#FlyingVet #MauriceKirk needs help on Wison Airport in Nairobi on historic flight to South Africa

Can someone ring Wison Airport, (for small aeroplanes) Nairobi to see if they can help?

Even with parts?

The community of pilots posts:


to Sophie FCO
Thankyou, Thankyou for FO intervention

Please tell my daughter I, since leaving Gambella, Ethiopia, have been vomiting with severe nausea, head aches to mild ones…all very rare experiences for me….today in Kapoata it all seems to be over ….taking my malaria tablets …..

Suffered minor injuries by locals and whipped but all is forgiven —-“When in Rome…..” ……Maurice clearly provoked the autication out of plain frustration of being made to sit under an apele? tree for two days doing nothing!!!!)

Armed escort does not arrive until 9!”!!! the hours lost flying to Nairobi…..but I must not complain…..the south Sudanese hospitality quite humbling and incredible …….(could seek citizenship if it goes on like this!)
3 hour drive at least and hope the old girl is not upside down in last night’s winds
At The Mango Camp hotel using their internet but must return to new Kuleu hotel tel ? where armed guard pick me up at 9am local time for treck across a desert instead of some inter galactic exercise, as brother michael used to say.

local time GMT+2
Where do I send you the box of chocolates and bunch of flowers?

He has dispatched a cry for help.


Maurice has crashed late last night desperate to get into Kenya…

Don find me, please, in Kenya, anyone who can be paid to rescue the old girl just 30 k from Lokichocio on the only road?

She needs a minimum of a left u/c and prop …..the rest can be bent straight to get out……thorns have made her a ‘a little ragged’ !

Our local governor insists in sending me to Juba tomorrow ….my injuries are minor or old war wounds given a joult! worried about the the nausea and vomitting….a bottle of Tim’s Carey wine would not go a miss!

After a night in a police cell, an experience I do not recommend, hours in the dust and dirt back to Koepata an Mango hotel but a hot bath and full english breakfast……dream on …… I remain ashamed at the standards they live by as to where I have just existed for 24 years…..real poverty every where …..I remain besotted with this place despite the ‘hardships’.


Is there anyone out there than can just locate and supply the spares he needs?

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