Taunton’s MP Ms Rebecca Pow Told of the Current State of Welsh Law Courts

Ms Rebecca Pow,
MP for the Vale of Taunton, Somerset.

2th September 2016

Dear Ms Pow,

HMC&TS Malfeasance

I have recently moved back to the West Country where I was born, educated, worked and incidentally, married at your own local church in Stoke St Mary.

My purpose was, primarily, to restore my failing health due to being unable to obtain proper medical services in South Wales owing to the intransigence amongst a string of NHS (Wales) doctors. Each refused to stand-up to either Chief Forensic Psychiatrist for Wales, now sacked or his co-conspirator, a Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University, due his fabricated medical records as well.

They had been requested by a Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable of the South Wales Constabulary, following legal advice from Dolmans, solicitors, that her own fabricated soon to be heard ‘machine -gun trial, carrying in itself a minimum ten prison sentence, for me, was doomed and I needed, instead, to be incarcerated, indefinitely, in a high security psychiatric hospital in order for her to avoid the ongoing civil litigation from affecting her final pension.

Cardiff Court staff first fabricated evidence, as long ago as 2002, in that I was a potential ‘vexatious litigant’ and therefore the needing for HM Court & Tribunal Service (Wales) to send many, if not all, of my court files to HM Solicitor-General’s office in Whitehall for registration. The files primarily concerned my local civil and criminal litigation in the Welsh courts involving my suing the police for incessant bullying. This regime of theirs has led to the loss of many files being lost, some believe on purpose, in order to further frustrate and delay my right of ‘remedy’ through our UK courts of law.

I have also returned to Taunton to retrieve my ‘general state of mind’ in an environment more conducive to my up-bringing and life style and to finally get away from the twenty-four years of South Wales Police persecution following their apparent immunity to any form accountability as the result of their considerable fabricated prosecution evidence concocted over the years.

However, my need to contact my local Member of Parliament is for a more serious a reason in that I am now in possession of considerable evidence of wide spread malfeasance within the Cardiff’s judiciary which has implicated both the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, in the past and continues to have a such serious impact on my family wherever I or they should be.

HMC&TS (Wales) have ‘lost’:

1. Numerous Cardiff County Court files, court exhibits and court logs or refuse to disclose

2. numerous Cardiff Crown Court files with some also confiscated by the South Wales police

3. numerous Cardiff Magistrate’s court clerks’ contemporaneous notes, records of evidence, court exhibits, pages from the official court logs and the documentary evidence of both Crown Prosecution Service and Geoamey Custodial Services’ applications to confirm that would also confirm my never having received a ‘restraining order’ in the court cells of the Magistrates courts on 1st December 2011.

4. The latest, my reason for writing to you as it really is the ‘last straw’, is that the Cardiff County Court clerk is ‘unable’ to supply me with a copy of a purported October 2015 250 odd page ‘handed-down’ judgment, involving all the above nefarious activities and much, much more, besides, that had been, purportedly, emailed to me in order for me to immediately appeal its content.

5. As with the Magistrates public records needing to be disclosed, that will, alone, overturn well over three years of my prison sentences, likewise, the immediate disclosure of County Court logs, recovery of its exhibits and my police custody records will allow my being able to practice veterinary surgery once again as the truth will finally be revealed over ridiculous criminal convictions and fairy tale that two dogs had ever fallen over a cliff in the first place.

6. I seek an appointment, please, in order for that you may be made further aware, with Brexit now being a serious possibility and neither lawyers nor HM court staff any longer needing to be accountable for their actions.

7. This has partly come about due to politicians’ lawyers’ abusive 1989 Human Rights Act by someone, we know, deliberately having omitted both Articles 1 and 13 of what was original drafted to avoid ‘remedy’ for someone like myself.

Yours sincerely

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel. 0770858620


Ms Rebecca Pow,
MP for the Vale of Taunton, Somerset.

6th September 2016

Dear Ms Pow,

HMC&TS Malfeasance

Dear Madam,

The current Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns Esq, his predecessors as my Vale of Glamorgan MPs, both John Smith Esq and Walter Sweeney Esq, have ALL been copied into much correspondence since the 90s when my old friend, Walter, opened only the 4th veterinary hospital in Wales despite it being at the height of my South Wales persecution.

This lead to my being goaled for suspect trading in machine-guns which just happened to have been used at the Farnborough Air Show bolted to my replica 1916 DH2 registered as part of a British airframe by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Feed back since my 2nd September 2016 letter to you has reminded me that even when an Inspector Andrew Rice, of Barry police station, was also seen in my court room by a Christopher Paul Ebbs (alias Chris Alexander) during his examination in the witness box RICE denied knowing of an incident when I had arrested the Crown Prosecutor, Stan Sofa.

Despite the trial judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC, in the civil damages claim, pointed out RICE had been present at court that day as his collar number had been recorded in the official court records, still the claim was ignored.

The incident included Mr Sofa dangling by the scruff of his neck as I held him up and unable to run away with the fabricated evidence only to watch, RICE snatch from him the Crown Prosecution file from under the court official’s arm before many in court making a be line for the door with it in front of the many police officers that had attended.

The Barry magistrates hearing had been a radar-trap incident of speeding with me in the dock when the true driver of the vehicle was known to the police all along proved by his photo floating out of the file for which RICE had been called by the Chief Constable to hush -up.

EXACTLY the same incident was repeated and in the very same building when yet another police fabricated incident collapsed in similar ignominy.

I had been accused in smuggling pigs into Ireland under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and yes, it was either Inspector Hill or RICE again who rushed into the court, at that very moment, to snatch the court file, this time, the CPS prosecutor, Mr Mundy, especially imported from London.

There were 33 odd incidents in the first of 10 claims yet to be heard but here in Wales no one appears to care less as to the conduct of their police, CPS and judges, all looking for autonomy, which is why I am so pleased to be out of that very evil place.

Enclosed, later, a witness statement re RICE on his theft by RICE of one of my veterinary hospital vehicles.



Yours faithfully,

Marie J Kirk BVSc


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