‘swept under the carpet’ while denying me access to the court public counter for 10 years or even a court transcript in order to appeal it to the Royal Courts of Justice.

My South Wales Police stopped prison letters reveal my concerns to my very own MP of the above wickedness and only successful by the level of inherent deceit in the welsh authorities and apparently spineless judges, so far, within their law courts. It is why they sanction the G4S violent robbery in HMP Parc for my  critical MP records thereby ridiculing my beloved Avon and Somerset Constabulary and equally cherished HM Crown Prosecution Service (England).

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                                                                                  21st Sept 2019



BUT am I on the Somerset Police MAPPA Register?

CASE NO: 1CF03361

& D00CF279







Reply to Defendant’s Position statement 22 January 2020

  1. Lloyd Williams and Christian Howells appear to wish to be deliberately dishonest in material issues and so are asked to comment on transcript on 24 January 2020 on whether or not the Claimant has ‘significant irreversible brain damage’ or not? They contradict themselves.
  1. Yet we need to decide the pace of proceedings based on how well or able is the Claimant’s health is to proceed with Lewis Gun case when ……. says in his reports to the Cardiff Crown Court in 2009 :-

“…My current preliminary position is that whilst Maurice Kirk is fit to plead, his difficulty in organising ……as a result of brain injury……..he would be unable to conduct his own defence

“Clinically it is unclear whether Maurice’s Kirk’s brain damage

is likely to progress. Should it do so his difficulties

will become more marked….”

  1. Please would the Defendant explain to the Court on transcript as to what extent the Claimant has significant irreversible brain damage and is or is not medically fit to organise these civil cases unrepresented?
  1. Please could Lloyd Williams and Christian Howells on transcript at Court 24 January 2020 explain the law (there are many such cases in the media) that if a victim of crime responds unwisely after criminal wrong is done to them. And so harasses the criminal who has done them horrific wrong. Does that mean the criminal is not longer guilty of the crime that it is clear, obvious and certain that they have committed? 
  1. Lloyd Williams and Christian Howells raise whether ….. deliberately diagnosed the Claimant and regards whether ….. was medically qualified to interpret brain scans. As far as the Claimant is aware ….. has never been trained or become experienced in interpreting brain scans to report expert opinion to the Crown Court on those Neuro Radiology issues ….. does not claim to be medically qualified in any area of Radiology his cv that emerges in various places.
  1. If psychiatrist ….. is medically qualified and experienced to also be able work in a Radiology Department to interpret brain scans, please could Lloyd Williams and Christian Howells (on transcript) explain where and when ….. was trained in Radiology and Neuro-Radiology and then became adequately experienced in the interpretation of brain scans to report to the Crown Court as a medically qualified expert in Radiology?
  1. Please would Lloyd Williams and Christian Howells explain when “two” Radiologists from …..’s employer the ABMU NHS gave a normal all clear result on 28 August 2009 how could ….. possibly be entitled to hide that from the Cardiff Crown Court in September and October 2009 and how could he be justified in misleading the Cardiff Crown Court by giving false evidence to ay there was brain damage when asking for an extension of a loss of liberty by Mental Health Act Section?
  1. The reply of Lloyd Williams and Christian Howells (or how they avoid answering to imply their know they are doing wrong) can be brought to the Chief Constable attention, because it is obviously not proper that the Chief Constable use dishonest officers or dishonest lawyers as they will damage the professional standards and reputation of South Wales Police.   

Malfeasance or similar by ‘Decisions of the Chief Constable’ in 2020

  1. The Claimant must emphasise he needs time to take legal advice before sending a pre-action communications to the Chief Constable. The narrow careful issue regards Malfeasance (or a similar theme that lawyers will need to advise on) would be to seek a ‘Management Decision’ from the Chief Constable on whether he is going to make a Decision to stop and end, or allow to continue the deceit and dishonesty regards ….. and also false risk assessments in future prosecutions, police information systems and what the Defendant’s civil case lawyers or CPS use at Court.

Formal South Wales Police MAPPA Records are very different to NHS multi agency team assessment records which have informal notes of meetings 

  1. Lloyd Williams and Christian Howells know that Seys Llewellyn QC made the decision to separate the earlier cases from the Lewis gun case. HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC was not sitting as a High court Judge and he did not make precedent in deciding issues regards formal South Wales Police MAPPA records as held by South Wales Police MAPPA Manager Mr Nigel Rees and controlled by various Chief Inspectors.
  1. In total contrast and in what is controlled by different laws the NHS medium secure Caswell Clinic is an assessment centre that has an established multi agency Team approach (nurses, psychologists, doctors (junior), occupational therapists and social workers) to assess their patients. They have different records and systems to MAPPA but note what is said at MAPPA meetings. The NHS Caswell Clinic team notes include comment (by entries of someone possibly employed by the County Council) of very obvious serious wrongdoing by the Police Officer at a MAPPA meeting and the “Caswell Clinic team notes” of that Officers comments and motives are material in the Lewis Gun case.     
  1. Regards Public Protection it is obvious the public need to be protected from the horrific wrongdoing by the South Wales Police Officer at the MAPPA meeting (and it was probably either DCI Suzanne Hughes or a Chief Inspector who is in a long term dispute with Claimant).
  1. Mr Nigel Rees MAPPA Manager of South Wales Police has explained that MAPPA is to be accountable by addressing not what MAPPA says or decides but by using the process of accountability for the conduct of the individual professional using MAPPA.  
  1. When the Judiciary tried to give immunity to Police in caselaw around 1995, Parliament immediately made that Judicial response as unlawful by the Police Act 1996 and Parliament saying in most clear terms that the Chief Constable is liable for what his officers do.
  1. If there were to be a conflict of law here, that is overcome by the law regards MAPPA as PII to refuse Disclosure as a way protect a principle of a freedom of MAPPA to work in confidence. But as this information has already been disclosed and is in the public domain for years. The only laws that now apply after disclosure has occurred (and cannot possibly be reversed), is for an accountability process such as explained by Nigel Rees Head of MAPPA at South Wales Police, that each participant of MAPPA be held to account as an individual, and as that MAPPA participant was a police officer, Parliament has decided the Chief Constable should answer the allegations at a civil court.

Transfer to England is a correct process of law.  

  1. It is a correct process that the civil case where police are the Defendant the case should not be heard within the geographical boundary of that police because:-
  1. The Claimant is at substantial risk re-entering South Wales.
  2. That risk causes substantial stress to deteriorate the Claimant’s health and adversely affects his ability to concentrate on preparing for or attending his case at Court.
  3. There is conflict of interest in keeping the case in South Wales. The Claimant is supposed to report wrongdoing at Court or during proceedings to Police and if the case is now transferred out of Wales, or to where the Claimant now lives, where there is appropriate evidence, it is correct process of law for an outside police force can investigate the dishonesty of the Defendant and their lawyers in these civil cases.

Dr ….. as co-defendant

  1. There is a broader range of MAPPA information available and also an increasing obvious collusion between ….. and the Defendant still in 2019/20. Therefore it now seems clear to the Claimant that the prosecution of the Lewis Gun case could not have gained momentum without …. facilitating it at MAPPA and his motives also appear malicious especially as he colludes dishonestly in the 2017 to 2019 prosecution case (to assist South Wales Police prevent the Claimant bring his civil claim). The Claimant believes ….. should be personally be a co-Defendant.  
  1. As previously stated the Claimant seeks the Direction of the Court on how, following taking legal advice and using pre action communications with the Chief Constable, whether he should make a new claim in England (regards malfeasance or similar of the Chief Constable by not addressing in 2020 the ongoing threat and risk posed to the Claimant  by the continued malice and deceit of Police and …..) and for the Claimant to ask the English Court to merge the Lewis Gun case to the English new claim. 

Court Orders to protect Claimant form esoteric dirty tricks by Defendant’s lawyers

  1. It is a well known esoteric dirty trick of lawyers to move so very quickly that a lay Claimant cannot cope. And to use technical terms that a lay Claimant cannot be expected to follow. When the lawyer could easily add words that make what is said clear. The Claimant requests that deadlines be not as fast or unreasonable as Lloyd Williams and Christian Howells says as they aim to cause the Claimant to fail to put together his evidence and comply with Court Order in time. Also now the Claimant is out of prison evidence is still emerging and also witnesses are still potentially coming forward. The Claimant requests a pace that will allow him to have time and opportunity to gather and organise his evidence

Transcript of the 2009/10 Lewis Gun trial only more recently available while in prison needs to be available at Trial.

  1. The Claimant request that the transcript of 2009/10 trail be made available at trial and to the jury trial.

Disclosure of MG6D evidence

  1. MG6D is evidence that in 2009 helps the accused Claimant but harms the 2009 prosecution case. The defendants are hiding statement from the 2009 time of arrest and the Claimants requests Court Orders to Disclose them
  1. However the year previous HHJ Nicholas Chambers granted that the Chief Constable Barbara Wilding had to personally sign the Defendant’s affidavit that full Disclosure had occurred in the civil case. And the Claiming believes South Wales Police from that point in 2008 the year earlier then the 2009/10 Lewis Gun case, started work taking statements and preparing for a prosecution based on what they believed was a malicious prosecution and not true. The Claimant requests a Court Order to Disclose these early statements and evidence.    
  1. The Claimant wishes the Court to note that after six weeks beyond the deadline the Defendant were refusing to comply with the Court Order to supply the affidavit personally sign by the Chief Constable for the serve so that the Claimant had attend Dolmans solicitors and refuse to leave until they gave him the signed affidavit. And so a firm use Court Order is needed on the Defendant  

Urgent – The Claimant’s doctor cannot get records form HMP Parc & Caswell

  1. As a part of the obstruction that the Defendant influences the Claimant’s GP cannot get records from HMP Parc & Caswell Clinic. 

Urgent – Request Court Order regards Defendant prevents Return of Documents Working with Defendant at MAPPA the HMP Parc confiscated all the Claimants legal papers he had at the prison and they refuse to return them. Please could there be a Court Order for the return of the Claimants legal papers.    

Urgent – Request Court Order as Defendant still avoid the Claimant examining MACHINE GUN CONSPIRACY documents From the reply by the Defendant it is clear they have no intention of giving a time, date and location for the Claimant to examine Documents. Please could the Court Order a time and date with the location being a conference room at one of the Courts in Taunton.  STATEMENT OF TRUTHI believe that the facts stated in this application are true.Maurice John Kirk BVSc Date 23 January 20



HM House of Commons                                                                             5th February 2020


Dear Ms                                                                                               

                  Patient Denied his G4S (Wales) and NHS (Wales) Medical Records

1. I have again had to urgently see my Taunton GP over a medical condition that is causing severe abdominal pain with headache, vomiting and diarrhea.

2. The intermittent problem arose two years ago when I was on the far East side of the town where I then lived in a tent and. my aircraft on the Quantock hills.

3. Neither Lyngford nor Crown Medical Practices could obtain my urgently needed relevant medical records from the South Wales Authorities.

4. Similarly, when moving to the west side, next to the HM Crown Court and magistrates for convenience, I registered with my old practice of nearly 75 years ago, Church Square surgery but it also was denied my welsh records.

5. I had been with my last MP, Alun Cairns MP as Secretary of State for Wales, for 28 years and even he could not obtain them which is one reason why I had to leave Wales and return home.

6. Since then my doctor in England is also refused records from Caswell Clinic, Glanrhyd Hospital, G4S Parc Prison Bridgend.

7. The matter is now urgent and quite unacceptable so I hope you can assist via the new Secretary of State, perhaps, because NHS (Wales) HQ appears to also ignore all my correspondence.

Yours sincerely.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel +447708586202

Maurice J Kirk BVSc  
Tel 07708586202  

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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