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So what do you want v What you are going to get?

  1. 1943 Cub first to Australia’s coat hangar bridge in 2001 air-race
  2. Japan ‘mishap’
  3. World record for distance for a J3L4  cub from Norfolk Island
  4. President Bush’s front lawn
  5. Goaled for ‘Trading’ in Machine Guns to Block 20 Year Civil Action
  6. Fabricated ‘Restraining Order’ to protect the rogue chief forensic psychiatrist for Wales who had neither examined his victim nor qualified for court brain scan verdict
  7. or what was the true story of a wee cub purported gone ‘walkabout’ in South Sudan?


3b07f77d00000578-0-for_a_retired_english_gent_who_has_just_crash_landed_his_plane_i-a-107_14809025062531993-garrotte-exhibits041dsc0052920160919_09310811 06 28 Contempt Appeal & Norman MF 2wilding-wantedHHJ Seys llewellyn QC

Judge in my 27 year running damages action, against the South Wales Police’s relentless but unlawful bullying, has  retired in Dec 2016 I am now told,  leaving the signed  judgment not yet sent to RCJ appeals registry and my 1993 police withheld interview tape without even a caution (my property), re garrotte HRH incident, still on appeal to affect the retired judges’ FINAL judgment! So how does all that work?
RCJ at 1215 GMT, today, confirm no judgment has been received from Cardiff County Court meaning I still cannot appeal the HHJ Seys  Llewellyn QC purported October 2015 judgment ( has to be appealed within 21 days)…….A White Hall Theatre  farce Brian Rix would have been proud of?
 I was goaled in 1993, remember, as unidentifiable while awaiting my extradition to Guernsey over some unpaid parking fine or other I never heard about until  20 years later!
No one will lift the machine-gun stay in the building, to block my huge damages, as its just too a ‘hot potato with no less than 10 Cardiff judges in the conspiracy to having me sectioned…good old Enid Blyton stuff

Machine Gun Case – Maurice J Kirk BVSc – http://www.kirkflyingvet.com – Tel +254713600723

  1. 1977: Five decommissioned WW1 Lewis machine guns, in Cornwall, were designated by my old friend Viv Bellamy (married a Fairy) for various replica period aircraft including the DH2. Several are to be found in museums around the UK.
  2. 1997: MJK purchased the DH2 and ‘gun’ from a private collection, in Dorset, with its log books and other CAA paperwork identifying the ‘gun’ as an integral part of the British registered  fuselage.
  3. 1998: The 1968 Fire Arms Act was amended meaning that if the ‘gun’ remained as it had first been decommissioned, it was exempt from the new regulations. These included far more mutilation to make the weapon ‘safe’. This became the critical argument in the later trial.
  4. 2000: The DH2 was flown at the Farnborough Air Show by personal invitation of old BUAS friend, Captain Brian Trubshaw but on the return flight to Wales suffered an emergency due to a possible ‘bird strike’ breaking the propeller.
  5. 2006: The DH2 was moved to RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire, for further repair and display.
  6. 2008: The DH2 was handed out with the Lewis, by the RAF, to a Hampshire civilian for further repair and sold, by MJK, to another display pilot who took the aircraft back to Lincolnshire for air shows.
  7. 1 st June 2009: South Wales Police convened a meeting to refer MJK to MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements) surveillance in order to having him shot..
  8. 8 th June: MAPPA meeting categorised MJK as Level 3 (top 5% most dangerous) as ‘being in possession of the machine gun and ammunition’ based, the court was told, on photographs and sale adverts, all dating back to the year before and some as far back as 2001!
  9. 18th June: MJK obtained entry to the offices of the Chief Constable, at Bridgend HQ, for the purposes of arresting her for falsifying her 25th Feb 09 sworn affidavit in the ongoing civil damages claim (that al ‘disclosure’ of police records’ had been done under CPR). Also, the need for ‘mutual exchange’ of witness statements, on a court deadline of 19th June 4pm, meant MJK took them personally to her office. Armed police surrounded the building with automatic weapons, stun grenades and chaos.
  10. 19th June: Dolmans, solicitors for the police, also refused to ‘exchange’ and in turn made statement of complaint of ‘threat to commit criminal damage’ when MJK suggested they be delivered through their window, as the court order had only one hour left to run.
  11. 21st June: A sizable armed police raid on MJK‘s home, with helicopter, was aborted only because, the court heard later, MJK was at home and too close to his family meaning hecould only be arrested ‘when away from it’!
  12. 22nd June: Arrested MJK in his village for ‘possession of m/g, ammo and threats of damage’. New owner was asked by CAA, no less, to deposit ‘gun’ with gun dealer where Welsh police seized it.
  13. 23rd June: Charged only with possession of machine gun and its resale.
  14. 24th June: Barry Magistrates gave unconditional bail which was immediately successfully appealed against by an apoplectic female CPS officer- a site to see!
  15. 25th June: Remanded in custody by Cardiff Crown Court despite no evidence of ‘likely to abscond’, ‘re offend’ or would ‘commit a crime’. Up until the commencement of trial, 10 judges refused bail with both CPS and judges altering their reasons as each point was shot down by their unrepresented victim
  16. 25th January 2010: Before and at trial MJK was refused relevant disclosure as conspiracy had had the court ‘nod’ to stop him exposing their routine conduct
  17. 9th February: After cross examination was seriously restricted, no defence evidence was needed for acquittal as confirmed in pub by nine of the jury after the trial.
  18. Jury  verdict was concluded after the first day of evidence and asked why was the purchaser of the ‘gun’ (and seller?) not also in the dock? He and police had ‘modified it’ and the jury believed, correctly, that the police had made attempts to withhold that fact from them. The usual police ‘plant’, in Welsh juries, was quickly identified.
  19. April. The trial judge, Paul Thomas, refused any costs except to a 3rd party quite  irrelevant to the proceedings. Failed disclosure by the Chief Constable’s 25th Feb 09 false affidavit meant trouble so police/judges/CPS had to concoct this whole ‘gun story’ by falsifying MJK medical evidence to obtain an Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP), without a trial.
  20. DAMAGES are now sought for: malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, fraudulent sectioning and delaying ongoing civil actions for damages but HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC has blocked the bloody lot to safeguard his pension.
  21. All Cardiff Courts have deliberately blocked any progress for seven years as far too many within their incestuous and inherently deceitful judiciary are proven congenital liars and co-conspirators in having Maurice Kirk nearly shot (SEE Caswell Clinic leaked nurse’s records during monthly clandestine MAPPA meetings when ‘exchange of witness statements’ had to be done, personally, with Barbara Wilding.
  22. The appeal now lodged in the Royal Courts of Justice re Cardiff court seized 1993 custody interview tape reveals the conspiracy emanated from the Guernsey police’s vendetta following the 80’s theft of both Nick Blackwell’s and Maurice’s veterinary practice.and personalty.

Meanwhile, Maurice is in Nairobi attempting to find legal representation to instruct as no one in the UK will face the Cardiff cabal for fear of the obvious repercussions.

4th January 2017

ps Janet Kirk insists I find an  Alan Roo0t and friend Mr Redmond, before I fly on to Cape town to help me get the cub to Nairobi…..now what on earth will we have in common to talk about??


A Maurice brief to a number of Nairobi lawyers he is seeking to employ:

Jan 17


The problem I have is that a lawyer in Wales assured me of his progressing my cases but has since stopped leaving me in a precarious situation

Outstanding issues include:

My civil damages action, for winning some 30 odd criminal actions, maliciously brought, is being deliberately delayed (now in 24th year) as so many, in privileged positions, have been found out as crooked.

  1. My obtaining a copy from the Cardiff civil Court of the BS614159 Oct 2015 court judgment (Kirk v South Wales Police) in its correct form remains impossible. Three times the RCJ have refused my lodging of an appeal as the judgment was neither signed nor ‘sealed’ by the Cardiff court.
  2. There continues, in any event, unfinished court business of incident 1.8.4 (1993 arrest) re ‘garrotte ‘ type instrument now appealed at RCJ as the court has seized my property , released by police only this year, my copy of my interview without caution and a fabricated criminal allegation from the very start…all also quashed when failing to get me extradited to Guernsey.
  3. Case CF03361 (wrongfully accused of having a serviceable machine gun} has been stayed by same judge as in number one for over 6 years! I proved blatant police conspiracy, in open court, to have me sectioned under 1983 Mental Health Act to avoid the jury trial as they knew they would lose if I avoided using one of their tame lawyers offered to me whilst in prison
  4. Same judge, HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, for number 1 &2 refuses to disclose court log, for transcripts for RCJ appeal or list and produce my court exhibits lodged with court over a 20 year period.

5, Police, over 20 odd years, have repeatedly refused to disclose Visor or any other police generated records of each of my arrests / detention since 1992 to current day.  Chief Constable was court ordered to disclose but wrote false Feb 2009 affidavit, signed by her, Ms Barbara Wilding, stating I had been given them while each court since does precisely nothing!

  1. I have asked the Cardiff lawyer to apply for a purported ‘restraining order’, NEVER SERVED ON ME in 1st Dec 2011 magistrates cells. be quashed written to protect the police doctor from my harassment that I had ‘irreversible brain damage due to possible tumour!……no one has told me any of this but it is found on court records and Justice ministry files now obtained by me

7. The judge for 1 & 2 has, in open court, -that XX had applied in Aug 2009 I be sectioned under s35 of 1983 ~Act when He had not even examined me and , subsequent brain scans fining nothing of relevance could not have been put to the court, to contrary (2nd Dec 2009). as he was not even qualified (confirmed by my expert in rebuttal

The list is not exhaustive, kind Sir but enough to generate a ‘response ‘ from Welsh authorities needed before my travelling to Strasbourg, shortly, for yet another bit of bureaucratic shuffling of unread papers nonsense the ECHR courts seem so good at.

Thankyou, again

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel +254713600723


A Sample from similar replies from Nairobi lawyers:

Dear Mr. Kirk,
Thank you for your email which I have carefully read.
It seems to me that the complaints you raise against the courts or authorities in Wales relate to what you perceive as procedural defects in the handling of your cases. I am of the view that this would require a lawyer familiar with the processes of the court in England and Wales to assess/review your cases and advise on whether there are any violations of rights and if so what is the best cause of action available to you.
Regrettably I am not familiar with English procedural law and I am therefore I am not suited to advise you on the matter. I would recommended that you engage solicitor in England or Wales to help you on the matter. ……………………..
Again I thank you and wish you all the best as you endeavour to obtain justice.

[In the UK more than 80% of Litigants in Person (LiPs) exist as no lawyer can be found]

To the Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (UK)

Cosmic Research Foundation
Markapur, A.P. 523316, India
E-Mail  cosmicrf@hotmail.com
Tel  91-8596-224312/9959-684635

Dear Rev Pike,

How do I know? It said so in the papers! (???)

So you believe what was said in the papers, & in court, about Peter Hofschroer?
No doubt you believe that Timothy John Evans, Mahmood Marchant, George Kelly, Stefan Kisko, et al, were murderers.  It said so in the papers!  AND it had been ‘proved’ in court!
No doubt you also believe that Britain is a a ‘Democracy’, with concern for ‘Human Rights’, & ‘The Rule of Law’?
My, you really are gullible!  Mind you, I’ve no room to talk.
 Until the age of 70, I was as gullible as you are.  I believed (as I had been told all my life), that ‘British Judges, & the British Legal System Are the Finest in the World’.
I’m ashamed I was so gullible for so long – & you should be too!
FROM  the age of 70 came a succession of shocks, all my lifelong beliefs shattered, as I began to learn that the British courts are corrupt from top to bottom: that they are run by a Legal/Judicial Mafia.  And they will go to ANY lengths to silence those who are exposing them & their cronies, as Peter Hofschroer had been doing!
If you want to believe what was said by the conscienceless shysters who were prosecuting Peter in that Quisling Court, that is up to you.
But did you not know that Britain is supposed to be run according to the European Convention on Human Rights, & Britain’s own Human Rights Act?
In this context, Article 6 (the Right to a Fair Trial) is most important.
And that Quisling Court ‘Trial’ was as far from being ‘Fair’ as it is possible to be!
Regardless of Peter’s guilt or innocence, regardless of whether there was a word of truth in the allegations against him, if Britain was run with anything approaching the ‘Rule of Law’, or concern for the ‘Human Rights’ we are supposed to have, his conviction could not be allowed to stand (Note: I said ‘IF’. sadly, it is not, & there isn’t).
So, dear Reverend, I don’t know what they taught you in Theological College, but, IF you are willing to learn, your education can begin now.  You could make a start by googling ‘Norman Scarth Pictures‘.  After that, if you have any questions, I will be pleased to answer them (I am an authority on skulduggery in the courts).

                                             Disgraceful Vet Struck Off

I consider it an appropriate moment to comment on a BBC article that was almost entirely lifted from South Wales newspapers but not corroborated.

Para 3

No figure remotely related to £25,000 did the courts accumulate in fines, £2000 is near the mark.

No ‘attack’ took place on a teen age girl as I simply caught a thief in the darkness of my house, not disputed and grabbed its arm to escort it out of my house into better light to find it was female. In court I raised the matter of £2000 worth of criminal damage done by the, I now found out, related tenant but neither police nor court would ‘lift a finger’. Habit that has matured over these past decades.

Paragraph 4

No proceedings took place in the Old Bailey as these were civil disciplinary proceedings and contrary to the ECHR Convention

Paragraph 6

No incident within my South Wales Police criminal prosecutions had anything remotely to do with animals with the HM Privy Council’s final ruling being contrary to ECHR Convention.

Paragraph 7

No incident before the college involved a ‘car chase’. On such incidents that did occur I was never stopped either on my motor bike or in my car.

Since the Welsh police gave false evidence, out of spite, at the RCVS proceedings, on no less than seven occasions, when I was issued with a traffic ticket, have I been prosecuted for refusing each time to produce any driving documents.

Paragraph 8

No photographic or medical evidence was tendered to supported this huge assumption

Paragraph 9

The thief was caught with articles including my daily post in her hand

Paragraph 10

Other than leaving a police officer on his knees, at the road side, nothing in this was ever confirmed in any court.

“His disdain for lawful authority, for normal social rules reveals a lack of control that renders him unfit to practise” RCVS quote

The Welsh police, on these specific incidents, did not act with ‘lawful’ authority.

Paragraph 11

I never refused a breath test as it is an ‘absolute offence’.

PC Kilberg shone his torch in my face, one of his usual provocation tactics, so I did the same.

Paragraph 12

No such abuse was given and I was only half-naked in order to wrap up a criminally neglected dog freezing at the foot of a Barry cliff (See transcript). The criminal delay by police, reluctant to call me, was the issue when no other nearer veterinary surgeons would attend.

Paragraph 13


Paragraph 14

As above

Paragraph 15

No such evidence was given (see transcript with specific defence evidence from witnesses)

Paragraph 16

There was no alleged ‘shouting’ heard in evidence.

Paragraph 17

No, see evidence of magistrate who happened to be the only one by my car, at the time, as I had left the gathering unable to keep up with me as I ran across the pebbled beach to my veterinary hospital.

Paragraph 18

The only point of law in this incident was the blatant conduct, with intent, of the South Wales Police reluctant to call me out. Also the suppurating tumour in the dog’s mouth, the size of a cricket ball, should have led to a criminal prosecution for more than one person.

Paragraph 19

No ‘taunting’ took place but blatant police harassment regularly took place and still does.

Paragraph 20/21

“Irrationally exaggerated” “misperceptions”? .I suggest you study my over 200 arch lever files coving the 100 odd incidents proving ‘police malfeasance in a public office’—All before what has happened since. Now court hushed up machine-gun conspiracy requiring collusion with no less than seven Cardiff and Newport Crown Court judges.

This has been followed by further judges and magistrates unlawfully colluding re XX having been blackmailed, in 2009, by the police to write my medical report for Ashworth incarceration when not even appropriately qualified.

Such are the lengths an ‘authority’ near you is prepared to go when ‘found out’.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                                                Juba, Sudan 4th December 2016


STOP PRESS re ‘re ‘Garrotte’ HRH Prince Phillip appeal circa 12.20 GMT 5/01/17


Dear Sir,

I acknowledge receipt of your papers, your papers were referred to the Master of the Civil Appeals Office who has directed the following:

Mr Kirk has filed an appellant’s notice seeking permission to appeal the order of HHJ Seys Llewellyn dated 3rd December 2016.

From 3rd October 2016 an appeal from the Circuit Judge’s order lies to the High Court pursuant to article 5(1)(a) Access to Justice Act 1999 (Destination of Appeals) Order 2016.  Accordingly the Court of Appeal does not have jurisdiction to deal with this matter.

The appellant’s notice will need to be re-filed in the District Registry in Cardiff.  The papers are to be returned to Mr Kirk.

Kind Regards


Clerk of Cardiff Magistrates Court
6th Jan 2017
Dear Sir,
Quashing of Restraining Orders

The lawyer instructed to make the application appears now reluctant to proceed as I assume he has been nobbled by the Cardiff cabal in that, should he act on my behalf, he will be ‘chopped at the knees’ by the Welsh judiciary.

For completeness, in order to instruct a Nairobi lawyer for a London barrister, please send copy of what you may think is/are current.
I enclose a sample of now proven evidence that the attempt by your court, on 1st Dec 2011. to serve such a restraining order on me was unlawful and the subsequent conduct of the Welsh judiciary, to cover it up and to compound the crime by repeatedly gaoling me, when the Crown Prosecutor and court staff have  already  given evidence to the contrary, is also unlawful.

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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