My 14th Cardiff Judge left holding ‘pass the parcel’ now the Music has Stopped

I Smell a Rat,

The 17th November 2017 travesty in a Cardiff Crown Court hearing, with the judge flatly refusing to hear a witness with,  significant new evidence, however, inadvertently, it appeared, by her actions, revealed or was it, I hoped optimistically, ‘reviled‘ a little more of the South Wales Police ‘machine-gun ‘ conspiracy in her to getting me killed.

A conspiracy dreamed up by ex Met cop, Barbara Wilding, to implement her fanatically thought up ‘shoot to kill’ policy, later so effectively applied on a London tube train.

in her to betting me killed. The identification in open court of the ‘spirited away’ NHS (Wales) psychiatrist, Dr Metters and in particular, his colleague, present at the time, I am not allowed to name.

BUT first for the uninitiated unaware of the wide spread deceit in the welsh judiciary , anything to cover-up crime to save their pensions,

a little ‘back ground’

Extract from MJK’s ‘Time Line’


2009: SWP, Cardiff Crown Court, CPS and NHS collude for Sectioning

January 2009               Dr Phillips from Fixed Threat Assessment Centre [FTAC] at the Home Office writes a medical letter of no threat, i.e. all clear. I had needed to visit HRH Prince Charles’ Gloucestershire residence with a letter of concern regarding the current state of the Cardiff law courts.

April 2009        With a view to getting me registered as a dangerous terrorist on MAPPA [Multi-Agency Public Protection Agreement] a police psychiatrist, not allowed to be identified, sent a fax and also spoke to my GP of 18 years standing to see a psychiatrist called Dr Metters and a colleague at Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgend.

This doctor who has produced another psychiatric report has not supplied me with either. I have been refused copies from both the Cardiff Crown Court and Cardiff County Court as it may identify the police psychiatrist and hence the true reason for the ‘cloak and dagger’‘ stuff Despite trying numerous avenues, including NHS (Wales) I have been persistently denied a copy of this report. I was soon banned from the GP practice, after eighteen years as a patient by asking, in writing, why?

1ST June 2009  Chief Constable Barbara Wilding convenes the first meeting of the Independent Advisory Group [IAG] at SWP HQ with the purpose of getting me registered on MAPPA so that different agencies can collaborate to treat me as a terrorist.

8th June 2009               A meeting took place at Barry police station of The Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangement (MAPPA). These events concern another civil case ICF03361 (machine-gun conspiracy). That case, I argue, is the apex of my argument (the ultimate proof) that SWP were driven by what lawyers term ‘an animus’, a hostile intent, behind all their arrests and prosecutions. Hence I request the pleadings in 1CF03361 be read in their entirety to fully understand what I aver was the absurdity of the prosecution that lay behind it.

The MAPPA Referral information stated “Maurice John Kirk has a long history with law enforcement agencies with a number of criminal convictions together with a large number of civil actions and complaints being instigated. At present Kirk has just over 100 civil actions pending against South Wales Police focused on a variety of individuals.”  

17th November 2017   Judge Tracy Lloyd-Clarke, when presiding over ‘sentencing’ for my 3rd jury trial conviction, appeared to apologise for near three month’s delay (I want the names of those that refused) it had taken to ‘find’ a psychiatrist for making a report in no way in political  conflict with the 2nd December 2009  South Wales Police application in a clandestine Cardiff Crown Court hearing, without my knowing, before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC.

From there, I was to be taken to place where I would be incarcerated for life in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital until I was dead.

At best, you are guaranteed a minimum of six months in almost solitary even before someone even looks at you through the spy hole in the door.

At least this delay to see a psychiatrist was better than the seven months it ‘purportedly’ took the Swansea prison parole board to find such a one, in 2015, not that the board was allowed by South Wales Police MAPPA to use the ‘found’ psychiatrist in any event.

This week’s judge was clearly told I had already arranged a psychiatric report, in anticipation of a repeat scandalous delay and the details of the psychiatrist was already in the possession of the Crown Prosecution Service present in court. The latter barrister refused to produce the medical report as it was by a Dr Metters.

If you, the reader, per chance, do not understand the 40 year police plot , following the mysterious ‘missing Curly Hawkins’, Chief Superintendant’s personal note book from his own office deep in the bowels of Taunton police station, significance of my then 2009 Cowbridge GP’s despicable actions over the ‘Dr Metters cover-up‘ and why today, CPS barrister Mike Smyth of Queens Square Chambers, Bristol, was reluctant to produce the medical report, there and then, then, may I suggest, you have not been concentrating as to what has been published for the past eight years on cyber space BUT only, BUT only because I could not find a lawyer in Wales I could trust.

You have not been concentrating, now, have you?  It required me to get into Adrian Oliver of Dolmans solicitors’ office, to thump my fist on this bloody table enough times until he promised to date the pre-signed affidavit to same day’s date before handing it to me six weeks late.

When was it drafted by him and why does Cardiff court do nothing about Adrian Oliver furnishing me with a true copy of the original at my expense?

Deliberately signed six weeks late, contrary to a specific court order by His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC, who, had more than once, suggested ‘settlement out of court’ was the appropriate way forward. Ah, but I suggested to him, Dolmans and in particular, Adrian Oliver and police QC, Lloyd Williams, distantly related to bogus psychiatric reports, are only ‘after the money’ and the longer this twenty- five year running scandal could be dragged out the better as it would very much help pay for their new offices then being built in central Cardiff.

Or did Barbara Wilding therefore ‘sign’ her 26th Feb 2009 sworn affidavit six weeks late? highly unlikely.   so who put the false date on it?

In effect, it was my MAPPA level 3 category 3 registration death knoll  to be shot in our front garden, on 22nd June 2009, right in front of my wife and 10 hear old daughter, Genevieve, from no less that twenty, some armed, police that had rapidly surrounded us with police helicopter hovering overhead, whilst we were enjoying our afternoon tea with the gun dogs

More later, today, on the 17th November court hearing  from your very own Cardiff resident peripatetic drunken foreign correspondent, currently in Brittany enjoying himself amongst the sane, well relatively sane to those in the thoroughly corrupt welshing judiciary and police force (SWP only?….I am hearing disturbing things about the Powyis police).

17 11 19 Breton locals.jpg

Breton locals after lunch in Cote’D’armor


Dejeuner avec the le couple bizarre extraordinaire. Katie et Jean Claude after the very special ceremony in my Breton village. St Vran, where, after wine and ‘bites’ with Madam La Maire few disagreed that 3rd World War, ,currently being acted out in predictable chaos, unless it can be stopped, is a disaster to both UK and France while Germany will be seen laughing all the way to the bank without the need for a single shot being fired this time.

Read ‘fusil’ (rifle) at Verdun as ‘canon’ & not 19th but for 18th, today’s correct date


One French house for only £20,000 or two for £35,000 if you are very quick as I shortly leave for Africa ….20% deposit secures,……my others nearby on facebook etc

St Vran 2h

09 09 18 Professor Wood RptDH2 @farnborough

My Farnborough air show WW1 DH2 machine gun ….ideal for rabbit shooting rumour has it meaning the rare  rounds needed laborious reloading










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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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  1. mauricekirky says:

    Any one with ‘new evidence that is significant from, ex South Wales Police , currently serving, Cardiff court staff, past and present or anyone, will be handsomely rewarded and conducted through a 3rd or 4th party, if need be, in absolute confidence…Please remember who will be next in the Vale of Glamorgan or in a town near you, to be dealt the now fashionable ‘gulag card’ by applying the abusive use of the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act?

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  2. Norman Scarth says:

    “Not allowed to name”?

    ‘Not allowed’?

    Who says?

    My, you are a timid little fellow!

    And why do you send this via the WordPress thingy?

    Why not ordinary email?

    And why have you sent yards & yards of repetitious stuff?

    Why couldn’t you tell us – BRIEFLY – what happened on 17th November?



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    • mauricekirky says:

      BECAUSE, as usual, world wide, I have to write the pertinent facts to a diverse bunch of people, both old and new in age and knowledge beginning to understand, LIKE ME LATELY, that our UK court system is simply one corrupt big money making fraud to the keep the little shysters in an over paid job…….Now, Norman, you never dreamed of the day Maurice Kirk, of all litigants, would ever write something like that!

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  3. butlincat says:

    Just keep going…Tks for the updates.

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