Cardiff Crown Court TODAY @ 2pm for Sentencing


18th November 2017 after a good French lunch

A message from Brittany well out of that barbaric hell hole, South Wales:

I am well out of the stench of yet another futile day in a Cardiff court room with the witnessing  of their playing illegal games only because it is accepted by the locals.

 I, in  particular, liked the way the Bristol CPS barrister had again been deliberately denied knowledge of Dr Metters in all this, now I wonder why?
And I need the name of the other doctor that was with him, on the day, for the sentencing judge on the 14th Dec to hear the true story as to why I must be ‘mad.…..but will they dare?

But Dr Metters and Cowbridge Health Centre is now in apparent trouble because neither will release my medical reports in the light of what then occurred since the welsh police launched an armed helicopter and 25 many armed police to surround our family home, two days running, in order to kill me and if that failed, snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve. But, you bastards you failed because my daughter, at the time. I was told, was sitting too close to me……you disgusting spineless inherent short arsed liars
 ……I will consider all this bloody nonsense in Cardiff’s corrupt disgusting building  some time next week . Meantime I remind you I clearly informed the learned judge I already have a welsh psychiatrist, this Dr Metters and wrote accordingly to the court saying I would only accept a welsh psychiatrist from the court.
  So why was there a need for a two month delay?……I will remind the 13 Cardiff judges, so far, before the latest judge, we still need Dr Metters giving his evidence as. who started all this with welsh senior police riddled now proven to be suffering with paranoid  delusional disorder, PDD,

HHJ Tracy Lloyd Clarke .was informed precisely where I am going, a 5th jury trial, if the lying does not stop now.
I have already spent an extra 8 months in Swansea prison, remember,  on precisely the same disgusting scenario, with the parole board, admitting in writing, because no welsh psychiatrist could be ‘found’ for my immediate release from prison when having done nothing wrong
(How many of the 13 judges, so far, read Dr Metters’ first, yet alone his 2nd psychiatric report, go on , guess?).

I knew the evil lying little bastards were up to something when …

2. NOW, ALL AT ONCE, suddenly opening up all my unlawfully stayed decades of civil damages claims against the bullying South Wales Police such as…..

  1. The scandalous WW1 Lewis machine gun/ Farnborough aircraft police conspiracy to have me locked up for 10 years  case 1CF03361
  2. Peolic 33 failed false prosecutions designed to take my life, wife, health , wealth , veterinary and flying professions
  3. Today’s ‘Bun fight in Cardiff’s Crown Court Corral at 2pm…..their very own court protected police fabricated MAPPA  medical records case T2015023 attempts to have me locked away in Ashworth, again, the notorious high security mental hospital , then with Brady and indefinitely. All obtained by falsely registered, without even appropriate ‘agents’ attending 8th June 2009 Barry police station’s clandestine MAPPA level 3 category 3 cabal .
  4. Concocted by someone not even qualified while being blackmailed by the chief constable, bitch, Barbara Wilding.
  5. The now sacked Chief forensic psychiatrist for Wales, last heard hiding in New Zealand, now moved it is believed, does not wish me having a 5th jury trial to finally expose the truth.
  6. All the doctor needs to do is correct my 2009 MAPPA NHS (Wales) medical reports that plague me daily and following me to an early grave. And if the doctor will not, for the judge this afternoon, she should be reporting him to the GMC……
  7. Either way it may well cancel my pre-arranged planned 5th jury trial, on the same old subject, but this time, if I can fiddle it, destined to be heard in an English Court. There I may get that man-made concept, ‘justice’, as Mr Justice Blom-Cooper privately told me once after a Royal Court hearing back in the 80s, in that notorious collaborating channel island of Guernsey.
  8. Police attempted my extradition to that drug dealing haven of Guernsey ,…… locking me up for days in Cardiff prison on the pretext, the two masonic Cardiff magistrates decided, as I could not be ‘identified’ despite the police, court staff or my clinical staff all sitting in the auditorium……that’s welshing justice for you back in May 1993 and nothing has changed.
  9. Accused me of ‘smuggling pigs’ into a Vale of Glamorgan’s farmer’s field from Eire in my 2 seat Piper Colt,…with Kirstie, two saddles and suitable attire for the County Meath hunt only for police police sergeant Rice to again snatch , in full face of the court, the CPS prosecution file and skip the room  revealing the incriminating documents of conspiracy, 50 times now, perverting the course of justice
  10. Low level police helicopter chase over the Vale of Glamorgan when in my WW2 cub without a licence, with  their next helicopter, many years later, used to try , with guns and 20 odd officers, many armed, surrounding our home to kill me or the consolation prize,  to snatch our then 10 year old, Genevieve…….to Council social services care home.


etc etc…..the evil masonic short arsed devil worshippers bastards

The Court Order below, I have only just seen…WHY?

is ‘just the tip of the conspiracy’… let the South Wales Police 33 failed malicious prosecution appeal, running  25 years, get ‘snuffed out’ following my May 1993 police interview tape revelations (stealing my own BMW motor mike….the idiots) being leaked from police HQ,,, decades later .( I must have saved his or her grandmother’s cat or dog in a RTA police call out at 3 in morning, 20 years ago.)….

Thank you kind police officer or support staff ….you have helped me crack open a another can of maggots flourishing in your welsh judiciary all thriving on the tax payer paid ‘gravy train’

The continuing damage by fabricated police induced medical reports, this time at RCJ, while  no one Wales has the ‘ball’s order them to be corrected

Narjis Khan                                         C90CF03361   NOW AT ROYAL COURTS of JUSTICE
Lawyer | A4 General Private Law Litigation
Litigation Group | Government Legal Department



17th Nov 2017

I write regarding your request for a copy of the judgment of HHJ Keyser QC.

Under the CPR.52 PD, I am not under any obligation., as I understand it, to supply you with copies of any other documents at this stage, other than the Appellant’s Notice, Skeleton Arguments and Indexes to the various bundles.

Narjis, BUT are we dealing with the thoroughly corrupt Welsh judiciary again, are you not, hell-bent on protecting senior mason devil worshipping bent coppers in the South Wales Police ….so anything goes, especially against an Englishman?

In the event that the matter is either referred to an oral hearing for permission at which your clients are invited to attend, or permission to appeal is granted, you will be served with copies of the bundles, which will of course include the transcript.

In the meantime, it is open to you to apply to the shorthand writers Opus 2 yourself for a copy of the judgment.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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  1. mauricekirky says:

    Keep it clean please,


  2. Pete Weston says:

    Are you still at liberty?


  3. anonimus says:

    Judge Keyser – very interesting!

    Ask to have a look at the court file you may find communications behind your back which he has read and influenced him in any decision making or case management decisions.

    Who is the barrister for the other side? Ask him/her if he/she has provided info/emails behind your back?

    Perhaps Narjis is worried you have found something?

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