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12 05 04 RO Trial T20120090 – kirk – All proeedings – 04.05.12

12 12 12 Application NHS12 09 19 GMC Briefing REDACTED

12 10 04 CPS Br Rest Order discontinuance

12 12 12 Application NHS

12 12 31 CPS Dicken re RCJ Appeal12 12 13 Morgan Cole MJK response


Case no, T20170239

Maurice Kirk’s latest warning statement to police to disclose the truth or else publicity

‘The rule of law’ also ‘will out’

Which is one of the reasons why South Wales Police REPEATEDLY prevent me and the jury having copy of the police interview following my arrest for an alleged breach of   a restraining order never served on me in the first place!

17 04 15 4th breach ws statement Case no

XXXX sleeps with Barbara Wilding

Well, if the sacked police doctor says it in writing, when drafted by a team of lawyers again, then it must be right, surely?

The simple fact that I have never heard of this expression or its feasibility does not mean it was not true as he was blackmailed by her to write my fairy tale 2009 Caswell Clinic psychiatric reports in the first place to delay civil actions.

Just like his previous witness statement stating the police rescued him and his family in the nick of time when he caught me with gallons of petrol around at his house, one night, to ‘fire bomb’ his family home’ only for the police officer to simply ‘move him on’!

Just like he wrote the October 2009 medical report for ‘The Recorder of Cardiff”, Judge Eleri Rees, to refuse me bail, despite fine oratory from Frank Werren’s rebuttal, XX having stated I was so dangerous that he was recommending her court that I be locked away, indefinitely, in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital.

Extract of that Caswell Clinic medical report is in the WANTED notice below and used by now Judge Richard Thomlow to ask the Crown court, in December 2009 I be locked up, anyway because XX believed I suffered from brain cancer.

Despite Her  Honour’s promise to obtain previously redacted transcripts on this HMCTS(Wales) again refuses, of course, to obey.

IF the kind doctor is so concerned to fabricate these stories then is it because no one has suggested he considers what his conduct on my life he  has caused not too correct the said documents now?

Remember, he caused me to be locked up without even examining me and went on to recommend a permanency without even appropriate qualifications, irrespective of Barbara’s frantic  promises of  immunity to prosecution.

Successive juries have been shielded from the letter of the law on this when statute defence clearly states I cannot be convicted of harassment if it is seen and in my case, proven, all I was doing was not just ‘detecting crime’ committed by senior police officers but actively preventing further crime, on others, less aware of the inherent deceit within the ring leaders.

Tegwyn, simple, write a statement as to why you wrote or made to write those erroneous medical records in 2009 and  your name on my web sites will never appear again.

Dr TW ws

The NHS (Wales) continue to lie through their teeth

10 05 26 NHS Deny Rcds Exist

11 03 10 Dr T W position statement (1)

12 12 13 Morgan Cole MJK response

13 04 15 Restraining Order



Around the 100th Alleged Breach of a Restraining Order Unlawfully Procured 

15th April 2017                                                                                                        Case no. T20170239

Statement of Truth by Maurice Kirk for the 4th Jury

  1. I refer to XX’ erroneous 3rd Nov 2016 statement of complaint against me which he seems to manage to create each time while South Wales Police continue to refuse ever having him cross examined on the purported facts either by them or before a jury trial.
  2. This repetitive nonsense any third party at all concerned about it, in this conspiracy to pervert the course of justice to hinder the current civil damages claims against the Chief Constable of the South Wales Police Constabulary, need only peruse evidence published on my various web sites and more importantly, evidence put up by others on their websites.
  3. Only in the past few days I have had the stroke of luck of tracing two more of the many eye witnesses in the Cardiff magistrates court cells area after a 1st December20111 conviction for my ‘harassing XX’ when I was supposed to have received………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
  4. notification of the existence of some restraining order handed down in court
  1. a copy of that restraining order was handed to me either inside my cell or in the corridor while I was on crutches. See Crown Court conflicting ‘facts’, twice, of Lee Barker ‘serving’ it in cell with Michael Williams, clerk of the court, hiding in a nearby cell, ‘for his own protection’ and yet not recorded on any records so far disclosed
  2. as a MAPPA3/3 registered police victim it required four of then to open my cell door
  3. Lee Barker had gone off duty long before document could have been typed out and now, if new evidence proves correct, was attempted to be stuffed down my left sock at 5.05pm as no less than four Geoamey staff dragged me out of the complex
  4. an arrest warrant for failing to attend 28th Nov 2011 ‘Musa children’ London hearing
  5. a wheel chair was needed to get me, in hand cuff, to awaiting police officers’ vehicle
  1. Those others, who have taken the trouble to come to many of my hundred or so hearings in Cardiff courts, so far simply to get to hear the truth, will have ‘field day’ at the 4th jury trial.
  2. A ‘field day’ is promised as the retiring civil judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, has been forced to lift his 6 year blocking of my ‘machine-gun’ damages claim against XX and those within the Welsh judiciary promised immunity to prosecution, so far
  3. The judge also had to allow the lifting of ‘stay’ on my ‘parole board’ and other claims for fear of their publicity all originating from my fabricated 1st Dec 2011 ‘harassment’ conviction.
  4. This is a statement of complaint against the police for repeatedly refusing to disclose my 1st Dec 2011 custody records or take my complaints after over some 30 visits to them.
  5. I publish XX’ witness statements of wicked lies if you continue to ignore me
  6. Maurice J Kirk BVSc


No court has heard the following evidence and explains further  why successive juries have been lied to by so many people in positions of privilege within our community.

The chance meeting, last week, with South Wales Police officer 1718 and earlier, in Cardiff Crown Court, a custody  officer named Rob, the Accused now says as follows:

  1. Rob was one of 4 officers to unlock  my cell owing to my MAPPA category 3 level 3 status as one of the top 5% most dangerous in the UK in Barbara Wilding’s opinion.
  2. Rob was aware of why the then clerk of court, Michael Williams, had positioned himself not in a cell after handing over the ‘missing’ District Judge John Charles part-hand written draft document to Geoamey manager, Lee Barker.
  3. Lee Barker 1st Dec 2011 Custody manager
  4. This draft restraining order, mistaken by successive Crown Court Judges ever since as the original 1st December 2011 Restraining Order, David Gareth Evans has now confirmed, under cross examination, is true as it was the one he had personally given to Michael Williams to take down to my cell for amendments.
  5. Rob has knowledge that Lee Barker went off duty that same day and left the magistrates  custody suite at around 3pm as also recorded in the officer’s diary referred to in evidence when he was later cross examined on this point.
  6. Rob is also aware Lee Barker came inside my cell, only once with a document in his hand, as I refused to leave without proper explanation as to why I was being mysteriously offered release at about 1pm before maximum sentence had been served! Also, why had I been refused the right to attend a London from the prison if not to fabricate yet another ‘fail to attend’ to keep me further on remand in prison?
  7. 11 09 09 Musas RCJ
  8. Musa-Files-Confiscated-Unlawfully
  9. Sabine McNeill at crooked lawyers offices stealing the tax payers’ legal-aid money
  11. Musa children snatched by Haringey Council following my denied access to court by South Wales Police to give evidence re lawyers withholding the court papers.
  12. Rob is also aware that the subsequent Geoamey manager, Jackie, after 3pm, knows no document what so ever was recorded anywhere as being handed to me before Lee Barker left the building on that day.
  13. Rob and Jackie are aware that at 5.05pm, on the 1st December 201, no less than four Geoamey staff entered my cell and violently dragged me out along the floor and down the long corridor and for my crutches to be then deliberately thrown onto my head as I lay there in considerable pain in the foyer of the court building.
  14. In considerable pain on daily morphine sulphate,  as no anaesthetist could be found prepared to assist in the now long overdue total hip replacement required.
  15. This was originally caused by the equally barbaric few within the Guernsey police acting out their petty vengeance for being repeatedly ridiculed in open court following collapse of their numerous malicious criminal charges.
  16. Physical violence 80
  17. Handcuffed to hospital bed and left over night with a dislocated hip.
  18. CCTV footage of the Cardiff cells incident was denied the 4th May 2010 jury as recorded on their jointly written ‘jury note’ to the trial judge in my absence.
  19. This ‘jury note’ was deliberately not disclosed to  me in court or until long after I had been convicted , sentenced and in a position to allow  Lord Justice Leverson, Mr Justice Smales and Mr Justice Mitting at the Court of Appeal to be aware of it.
  20. Their Lordships recorded comments appear to also confirm they were unaware even of the very existence of the ‘jury note’.
  22. This custody suite and cell CCTV footage, plan of cells lay out or ‘view de justice’, in the  alternative, was crutil evidence all requiring disclosure to their victim, subsequent juries and original Court of Appeal because the CCTV and complete records of court clerk , Lee Barker, Geoamey management and ‘gate arrest’ police will reveal the final restraining order had been in the magistrate cell complex all the time in my prisoner file for its ‘service’ elsewhere.
  23. HM Justice Ministry practice for ‘service’ of a restraining order is for the prison upon their prisoner’s return to finish the last two weeks.  The maximum sentence under the law for a breach of 1997 Prevention to Harassment Act is 6 months.
  24. Instead, on the moment of my forced ‘release’ from my cell under the control of Michael Williams, now sacked and CPS officer David Gareth Evans, now sacked and Jackie, now also sacked, attempts were made by Rob or someone of similar stature to stuff something, possibly paper , into by left sock during the violent assault upon my person, as I lay on the ground Sacked, in turn,  to hinder their further cross examination in future civil or criminal hearings being set up by their victim.

to be continued


This is when Maurice Kirk’s time in prison was doubled to 16 months as parole board  could not fix a ‘release’ hearing as the prison in Wales only act under the objections of  the South Wales Police  ‘Could not find a forensic psychiatrist’ to sit on the board to ‘authorise’ it, Maurice was told, in writing.

Too bloody scared, the lot of them, to question Cardiff court’s having given 100% immunity to prosecution of XX, Professor Rodger Wood and the rest in their deceitful bunch of shysters.

First rough copy KIRKGATE HMP Swansea

Jan 09 FTAC Home Office psychiatrist gives clean bill of health re Highgrove visit

Chief Constable fabricates sworn affidavit in civil damages claim/ hands in her resignation

April 09 Victim’s GP obtains fax for him to be examined by a psychiatrist

May 09 NHS psychiatrist exam. in Bridgend general hospital but victim refused its results

1st June 09 Independent Advisory Group police HQ meeting-victim to MAPPA registration

8th June Barry police/MAPPA/Probation/NHS meeting-register victim level 3 category 3

18th June Victim at Chief Constable’ HQ – refused ‘exchange’ re civil damages statements and

instead surrounded by riot police in tin hats with stun grenades & automatic weapons

19th June 2nd attempt to ‘exchange’- refused at Constable’s Cardiff solicitors offices so

solicitors register complaint ‘threat to do criminal damage’ with its own client causing

21st June 20 odd armed police and helicopter surround victim’s home but abort mission

22nd June Arrested by armed police re ‘threaten witness statement’s through solicitor’s office

window attached to girt brick‘ & ‘trading in machine guns and ammunition’

24th June Barry magistrates barely contain laughs and grant bail-police appeal verdict

25th June Cardiff Crown Court judge remands victim for nearly 8 months

July 09 Recorder of Cardiff requests for ‘psychiatric report’ in victim’s absence

August 09 Chief police psychiatrist recommends victim sectioned without ex or in court,

Judge Llewellyn Jones QC sections to Caswell Clinic psychiatric hospital, Bridgend

Oct 09 Recorder rules their victim should be legally represented . Police fail to get victim higher

sectioned-victim returned to Cardiff prison for Jan 2010 ‘machine gun’ trial

Nov 09 Crown court police fail, again, to get victim re sectioned but again block bail

1st Dec 09 Private medical report to court castigates police conduct

2nd Dec 09 CPS attempt section to Ashworth high security mental hospital, indefinitely

as victim denied court access from cells below-court tape redacted/corrupted & purloined

Jan 10 ‘Machine gun’ acquittal – jury confirmed decision after first day of two week trial

Feb 10 Police video interview victim’s NHS Dr complaint -withheld (7 so far)-no action

Victim then arrested for attempted Caswell Clinic burglary- clinical staff again proved liars

June 10 The Recorder of Cardiff assures victim he will get medical evidence but gaoled by

Judge Llewellyn Jones fabricated 2 nd Dec09 remains undisclosed

Victim arrested re ‘public order‘- allegations dropped following proof witnesses lied

June10 CAA psychiatric exam clears victim of all South Wales Police allegations

July10 Leg broken by ex police officer pushing victim down court steps- refused exam of

prosecution witnesses – convicted in absence- appeal to Bristol/two year delay/un opposed

Aug11 arrest ‘attempting to shoot Lord Mayor with machine gun’-£50 fine still on appeal

Arrest in Family High Court re 7 Nigerian Haringey Council ‘snatched kids‘-no charges

Arrest re ‘criminal damage’ of police station door as imprisoned without arrest. SWP needed

their victim locked-up while ‘harassment’ charges being ‘dreamed-up’

Sept11 arrest: ‘attempted Nigerian children smuggling’(byWW2 D-Day a/c) sectioned again

reliant only on SWP data-Laughed quickly out of court by Haringey magistrates.

Arrest re ‘entering prison without permission’ changed to ‘common assault’ after prison officer

arrest re stolen passport on police favours to assist defending ongoing civil claim

Victim’s PNC ‘fails to attend courts‘, ‘extremely violent‘, ‘escaper’ and ‘sex offender’…

Nov11 Haringey Council Nigerian 7 kids case-convicted in absence to avoid proof of LA lawyers

conspiracy or parent prison release- SWP refused victim production from prison

Dec11 ‘Harassment’ conviction & application To ‘vary’ restraining order, not served, refused.

Jan12 Youth Justice Criminal Evidence Act1999 concocted again to block Dr X exam

May12 1st breach of a restraining order’ despite the fact no order was served!

March12 Harassment appeal CPS allow witnesses assaulted to prevent evidence given

Sept 12 Acquit ‘2nd breach’-visit to doctor’s house, to burn it down, was another Dr lie

Jan 13 Sectioned and gaoled by French police on SWP data to Pontivy hospital-victim but

recognised with laughter- doctor immediately countermands for release but Police refuse.

June 13 ‘HM Prosecutor arrest’ conviction and sentence- appealed….moved to Bristol

July 13 Arrested re ‘common assault x 2/ breach of bail/drink drive/breach of bail/ witness

intimidation- Cardiff prison many months, on remand, before all charges dropped.

Sept 13 HMP steal passport/ prison officer arrested

Oct13 Arrest re ‘threat to burn doctor’s house down’ (2nd police/Dr attempt)/ 3rd‘breach’)

Nov 13 HMP Cardiff psychiatrist refers victim to neurologist as no psychiatric disorder.

Prison officer arrest conviction- court refuses to exam prison CCTV or witness’s tape

March 14 Convicted 3rd breach &threatening telephone call-16 months sentance

April 14 CPS infirm trial judge, in victim/jury absence, ‘restraining order’ is ‘meaningless

July14 Released /recalled week later for 8 months as no need evidence or a court hearing.

Police cancel hospital referral again as ‘risk of escape’(this cancellation was during parole!

Transfer to HMP Park for w/e to block access to private funds and disrupt his legal data.

Oct 14 Parole Board hearing cancelled as police refuse to produce psychiatrist.

19th Nov14 Bristol CPS prosecutor discloses part of original withheld 1st Dec 2011 ‘harassment’

conviction court records following ‘arrest of original prosecutor’ appeal. It revealed CCRC

appeared to have had acquired Cardiff magistrates court file in Feb2010 just days before

‘harassment’ Cardiff appeal and three months before victim’s nine month prison sentence for 1st

‘breach’ of restraining order’. (Victim did not know)

20th Nov14 CPS admit 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff clerk of the court will not release his

contemporaneous records of evidence but fortunately all was tape recorded.

Now there remains the problem, for some, of various versions of a hand written part typed CPS

drafted ‘restraining order’/custody court cell records &1st Dec11 SWP ‘gate arrest’?

They keep, over the years, appearing and then ‘disappearing’ from Cardiff magistrates file. It

may, of course, have something to do with status of their previous applicant, be it public counter,

CPS Bristol or level of court judge, to view such clandestine treasures.

To be continued…….

XX fabricated psychiatric reports scare away any other forensic psychiatrist, during all 8 months, asked to sit on parole board for Maurice’s release

16 07 29 Parole Board Particulars of Claim



Mr Mike Curry,

Head of Unit, Magistrates Section, CJU,

Crown Prosecution Service,

19th Floor, Capital Tower,

Greyfriars Road, Cardiff CF10 3PL


8th November 2011

Dear Mr Curry

Re: The direction of my evidence in Mr Kirk’s case


In case it helps, my evidence supports that Mr Kirk was “reasonable” in his actions

and acted ‘to try to prevent and detect crime’.

You have on file my letter 12 September 2011 of how top officials conduct can

be ‘unusual’ in supporting Dr ******** agenda. That official advises or decides

for Welsh Ministers. That means Mr Kirk’s relationship with the public sector

can be adversely affected leaving him no place to turn for help, to demonstrate the

reasonableness of his actions.


A doctor with experience as a brain surgeon explained to me, that their opinion would

be that neither Dr * ********, (a psychiatrist), or his psychologist Prof R Wood are

medically qualified to interpret brain scans. Add to that Mr Kirk does not have brain

damage. If this is true then Dr ********’ actions are indefensible.


Therefore Dr * ******** expressing his Opinion at the Crown Court that Mr Kirk be

sectioned indefinitely for the effects of permanent brain damage, when in truth there

is no brain damage, would seem overtly criminal or at the least grossly negligent.


However the authorities should not be seen supporting such action by Dr * ******** but should be actively exposing his cavalier approach because of the danger to the public

and his patients.


Does it follow that should this not be done, then those in authority need also to be

called to account why do they continue to support Dr ******** in his actions ?


I understand the phrase used by lawyers is that ‘justice would not be done’ by

prosecuting or convicting Mr Kirk and I believe a conviction would be ‘unsafe’ and

open to endless appeal.

I am unable to attend Mr Kirk’s Magistrates Court case this week.


Yours sincerely

17 02 23 Complaint re court records

This receipt is typical of the police’s no intention, what so ever, in disclosing court records or will investigate my five years of complaints of welshed court records, highlighted in the above 31st Dec 2012 letter to Crown Prosecution Service for Their Lordships 2013 hearing, following the 2012 jury also being refused them without good reason.

No, of course the cabal will not allow The Recorder of Cardiff be allowed to obtain court records from her very own courts……perish the thought

AND be warned, this type of conduct will spread to England, with Brexit, if they are allowed to get away with it.


About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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  1. I have been following this with interest the whole scenario STINKS you have been stitched up like a kipper .Hopefully justice will prevail ..Can you get it heard in a high court in England. As i feel there is a hidden agenda.


  2. mauricekirky says:

    Maurice again offers financial rewards for any juicy inside information as the truth, on how the South Wales Police, with a little help from their friends, had me sectioned without an examination, is slowly floating to surface of their judiciary cess-pit.


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