The Recorder of Cardiff Orders for the Evidence indicating 25 years of Police Interference in my Civil Proceedings

Fabricated Court Records

Enclosed is the 5th or 6th witness/victim statement by XX, your sacked Wales Chief forensic psychiatrist for lying and whose lawyers have again concocted to prejudice civil proceedings over your countless failed malicious prosecutions.

I request my latest custody interview video, of 1st March 2017, refused like earlier ones still are, after the repeated false promises via Cardiff Crown Courts, the latest this week from police and CPS.
I request  and will have copies of all statements from both Caswell Clinic doctors that have been written for both civil and criminal proceedings involving Mr XYZ, Caswell Clinic staff or myself.
I wish my 4th jury, on the same subject that no restraining order was ever served on me in the first place, to hear these two doctors’ evidence with the previous two Bristol CPS barristers, on oath,  for world-wide publication in the hope there will be less victims, in the future, caught up in Caswell Clinic petty politics or the stench of South Wales law courts and police stations.
Thank you.
PS     I can collect today as urgent, following The Recorder of Cardiff’s directions yesterday
Maurice J Kirk BVSc

17 04 03 Appl Strike Out 4th RO

11 11 15 Solicitor letter to Cardiff Magistrates REDACTED

15 02 27 CCRC Dilks F

9 12 1 medical Kemp


Wilding Wanted

peter vaughan

Current Chief Constable


Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University who managed to first warp the police’s chief forensic psychiatrist brain to write such a daft medical report for my Ashworth incarceration then, after the inevitable machine-gun trial collapse,  goes on to further falsify his original records on me before being handed to the Head of Caswell Clinic’s clinical department, guess who?



6th April 2017

Cc email to Cardiff Crown Court

Enclosed are a couple of typical letters from South Wales Police  senior management explaining why even now numerous Cardiff courts and the Criminal Cases Review Commission are so very much implicated.

By the Welsh police first having my name unlawfully removed from the veterinary register and then having me sectioned by their blackmailed XX, without even examination of his ‘patient’, was simply to delay my civil proceedings against their incessant bullying.
The recent lifting of the Cardiff cabal’s iniquitous eight-year ‘machine-gun’ stay, originally to avoid ‘disclosure’ for my four, so far, ‘breach of a restraining order’ jury trials, is but an enigma and will be ‘air-brushed’ from court records, as they do..

The lightest of breath from any raw police cadet on the facts behind this already proven conspiracy would identify those within senior management, past most culpable and eligible for gaol.

12 06 018 SWP Ponting letter  12 06 01 SWP MG IPCC Conclusion  (The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)  is based in Cardiff, incidentally).

The Accused will address the court tomorrow with  legal submissions to ‘ strike out’ and to include the following:

1.  The original Harassment conviction was an abuse of process (see defence lawyer’s 15 November 2011).

2..  The Accused’s applications, including police disclosure, were ignored.

3    The victim’s evidence was never put to the strict proof there of.

3.  The Accused was denied relevant witnesses.

4.  The Prosecutor’s application’s were illegal.

5.  The Accused and three juries, so far,  were never served with the proof of a valid original restraining order nor the records from police, court or Geoamy Custody Services that this was ever done.

6.  The Criminal Cases Review Commission was never ever given original copy of the magistrate’s and appeal court records.

7. Leverson L J et al, in March 2013, were denied the above and 2012 trial full transcript previously ordered by The Accused for this very purpose.

7.  The current Prosecutor’s Chambers submitted new evidence at both the April 2012″s 3rd  ‘breach of a restraining order’  trial and again at the Accused’s November 2014 Bristol criminal  appeal causing both barristers now being required as witnesses in the forthcoming trial.

8.  There continues to be failed police disclosure of relevant evidence.

8.  The victim’s veracity is now still further in doubt following his  5th erroneous witness statement on this matter.

9.  The Chief  Forensic Psychiatrist for Wales was blackmailed by the South Wales Police to fabricate damaging medical evidence to incarcerate The Accused, indefinitely, purely to frustrate ongoing civil proceedings against them  whilst knowing  his  ‘patient’  has been the real victim throughout simply by publishing the truth.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

In court this week, surrounded by almost sound-proof bullet-proof glass for my protection, lo and behold Rob is in the dock with me! He was at the 1st Dec 2011 magistrates’ cell door when no restraining order was ever served on me. Then, just hours later, in the police station PC1718 remembered also entering my cell as I had been refusing to leave my seat until documents were served on me as to the court case outcome.  1718 served on me a warrant for my arrest for failing to attend, as defendant, surrounding Nigerian Musa family’s six snatched kids by Haringey Council!

NONE of this was recorded in Geoamy or magistrates records until may weeks later.

Forged court log:




Before Her Ladyship The Recorder of Cardiff, yesterday, I wished to plead guilty to all four indictments only to obtsain evidence proving my innocence.

But I was refused as my defence statement had gone in, inadvertently too soon,(someone is losing the plot around here!) and because the Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) had misled the court, yet again, in saying all relevant disclosure of records had been disclosed to me! CPS barristers then handed over, as I left the dock, supposedly interview disk but, of course as usual, without it, anything to prevent an Englishman’s right to be able to be able to prepare for trail facing a possible 5 year prison sentence.

Mr Smythe prosecuting, incidentally, had informed a previous court as did one of his colleagues in Bristol Crown Court, over the arrested previous HM Crown Prosecutor, the original clerk of the court was ‘reluctant’ to disclose’ court documents that would have knocked all this deceit in one swift move.

Now will this current judge again on this case, since November 2009, do the right thing, now better informed and demand those magistrates court records, withheld by the HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales), be immediately released by Mr both Smythe and his Bristol Queens Square Chambers colleague to avoid an embarrassing rebuttal application not to be my star defence witnesses? I will not be holding my breath as to the outcome.


18th attempt, this week, to lay complaint re my fabricated NHS (Wales) medical records, MAPPA 3/3 registration and string of associated malicious prosecutions to disrupt my 25 year running damages claims following 80 odd acquittals in Cardiff’s own courts!

Each trial, since my 22nd June 2009 spectacular arrest  (the date when armed police and police helicopter raid on our home to snatch our then 10 year old daughter, Genevieve) the same Cardiff cabal, having failed in myself shot, now is to reveal a little more of how vital evidence under the control of the South Wales Police is always unlawfully withheld from the last five juries, so far, following my original arrest for  being in possession of a Lewis machine-gun.

Her Ladyship stated I would be allowed related Cardiff Crown Court transcripts, once paid for, for the pending trial by jury. Wow!


Vintage Dyanne (for sale) chosen as immune to parking tickets for parking on double yellows at Chief Constable’s office at Bridgend police HQ. this was just one of 15 + futile visits to police stations trying to get someone to take my complaint of proven conspiracy to pervert the course of justice yet again.

So far I have paid out well over £6000 for court transcripts  but the particularly sensitive ones have always been heavily redacted, altered or plain ‘corrupted’.

More than once official court transcribers have admitted the tapes supplied to them from my court hearings have been found to be ‘irregular’ in that parts of my  evidence for this blog have been redacted.

Like the previous Recorder of Cardiff , His Honour Judge Nicholas Cooke QC, I am once again promised records I will not get as the police will make sure they never come my way or the our already ‘well cooked’  25 year running civil damages claim for police bullying may change its complexion as it patiently awaits in the queue in the Royal Courts of Justice just for me to die.

Judge Cooke QC sent me to prison again for receiving, by air-mail, my proof of this conspiracy but still, no one in South Wales appears to have the testicles to put the record straight or compensate for the proven inherent deceit portrayed by those in positions of privilege. Hence the need for the trial to be transferred to England.

Then there is the unlawfully redacted 2nd Dec 2009 Cardiff Crown Court transcript now promised that will reveal new evidence on how the machine-gun conspiracy was concocted and why the current county court judges have blocked this same evidence for six years coming out that would of avoided my last three years suffering  the stench and depravity  of a South Wales’ prison.

WITHDRAWN ….. EXTRACTS from prisoner’s 1st March 2017 police interview displaying the police lack of understanding of clear history of fabrication/destruction of both court & NHS records. The above evidence caused the NHS (Wales) collapse in open court during my parallel running civil claim for damages for not allowing my pre -arranged Caswell Clinic appointment with Dr Gaynor when gaoling me for ‘attempted burglary’ of the hospital!

Again  also quashed by the Crown Prosecution Service once it heard about the rubbish.

1.Professor Rodger Wood has been the real villain in all this but immune, of course, to prosecution due to his devil worshipping habits. No Welsh court will allow disclosure.

WITHDRAWN ….EXTRACT from Maurice’s NHS (Wales) prosecution statement inserted also into this blog for Inspector Lyndon Jones to read and explaining to the general public why he is still refusing to investigate criminal conduct by so many in positions of privilege.

This day to day conduct in wales will spread to England if Brexit succeeds leaving the UK judiciary laughing all the way to the bank


Wow what a bit of more luck ……a jolly police officer came in to the police foyer and said,“Yes, an inspector Lyndon Jones (another witness for my next jury trial) was investigating my complaint. Meantime, Cardiff court officials, CPS, South Wales Police and Geoamy custody officers had all put their heads together following, on the 1st Dec 2009, this very same police officer, no. 1718, had to physically enter my cell that afternoon in Cardiff magistrates to serve a warrant for my arrest for failing to attend a London court two days earlier.

Apparently, I had refused to leave the cell when released by the court at around 2pm. I refused to budge without record of what on earth had been going on in the chaotic hearing all morning my absence! Nothing was forthcoming.


Today, in court by a further chance of luck, in the dock was one of the very officers, ROB, at my 1st Dec 2011 magistrates’ cell door, when opened, as I was a registered MAPPA3/3 and therefore far too dangerous on my crutches to left alone with only Lea Barker the lying little officer ‘in charge’.

Both these two officers need to be subpoenaed for the next jury to hear their relevant evidence and interviewed by inspector Lyndon Jones.

Its now 1st March 17 and Inspector Lyndon Jones continues to refuse to take my complaint so we will start today  by publishing world-wide easily checked up on evidence of clear corruption and giving Maurice ‘reasonable cause’ to publish this as a duty of any British Subject.

It is hoped it will further detect and prevent these practices from the risk of spreading across the River Severn.

The albeit badly drafted 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act clearly indicates that the original 2011 harassment conviction was an ‘abuse of process’ and now compounded by the clerk of the court’s notes, Geoamey notes and court log

CCRC continue to refuse release Cardiff court records before Lord Leveson et al in March 2013 , for the next jury trial, copy of clerk’s ‘notes’, original unaltered court log, list of accused’s original applications for disclosure of  December 2009 medical records etc etc ……..God help us after Brexit


17 03 30 4th RO appl

1st March 2017 Police Interview under Caution

Accused Rough Notes

Refused a copy of his custody notes or CD until 3 weeks after his release on bail

Page 19 Police officer neither had copy of 1st Dec 2011 restraining order nor sight of its court records

P 20 PNC shown not to be reliable (see p27)

P 21 refuse to identify complaint required to obtain an arrest

Victim Complaint was received over 6 months before!

P 26 police told judge quashed order so admit no knowledge of CPS April 14 CPS court application

One of 7 secret court hearings without the accused being allowed to be present unrepresented

P27 police told court records have been altered (after 4th May 2010 jury asked for them and refused)

P29 Not aware of variation to Restr. Order and police told on 1st Dec 11 not informed of it AT ALL

P31 Accused refused access to his court to blackmail him to be legally represented

P35 Professor Rodger Wood changed his records, for the money, post machine-gun acquittal

P46 Accused ‘moved on’ by police from petrol bombing complainant’s house

Victim Complaint was received over 6 months before!

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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