Why Cardiff’s Current Conduct re Blocking My Machine-Gun Trial Compensation

Chief Constable of South Wales Police
Police Head Quarters,
South Wales

7th September 2016

Dear Mr Vaughan,



Machine gun 252x326.aspxMachine gun aspx

The antique was black when I purchased her on the DH2 1916 replica biplane, from a Dorset Air Museum, as opposed to the above 2nd photo back in the Lincolnshire museum, after trial. A single police officer from Wales (the regulations are a minimum of three armed officers plus 2nd vehicle should the first break down) returned with it by police car to Barbara Wilding’s boudoir to paint the now only partly black relic of the Somme just to match my video of it, incidentally, shown to the jury, on day of the aircraft sale more than a year earlier!

Barbara had the colour altered to try and fool the jury but on acquittal allowed it to be returned to Lincolnshire not even the same shade of colour as Mr Cooper had painted it within days of first buying.

(In the pub, immediately after the trial, nine of the jury were still quite bemused as to why was not both the seller to me and the buyer of a purported ‘prohibitive weapon’ not also up in the dock beside me? Curious and especially at the end of each day of the two week trial, my son watched some police officer picked up Prosecution Exhibit One, sling it over his shoulder to walk out alone onto a public pavement to strut slowly up the road back to some local police station).

The problem arose when 11 of the 12 jury decided NOT GUILTY on first day of evidence which ultimately led to her having to be returned to the museum that wrong colour. The 12th , speak to the rest of the jury, was clearly a police ‘plant’, the standard ploy in Cardiff Crown courts to feed info back, this time to judges Paul Thomas QC and Richard Thomlow, then the bent CPS prosecutor.

As an aside,  both Caspar and myself were quietly amused as to the ‘modus operandi’ of slimy fingers attached to those in positions of privilege and answerable to no one but their Maker.

We were both waiting , of course, for the police’s excuses for Exhibit One, an integral part of a British registered aircraft and critical to its C of G, for safe flight as well as being CAA documented in the certification documents, aircraft log books prominently displayed on the prosecutor’s table.

Both Richard Thomlow and Judge Paul Thomas QC, wash your mouth out, Maurice,  were fully aware of the conspiracy, for without them why would Barbara bother?

Thomlow was seen frantically trying to slip the airframe log book, without looking down for it, under his pile of prosecution papers as my enquiries were now dangerously leading embarrassingly in that direction as it was time for my  tea.

That is why, despite my paying thousands of pounds after the acquittal for my videoed statement of complaint recorded at Barry police station, South Wales Police or should I not say, Patrick, HM Partnership, refused me that, their court transcript, copy of exhibits, court log or police custody, IRIS and MAPPA records when the latter,  when drawn up , was again in the presence of their blackmailed Chief Forensic Psychiatrist for Wales.


That is also why, including the switching of the sex of some police officer, code named ‘Foxy’ and hidden behind the witness box screen to also try and fool the jury, could not be  properly cross examined by me for fear the earlier telephone call, when she (not a he) rang my then wife, trying to acquire the Lewis,  before being part of the 2nd hit squad of ‘Operation Tulip’ or was it Buttercup, to snatch our then 10 year old little daughter,  Genevieve, after the police and twenty odd , many armed police had left the scene in their ridiculous ‘Operation Chalice’ public scandal.

Any excuse for yet another Sunday over time paid ‘joy ride’ in Barbara’s  taxpayer paid for new helicopter just to chase me. (That is why HHJ Seys Llewelyn QC struck out my civil claim as the pilots and or crew would surely be implicated again in more unlawful conduct and why the machine-gun claim has been blocked by the same judge, for well over six years or be allowed a jury hearing in England.

So Barbara Wilding authorised her being painted black, to match my You tube video made on day of sale to museum for jury to see ( prosecution exhibit 2) to the original grey the new owner had painted her.

Ah, but when I took statements, well over a year later, from the museum I was told by all in the aircraft hangar she had even came back, after that ridiculous trial with  criminal HHJ Judge Paul Thomas,  a different shade of grey to what the new owner had painted her on purchase.

That is the real state of our Welsh law courts, but do you care, Mr Vaughan?


Your HM Partnership is designed to fleece the unsuspecting general public under the myth surrounding the very lucrative world of HM and if it was not for Brexit, we could quash it.

Incidentally, I have come into the possession of information concerning a Dr Hillier of Caswell Clinic from a former patient which appears to directly relate to whatever evidence was presented by Judge Richard Thomlow in Cardiff Crown Court, without me, in order to both avoid the 2010 machine-gun trial, due in a few days and other pending alleged related MAPPA category 3 level 3 crimes from ‘going public’ but, instead, to have me locked away for life without even a trial.

I believe the current level of criminal activity now being occasioned in your Cardiff law courts, to cover up the above conspiracy, urgently requires the invitation of an outside police force being called in to investigate. Even the Criminal Cases Review Commission and IPCC have been gagged.


As you know I have had to leave your area for health reasons and due to your adverse control over both the Vale of Glamorgan’s general practitioners and hospital specialists, being at a level quite unimaginable anywhere else in the United Kingdom, I was neglected in your various prisons by your South Wales Police repeatedly preventing my pre-arranged hospital appointments being kept.
You will recall that on more than six occasions your police denied my attending both civil and criminal courts in Cardiff as each of the cases related to my civil actions against your continuing the bullying that your predecessor was also so extremely good at.

You are also aware that there are a number of other civil damages claims still outstanding against both yourself and NHS (Wales) and in particular implicating other clinical staff who are still at your controlled Caswell Clinic medium secure psychiatric hospital based in Bridgend.

Remember, despite a direct invitation by Dr Gaynor Jones, involving a Dr Ruth Bagshaw and others, I was promptly arrested on arrival at the Caswell Clinic, gaoled for ‘attempted burglary’ and other typical nonsense allegations only for all charges, once again, being dropped once matters had been sufficiently protracted for my maximum harm, of course, in a closed court, of course and refused police data pertaining to it, of course, all routine on an Englishman so stupid to have set foot in the Principality in so south a location.

Your predecessor, Ms Barbara Wilding, had me incarcerated there for the maximum term, under s35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act, in the hope I would finally accept medication and therefore lawfully transferred to Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital for an indefinite period.

Upon my release from prison, following the acquittal without even the need of defence evidence, both Wilding’s 2009 fabricated sworn affidavit and the allegation of my ‘trading in machine-guns’ and numerous other MAPPA3/3 related charges, all require an outside police’s intervention as it is becoming obvious that your similarly controlled Cardiff County Court has no intention in my subsequent civil claim being allowed the light of day yet alone with the facts before a jury.

Cardiff County Court’s repeated refusal to transfer my subsequent claims to either an English court or for your conspiracy, needing both XX and Professor Rodger Wood to be investigated, is an abuse of process. The police led 2nd December 2009 Crown Court application, that I be incarcerated in Ashworth for life, still remains your responsibility and disclosure of its data.

In October 2013 I visited Barry police station to lay further information only to be gaoled without an arrest for over an hour while senior welsh police officers pleaded with XX’s lawyer, in London, to persuade his reluctant client to make another false complaint and making, for sure, no Cardiff court would, again, process my legal aid applications or allow my documents in the court.

Not dissimilar to the 2nd aborted jury trial incident, is it, of a ‘breach of a restraining order ‘ never served in the first place? Dr TW signed a witness statement that police had prevented my burning his and Dr Hillier’s house down when you all knew the allegation was a figment of his imagination after too many years with you lot, I presume, with your day to day nefarious conduct continuing to be unchecked unless Brexit can be overturned

The doctors are down in New Zealand we are all told where a contingency, on my behalf and for other aggrieved parties, are planning to visit to find more on the police back-mail that caused this inconvenience to both me and my family to have happened in the first place.

I require from you the details of your past chief forensic psychiatrist’s solicitor and current one, if need be, as I intend travelling to London to see him or her this Friday in order that your refusing to allow my NHS (Wales) medical records from ever being released may be resolved ‘out of court’.

You very well know that without those medical records being redacted, completely expunged from the record or facing a further scrutiny in the 4th jury trial, in the matter, I cannot successfully re-apply for my commercial pilot’s licences, the return of my police confiscated shot guns and hold appropriate gun certificates or become, again, a member of the veterinary profession before I leave for on my convoluted journey, this November, around the world.

Yours faithfully,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Copy to Ms Rebecca Pow MP of the Vale of Taunton

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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