Will Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke report to GMC?

extract from a recent email offer too good to be missed
So very nice to hear from you after so long
1. When I have in writing the ‘live’ status in Cardiff court of BS614159+2, you have already had confirmed and now only needing my application to progress it’s so far 25 years of unlawful delay, stopped again by the lower court’s further filthy tricks, this time by deliberately refusing to seal the judgement for the RCJ for sixteen weeks, as if waiting for me to die,
2. obtain in writing, as promised to me long, long  ago, why the police doctor  went out of his way and continues to go out of his way from New Zealand and now Australia, knowingly circulating his concocted 2009 MAPPA medical reports of me, full of lies, knowing he has the Cardiff’ courts’ full protection following HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC’s refusal of their disclosure, contrary to both civil and criminal procedural rules,HRA 1998 and even PPI MAPPA legislation,
3. put in writing your request to the learned criminal judge, on the 17th November 2017, to report this travesty to the GMC that has ruined, not just my family life by loss of wife but my health, wealth and loss of my professions as a commercial pilot and practising veterinary surgeon’.
I will then consider your kind offer in a more favourable light


It is time the police conspiracy in South Wales, with the apparent full backing of their so called law courts,  is explained in a more simplified manner to both new readers and my 5th jury we estimate is due due around next May if my very damaging medical reports are not finally corrected.
You see, in South Wales, they live within the frame work of  a set of completely different standards to that normally expected elsewhere in the UK as I have at least learnt to my bitter cost.
You have to have been urinated on in the east terrace (best for the singing) of Cardiff Arms Park rugby ground, in 1993 when I first arrived in this clearly barbaric part of the EU, in my hunting top hat, English rugby shirt and flag while spinning a rattler, to even start to understand the inherent hatred of the English by some born and bred here but fail to understand why they should. Their history does give them some credence for it.
A safe place for the South Wales Police to daily get away with the incessant bullying of an Englishman. This typical unanswered letter, for example, is  how the courts and Crown Prosecution Service behave as they do when simply seeking to bury the ‘truth’……oh, never use that word at a Cardiff judge and you are doomed….’truth’ a word quite alien to their small much garbled vocabulary.
Suddenly the SWP MAPPA team have to answer my perfectly reasonable letter after my being set up ‘to be killed’ by them

Police HQ Bridgend


Dear Mr Nigel Rees,

As you may appreciate, I need to have a clear up to date summary of when I have been subject to MAPPA so that those I formally communicate with can use what you write as a reliable concise account.

Please could you reply to the five points below and also any other point you think a recipient will be wanting to know or understand when they consider my matters:-

1) The dates of when was I subject to MAPPA 3 level 3 and the reason why this was necessary.

2) The dates of when was I subject to any other MAPPA or risk measure and the reason why this was necessary.

3) When was I last subject to any MAPPA or like risk measures and the reason why this was necessary.

4) Am I now under MAPPA or any risk measures, and if so the reason why this is necessary.

5) The meaning of the different MAPPA categories worded for someone not familiar with MAPPA.

Thank you

Maurice J Kirk

They seem to have, without  even understanding why their history may well justify it, best played out on the terraces or daily in the stench of any Cardiff court room the daily banter by Cardiff judges that life in the real world need not even bother about.
A simple Mackenzie Friend, ‘Queen Bee’, witness statement  for starters and
from her something or other, ‘up in the sky’ storage………all beyond me!    I only fly aeroplanes when given the bl—y chance!
Now that is the Restraining Order for Thursday , is it not?  ….the original tendered by CPS on 1st Dec 20011 before others, in the cells? when thought they could pay off , with it, their respective mortgages on tax payer’s money…….now lawyers concerned have bought a block of flats on the tax payers money…..but , as usual, who , cares in a nanny state screaming for a 3rd World War?

‘HM Partnership’ dispute in Royal Courts of Justice 

All due to the original Caswell Clinic/ South Wales Police  fabrication of  MAPPA NHS (Wales) medical reports, used also to double my 2014 prison term, anything to prejudice my civil proceedings for damages.

Cardiff’s Crown  Prosecution Service still refuse to disclose why the police refused my urgent hospital attendance from prison and later, via MAPPA hostel, while I watched multiple murderers from my daily breakfast table allowed out to roam the streets of Swansea all day when I had to return to sign-in every hour?


What more is needed to have this doctor reported for crimes under blackmail

This following  letter is asking two gentlemen to send me copy or remind me as to what we discussed on the Caswell Clinic public monitored telephone when I was locked up there for three months in 2009.
Also, by way of letters between us or to relevant third parties to Caswell Clinic, staff there must still have them somewhere on such serious allegations, requiring the police intervention as mentioned at court.
Each time I used the coin operated telephone set, incidentally at the maximum rate, caused the designated member of staff, always shadowing me, to hurriedly write down what I was saying or more to the point, they thought I was saying when so much was in pre-arranged code.
What ever it was, to have caused the forensic psychiatrist to have then asked at the clandestine 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court hearing for my further incarceration in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital,indefinitely, still requires explanation, does it not?
It was for this doctor’s own protection, the report states, not for the general public, to have had such a dramatic effect for police to be continuing to hide the truth.
I was and maybe still am, their only level 3 category 3 MAPPA registered terrorist that only a court can overturn by now ordering those fabricated MAPPA records to be disclosed to clear my name and allow for the rest of my life to be spent in relative peace.
The Welsh  Police rectified their oversight on this no small matter, as to whom I am a threat as identified as my own  children and past wives, would you believe, as extremely vulnerable to violence including a possible ‘machine -gun attack on my own kin or what ever a warped welsh mind can muster.
Leaked Ministry of Justice records on me, whilst I was in HMP Swansea in 2014/2015, disclose examples of such police criminality, set out in pages 35/36 for example.
So, if true, as recited towards the tail end of this police doctor’s 19th October 2009 medical report of me, where now is  this such important ‘terrorist’ evidence being withheld?
Their protection from disclosure to their miserable victim was achieved, of course, by his civil trial judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, regarding the first thirty three of at least fifty failed malicious prosecutions with a dozen other Cardiff judges, so far,  following suite  not to ‘lift a finger’ to stop, Dolmans, their in police pockets self allocated private solicitors, from continuing to freely ‘milk the public ‘gravy train’ over these decades in similar criminal activity, tantamount to fraud.
These very relevant MAPPA records, needed for Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke next week, of the forensic psychiatrist’s fairy tales were even read by the above presiding judge in the Civil Justice Centre before my very eyes but, of course, also masonic sworn to their continuing secrecy and to hell with PII legislation.

MJK November 2017 letter seeking character witnesses.

Good morning Gentlemen,


19th October 2009 Caswell Clinic Medical Report

but before that,

09 09 Caswell Clinic THREAT of Maurice Kirk09

The ‘nigers in the wood pile‘, in this scandalous South Wales Police  ‘cover-up’, include the evil little shit, now retired Professor Rodger Wood of course, who clearly pulled the wool over a Caswell clinic doctor by spinning a few lies……a habit of his.

My info include two very different versions of his 18th Sept 2009  report of me with the second of same date but clumsily re written in February 2010 as I had now both won the machine-gun trial and had my MAPPA level 3/ cat. 3 registration quashed.

Wood did it to put all the blame on a weak minded forensic psychiatrist then under serious police blackmail to get me, once and for all, under 1983 Mental Health Act to stop my dozen civil claims against their chief constable from continuing.

09 18 Professor Wood Rpt


09 09 09 Barbara Wilding & A Oliver Private Prosecution to Barry Mag (2)

09 10 23 US Psychiatrist e-mail

09 10 19-opinion-clinical-fabrication-explained

I simply need your memories of the sort of content in any correspondence you had with Dr ……… ……….at Caswell Clinic during August, Sept and Oct 2009 while I was incarcerated there on yet another police fabricated failed prosecution, this time ‘trading in prohibited weapons’.contrary to s5 of 1968 Firearms Act.
I was, you may remember, being used as a human guinea pig with radio isotopes up my arm, four times, at the behest of the arrogant ignorant little liar, no retired Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University.
This little shit was the root cause of the travesty as neither the police doctor, ultimately in charge nor he had a suitable qualification between them to what they were playing at.

This ‘laboratory experiment’ on me, promoted by the then Chief Constable of South Wales, was carried out within days of two experts in the field at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital  having certified no relevant ‘brain damage’ could be detected following their appropriate clinical examinations..

The police doctor quoted, at the end of his 19th October 2009 report, I was ‘so dangerous’ by inciting others, you two and Patrick, that he had to asked the Cardiff Crown Court that I be locked up in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely, so none of my messages could get out to you three for the continuing of my civil litigation against the Chief Constable following her 40 odd failed malicious prosecutions.
I need a short appraisal, please, of your actions at the time to show the 17th Nov 2017 trial judge, Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke,the conduct of the police prosecutors to have had me unlawfully convicted of ‘harassment’ only being achieved by Richard Thomlow on 2nd December 2009, before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC and David Gareth Evans on 1st December 2011,before District Judge John Charles during a couple of nine, so far, unlawfully forced absences while not even legally represented.
The then Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary with helicopter and armed police surrounded our home and attempted to set me up to be shot  and when that failed , as my daughter was sitting too close, returned next day and tried again.
All out of spite for making her sign her very own fictitious February 2009 affidavit that I had been served all relevant police records relating to 113 criminal allegations against me miserably lost by around 89%.
Brittany March 275
11 06 10 Barbara Wilding WANTED

Retired Chief Constable

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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