Court Cases while flying the length of Africa in 1940s plane #MauriceKirk

david-gareth-evansTHE SUN publishes: Banged Up in Kenya: pensioner trying to fly length of Africa in 1940s plane crashes – and ends up in police cell.

THE SUNDAY MAGAZINE of the OBSERVER invites you to meet Maurice as one of four ‘super-litigants‘.

Maurice must have composed this text in the police cell in Kenya: Crown Prosecutor who knew all along one cannot be goaled for harassment if preventing or detecting crime…..six Cardiff judges all in on the act.

Welsh Area HMC&TS Manager, Cardiff South Wales                                                                                                                         3rd December 2016

Dear Mr Strinati,

Re South Wales Police Harassment

I last saw you frantically removing chairs from my Nov 2011 Cardiff magistrates court to prevent the likes of Patrick Cullinane Esq et al from being allowed to witness the daily inherent deceit I and my family had suffered in no less than 500 court appearances, to date. You, I am told, orchestrated my nearly being registered as a ‘vexatious litigant’ until Home Office in London blocked it as an abuse of process. I currently have a number of civil cases at your Cardiff court citing South Wales Police harassment but appear still to be deliberately delayed for many years for memories to fade, witnesses to disappear, emigrate or simply die off.

The South Wales Police, with the support of many in the Welsh judiciary, have also deliberately had me detained in unlawful custody for many years. Most recently, with the Welsh authority’s conspiracy of both my alleged ‘breach of the 1968 Fire Arms Act’ utter nonsense the jury considered and a ‘never served’ ‘restraining order’, not to expose my falsely procured medical reports concocted by both the Cardiff courts and South Wales Police to have me incarcerated, indefinitely, in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric hospital, are all blocked.

I am now having to go to Juba, South Sudan today in order to make telephone contact with the outside world and seek advice, on a Saturday, with the British Consulate re my UK registered aircraft as I am unable being denied access to inspect and yet left in the war veteran’s garden where she finally came to rest for all the kids to play on.

For several days I was first detained in Gambella, Ethyopia, with the other rally pilots, as no permission had been granted, I now find out, to have entered the country in the first place.

Now it appears the rally had no permission either to over-fly South Sudan now putting me in some difficulties with the rally organiser refusing me sight of flight plans proposed.

I had only paid many thousands of pounds, many months ago, to avoid such ‘paper-work’ for getting my cub to Cape Town and refused any return of any part of it once I suspected, now proven, many of the promises that were first given to entice were the figment of someone’s imagination.

For at least ten days I have been unable to speak to the UK on a telephone compounded by the now theft of my mobile phone, cameras, distress beacon and the like.

The Claimant seeks clarification from the Cardiff courts in order to proceed litigation against the South Wales Police in such limited circumstances:

  1. Has your court now sent a copy of the purported October 2015 judgment re BS614139 +2 to their Lordships in the Royal Courts of Justice for my appeal?
  2. Has the court had a reply that this new version is now accepted by the appellate court as all previous versions were not accepted from me on no less than three occasions?
  3. If so, when did the three weeks for my paying the appeal court fee, yet again, start?
  4. Has the magistrates court received my application to have any such ‘restraining orders’ re XX quashed as they had been obtained in a significantly deceitful manner requiring numerous Cardiff judges, clerks of the court and others collusion?
  5. Has your county court now released copy of the before mentioned 24 year running court damages claim court log in order I may order specific transcripts to appeal?
  6. Has your court still have my confiscated custody interview tape of May 1993 when police next day told the Cardiff court I was ‘unidentifiable’ and must stay in prison while Guernsey were to expedite an extradition order?
  7. That tape records the nonsense re my being found on HRH Prince Charles’ farm with a ‘garrotte’ like instrument (veterinary dehorning wire) WHO has now tampered with it since I was not allowed my own property back?
  8. Where are those hundred or so files of mine you sent to Whitehall with so many lost between you and the HM Treasury Solicitor?
  9. Where are my BS614159 etc court exhibits for Their Lordships I particularly served in open court – currently denied me copy for the appeal?
  10. Has the 6th Action, 1CF03361 ‘Machine Gun’ damages, claim been listed now blocked by HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC for well over six years?
  11. I paid a lawyer thousands for the transcript, many years ago, so do you have a copy of it or is that too sensitive also to be read by the members of public funding your ‘gravy train’?
  12. Where is my transcript of my last attending 4th Action 7CF7345 most important one of all? I filled in a form there and then for the world to read but has the judge still prevented its publication needed to brief a lawyer to act on my behalf in my absence here in order to regain my near loss of sanity in the stench of South Wales? The whole of those in cyberspace with an understanding, as to what really goes on in our wicked UK law courts, are getting a little impatient in the overdue exposure needed with the threat of BREXIT as to the extreme level Welsh courts are prepared to go to cover up police malfeasance to also persecute an Englishman simply wishing to practice veterinary science.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc     c/o Kapoeta, South Sudan.

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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  1. Reblogged this on Victims Unite! and commented:

    In the top 1% of the population with his IQ; over 500 court appearances and now flying the length of Africa, after a solo flight to Australia. Nobel Prize for Eccentricity?


  2. alan m dransfield says:

    Maurice must have a memory like an Elephant when he can recite such details and dates from memory, as I am sure he didn’t take his diaries with him on this epic journey.I take my hat to this Guy, who is a very similar animal to that of Norman Scarth. They should BOTH be given the freedom of their respective Cities.
    Well done Maurice


  3. alan m dransfield says:

    Sorry Maurice I forgot to mention that you now have a legal right to all sort after data on your case,including Police Names and Badges etc under art 10 of the EU Human Rights Convention after the ECHR Nov 16 decision ,i.e Magyar Helsinki Bizottsag (MHB) decision.

    In essence, this MHB has saved the bacon of the FOIA/EIRA and Data Act. Cammeron and Co spent a fortune sending KBW lawyers to Strasburg for the past 3 years to SCREW MHB but they failed.
    This also means that the Dransfield Vexatious BS cannot no longer relied upon. Shame. You enjoy as many cold beers as you can mate when you reach your final destination.


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