Trial in 2 Days – Refused Medical Records and Witnesses

Norman’s introduction was just before Maurice’s which is on this post, together with videos about the general context surrounding Maurice’s jury trial – as evidence of the systemic Evil in what Norman calls the ‘judicial mafia‘:

  • Multi-Agency Public Protection Agencies [MAPPA – the communication mechanism for ‘conspiracy reality’] protecting each other:
  1. South Wales Police
  2. Freemasons
  3. Psychiatry.

What Norman, Maurice and I have in common is a ‘Restraining Order’ in the context of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

Subsection 3a says very clearly that

Subsection 1 does not apply when preventing or detecting crime.

However, in the devious and deceptive way of twisting words and their meaning, as opposed to using common sense, Common Law or straight logic, this Act is routinely being used by white collar criminals to:

  • imprison innocent citizens without investigating underlying causes and crimes;
  • misguide ignorant juries who will only be asked guilty or not guilty of one minor aspect at the end of a road of

How will the jury ever know about

  • years of false imprisonments;
  • torturous prison treatments;
  • unfair refusals of witnesses and
  • unfair refusals of the disclosure of documents?

No wonder that more and more people want transparency – whether in courts or the membership of secret societies such as freemasons.

  • But maybe the real reason for the evil acts of South Wales Police is the embarrassment of having to ask the Crown for compensation money, when there is no insurance cover?
  • Is Caswell Clinic insured?

In 2010 he authorised me to act as his McKenzie Friend and web publisher.

  • As a recipient of a Restraining Order in July 2016, I wrote this Witness Statement in support of Maurice and everybody else who has been subjected to this treatment beyond all human rights.
  • As a publisher of 33 websites and petitions advocating Open Justice I wrote this Witness Statement to evidence the systemic aspects of this Evil in Maurice’s cases.
  • As a victim of Dyfed Powys Police in cahoots with NatWest, Dafydd Morgan wrote this Witness Statement which suggests that a high up Police professional could give evidence in support of victims rather than public servants – at long last!

What Norman, Maurice and Dafydd have in common is the experience of a mental hospital with medication against their will.

But who cares about victims??? Criminals get their kicks from victimising, traumatising and punishing innocent people. And the whole ‘target culture’ creates corruption between lawyers and cops at un-fathomable scales.

The online Court of Public Interest and Opinion is our only hope! In 2010 we launched the petition to

  • Stop the Oppression of the British people which currently has 1,410 signatures, but I have hardly promoted it any more, especially since I had to save myself from secret UK imprisonment, defend myself after seven arrests, pathetic bail conditions and completely disproportionate retention of my property – besides cutting my pension payments in May 2015 to zero – and that Restraining Order which resulted in one trial, one arrest, two interviews and four adjournments of my ‘Return to Bail’ date…

I wish I could be in Cardiff Crown Court on Tuesday, but I am physically not able enough. Can you, maybe witness what will be going on?

Imagine all court hearings being streamed over the net, if the parties agree…!!!

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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  1. Jake Maverick says:

    there’s many of us….according to govt official stats, the crazy pop. in England and wales is growing at 40% every single year….for at least a decade and a half! impossible to find out what this means in terms of real numbers of people…but I’m one of them ;-(

    I doubt it is because the CIA is still going around putting LSD into people’s bread…..but it is an efficient way of bypassing the farce of a so called legal system entirely, lot less work than planting drugs or guns on people or something for sure…..

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