Mad as a Box of Frogs

Corruption in welsh institutions is not just confined to the South Wales Police, not by along chalk!

For example,

Morgan Cole, solicitors, financed by tax payer to protect Dr XX in my a £840 claim due to blocking my already arranged appointment at caswell clinic with Dr Gaynor……………

17 07 01 12-12-13-morgan-cole-mjk-response

Refused court transcripts4 1 10

A typical false missive from the corrupt Luigi Strinnati

10 07 26 Luigi Stranati refusal to Cardifrf Courts

Police ‘assault’ charge against me was lost at appeal but ex police officer’s assault on me in Cardiff Crown Court, when breaking my leg by pushing me down the stairs, entered the pleadings of my two million pound claim against the Welsh authorities last month.

And Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) destroying the incriminating evidence

12 12 21 CPS Dicken RO

Totally disproved Lee Barker witness statement by cross examination of him and lying HM court clerk saying I was coming down the corridor, on crutches, when I had the restraining order served on me that was also proved fictitious.

Barker_Statement (1)

The 21st Dec 2012 CPS letter admitting the 1st Dec 2011 court ‘draft’ restraining order, for my consideration, ‘can no longer be found’ is topped, by misbelief with this, their latest fairy tale of public records are 6 years old and therefore not discloseable!

CPS Throw in the Towel

and following the 4th May 2012 jury, asking to see court proof I had ever could have  known about yet alone was served a restraining order, Cardiff’s HMC&TS, under the control of Luigi Strannati, frantically tried to alter the court log but made a right botch of it. (all twelve hearings squeezed on to one page).

15 05 03 altered 1st Dec 11 court log.jpg

Luigi Stranati, incidentally, the South Wales area court manager and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University have a substantial reward on their heads for what he and his cronies have done to my family over these past 25 years. We need their whereabouts at home in order that they have a visit, unannounced.

Please contact by email or telephone

This Luigi was seen desperately trying to remove all the Cardiff magistrates chairs from my alleged harassment of Dr XX November 2011 trial to try and stop my helpers, such as my sister over from Jersey, Sabine McNeill over from Germany, the notorious Llangannor Six, a retired law lecturer from London and many, many more from entry to a UK public court.

(Interestingly, I noticed private lawyers for NHS, Caswell Clinic, police and Dr XX were all allowed into the hearing with reserved chairs to witness no retraining order, they will deny, was ever mentioned to be taken from the court room and served on me in my cell.

Many there witnessed it was the part CPS typed, part Judge John Charles hand written draft ‘restraining order’ by the sacked CPS barrister David Gareth Evans who was made to admit it on cross examination in Bristol Crown Court, that was brought to my cell for agreement but unable to be even read rolled up in Lee Barker’s fist!

Gareth had to first go down the tortuous route of a private person’s arrest  in order to the get the above evidence on oath.

David Gareth Evans

Gareth Lea Barker, below, will be my key defence witnesses at next month’s 4th jury trial on the same matter.

Lee Barker 1st Dec 2011 Custody manager.jpg

All these eighty odd police malicious prosecutions stemmed  from my civil damages claims against the police, started in 1992, and it was he, Luigi Strannati, that was tasked by the police to have all my court lodged files in Cardiff courts, around 130 by 2002, to be sent to HM Solicitor -General to have me registered a ‘vexatious litigant’ with obvious consequences for blocking any civil redress


The Tegwyn saga was dreamed up by Barbara Wilding as my civil claims endangered her lucrative penson. She therefore deceitfully swore, six weeks late to His honour Judge Nicholas ChambersQC’s order, the following witness statement but only by my getting into Adrian Oliver’s office and thamping on his desk very hard until it was done.

09 02 25 Barbara Wilding Affidavit Lies (2)

Adrian Oliver Dolmans.png

The following extract  from the Tom Gruchy collection of videos capture the Llantwit Major police video they failed to have destroyed in time catching then Sgt Nicholas Kilberg lying to the custody sergeant that I had been swearing in a public place. The officer on the right would not substantiate that fact was further proved by unlawfully shredded police statements in the civil trial, now on appeal with 32 other malicious police incidents blocked at the RCJ these past two years!

That is the true state of our UK law courts, pre Brexit, so god help you lot, without EU law but I will be long gone

Kilberg went on to give further lies against me in several motoring cases that the royal college used to have my name removed from the veterinary register for life.

Watch another police video clumsily doctored showed my being assault by police, dragged out of my car, without arrest, to obtain a false motoring offence the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons used to remove my name from the veterinary register for life,


10 11 24 GMC Complaint_0001

12 01 20 Remand Warrant &12 02 22 Judge Curan Court Order

10 10 17 GMC Wales complaint REDACTED

11 11 15 Solicitor letter to Cardiff Magistrates REDACTED

10 06 16 CAA Medical

9 12 1 medical Kemp

09 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans (2)

11 01 17 GMC

NHS Court Order Scan-14-Feb-13

Norman Scarth Esq I first met when watching a Patrick Cullinane Esq case I’mn Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court, a navy veteran who witnessed the sinking of the German North Sea raider, the Scharnhorst.  He has been hounded out of his home in Yorkshire by the authorites, rather like me, having to flee to Eire for his personal safety.

16 05 07 Norman@home.jpg

Norman Scarth Esq, the renowned ‘Breaking-in’ Expert at 90 something!

and Dr XX’ written excuse in his October 2009 MJK psychiatric reports describing Norman, Patrick and Mr Oakes, as a very dangerous men to the doctor, no one else, snatched upon by bastard HM Crown Prosecution Service Wales Richard Thomlow, to be able to successfully apply to have me locked away in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely. Could Enid or Brothers Grimm have made a better fairy tale than that, I ask often myself.



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