Act V Scene 2 Enter Centre Stage the Very Venerable Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University

Dear XX,

Aren’t you lucky to be allowed to continue to practice after what you did to me.  Only in Wales would you have ‘got away with your conduct’ as you very well knew at the time.

Do you remember what first started our ‘relationship’?  This Dolmans fabricated affidavit for the Chief Constable only to sign and only signed at all six weeks late after His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC’s ordered dead line as I kept having to visit the solicitor’s offices and thump their reception table with my fist until it was done or I would be staying for the night.

Wilding Affidavit 25 02 2009

Abuse of Process Summary Page 2 Jan 2009


Now you know as I know and all hard working staff of Caswell still know, after my ridiculous meeting with this self-centred  individual, Wood,  full of his own importance, that he is the proverbial real ‘nigger in the wood-pile’ in all this,  isn’t he, who criminally caused you, for his ‘famous for fifteen seconds’ routine, to write that final report all Cardiff judges, in turn, have been determined to hush-up ever since?

Remember, now Mr Justice Nicholas Cooke QC, as The Recorder of Cardiff, after the ‘machine -gun ‘ trial collapse had promised me those medical records of yours but was clearly lying with the rest of them, as now PROVED for fear of his pending promotion to the Royal Courts of Justice.

The expressions on the face of your  Head of Caswell Clinic’s forensic psychology unit said it all, that day, as she suffered while the idiot ‘waxed eloquent’ on how I must be clinically mad for having flown to Australia at my age and all alone, the dammed fool.

Do you remember,  XX, your truly competent in-house psychologist you had designated to me in order to assess my IQ and other things requiring those apparently crazy tests I dabbled with just out of reference to his specialist profession? He did leave  me wondering, however,  whether he was, while on the job, a ‘secret drinker’ when your equally concerned in-house GP then revealed his report of me while assessing my overall well-being in that frightening prison of yours.

Oh yes, my wife and very young daughter dutifully brought in my food and water each day as soon as I realised that any ingestion of medication during the three months meant my being further sectioned for an indefinite period.

He showed me Wood’s stupid September 2009 account of me recounting our meeting that was later emailed to Ruth Fanshaw for your hospital prison records.

Those records were then promptly seized by the South Wales Police for now Cardiff judge Richard Thomlow, as  Crown Prosecutor to stop the fast arriving Barbara Wilding cooked-up machine gun trial before the equally wicked Judge Paul Thomas QC who knew from the very start by the way the ‘gun’ was brought in and out of court slung over an unarmed copper’s shoulder!

Remember Judge Thomas, XX, that similar piece of detritus as Rodger Wood, refused an investigation, asked for by the rest of the jury, of the police-plant amongst them  hell-bent on dissuading the rest to adduce their ‘not guilty’ verdict decided by the end of the very first day of ridiculous police  evidence. That recounting by nine of the jury in that pub, immediately after my acquittal is an indictment, alone, of the pure evil in your law courts.

Remember his equally corrupt mate, Judge John Curran QC (Quaintly Corrupted) and Judge Hughes refused you or your wife the opportunity , as my own defence witnesses, to correct my medical records without the need for saying why it was done.

You also knew, during the 1st March 2012 harassment appeal farce,  that the 4th May 2012 Cardiff Crown Court trial, to come, would prove ‘breach of a restraining order’ was impossible as no such order was ever served on me in the first place!

Your London lawyer is to be summoned on the matter at my next hearing

My wanting you as a defence witness had, of course, triggered  the attentive  jury to write that fateful jury -note wishing for sight of court and custody records of the magistrates cell activity by Geoamey Custodial Services.

The CCRC now admit, only last month, that each version of the 1st December 2011 magistrates court file ordered to be released, on my equally farcical  ‘harassment ‘ conviction, is completely different each time and still devoid of my defence argument that, in the rule of law, no one should be prosecuted when detecting or preventing crime.

That has now been shown to have been the truth with you being first blackmailed to write it, my never seeing the Judge Bidder QC/CPS port folio and now your unfairly being sacked and paid off to ‘get out of the kitchen’.

Judge Rowland quashing any such restraining order after the 3rd Restraining Order jury trial was to protect the original Judge John Charles repeatedly refusing me, ever since, to have access to a court to amend any purported court order in light of your new evidence.

Judge Paul Thomas made damned sure neither  I nor Lord Justice Leveson et al, at my 2013 Criminal Court of appeal, were to know about its content either or see the jury’s revealing note to Curran in my absence for urgent medical attention.

Even the Sun newspaper’s vivid pictures and article recorded the extreme lengths to which I had to stoop when trying to get vital defence papers out of my prison cell or into court purely to be put before the jury.


12 05 04 Judge Ignored Jury Note

A right bunch of shysters you mixed up with in Cardiff’s thoroughly corrupt judiciary did you not and could Enid Blyton have written it better, I often say?

You must be so relaxed now amongst a nation famous for what the occupants did for King and Country in the past two World Wars loosing more per capita of population than any other country fighting the tyranny of the Hun.

After countless attempts under FOI etc etc, following my acquittal and nearly eight  more months of my life suffering the stench of a Welsh prison,  I obtained what police allowed to be released to me by NHS (Wales) as my ‘medical records created  whilst in custody’.

BUT their reliant Professor Wood ‘input’, to prevent the embarrassment of the already doomed machine -gun conspiracy going public, by having me incarcerated in Ashworth High Security Psychiatric hospital instead, had been systematically redacted.

Instead of the Rodger Wood email to Ruth Bagshaw, shown to me in the September Caswell psychiatric assessment when no less than fourteen doctors were consulted to support you both, bugger the expense, his April 2012 version had the following removed:

Wood had relied on his ‘findings’ of ‘irreversible brain damage’ based on his unqualified view of your arranged ‘brain- scans’ at the Princess of Wales Hospital , Bridgend using, it now appears,  with both the wrong soft-ware and wrong X-Ray machine.

09 08 28 SPECT & MRI Scans

09 0 08 EP leaked Doc


13 09 14 Bright TMW solicitor

14 09 27 P10 A20140082 dastardly devious deceit

Wood, the prime prat, wrote that from his ‘vast experience’ as an amateur week -end pilot with his gin-drinking set, he had to find some way of spending his ill-gotten gains at the tax payer’s expense,  ruled that my brain damage was ‘irreversible’ to warrant my needing to be registered MAPPA category 3 level3 for instant removal from the community and even Cardiff prison to high security Ashworth or Broadmoor, for an indefinite period, because in his opinion not yours:

  1. Kirk had crashed his cub in the Caribbean
  2. flown all the way to Australia without a map and
  3. had been a long-term drinking partner of the actor, Mr Oliver Reed!

It is long over due for the tax payer, XX, for your London based Ewan Bright, solicitor, and myself to have that constructive meeting as to letting you back in and to blazes with the culprits they are all immune to prosecution under our antiquated HM Partnership convenient arrangement.

Remember, your solicitor had pleaded 0n your behalf for nearly an hour, in October 2013, while Barry police had me goaled without arrest nor caution, a habit of theirs, not to allow yet another jury chance to see the faked Professor Wood documents.

Remember , you were there as I had been refused attendance at my own hearing for a life sentence.

I am expected to believe that was the first time before His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC, on 2nd December 2009, to try and get me silenced for good.

So what did your solicitor achieve to have my name then expunged from the MAPPA registry following His Honour’s next public discussion on 17th December?

Now with Judge Bidder in possession of not just Ashworth’s psychiatric report only achieved by Doctor Silver keeping his foot jammed in the crack of my cell door for 40 odd minutes but also having my equally damming specialist English brain damage specialist report acquired by Nuala wife, consultant radiologist, of my dear old friend, Walter Sweeny, Vale of Glamorgan’s recent MP who had opened my one of only four, in those days, in Wales, Barry Veterinary Hospital.

Never fear, XX, His Honour Judge Seys Llewlyn QC is charged  by HM Partnership and has taken the reins of the ‘runaway horse’, with his blocking my civil damages claim some six years now, in preventing the Welsh public ever knowing  as to just which victim amongst them will be next to be dealt with your ‘Gulag card’ without need of a trial with still more embarrassing public records to bury.

His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn  bluntly refused, remember, release of my 2009 MAPPA records, from the T+-`affia hierarchy, all either concocted in Barry police station or at HQ while Barbara was, herself, rumour has it, was frantically painting my once owned 1916 replica DH2’s decommissioned  WW1 Lewis machine-gun yet another different colour to try and fool the jury.

Incidentally, some police man had the task , after my acquittal,  to paint her back to grey again as the Yorkshire Musieum had painted her not the black as at Farnborough and following prop breaking off mid channel. Barbara was using black paint to match my  video on You Tube about the very first thing the jury was expected at the opening of the prosecution’s case.

The jury was then expected to be fooled  by ‘foxy’ a police man behind the witness box screen pretending to be the police woman trying to  buy her off my then wife about a year earlier over the telephone!

09 12 02 Crown BidderTranscript

the next picture is the near 2000 mile route around the UK  with Welsh police, often entirely alone contrary to common sense and regulations IF it really was a ‘prohibitive weapon’, hawking the ‘gun’ around desperate to bribe someone to tell the jury it was a prohibitive weapon!

The first comment I overheard from nine of the jury in the pub afterwards was:

“Why was the buyer  not in the dock along side Mr Kirk? This prompted me, taking no part in the hilarious conversations, to ask my nephew to ask them at the bar why was it then ‘the seller’, also a prosecution witness, not also had been on remand in Cardiff prison for nearly eight months?

(To much of that to be revealed right now)

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

Our Genevieve drew this while waiting for the crooked Welsh lawyer, lost without trace,  who took my £4,500 cheque for the transcript before it was snatched by the Welsh police , as they do with court exhibits when needed for appeals outside Wales.

Oh, I almost forgot, a quote from the Professor’s induced DR TW’s ‘expert’ report that almost caused HHJ Neil Bidder QC to have me locked away for life, without even a public trial……Now, can you lot not see we are far, far too late for Brexit dreams?


In the Cardiff County Court                                              Case nos. BS614159-MC65; CF101741;CF204141;7CF07345 etc

Maurice Kirk v Chief Constable of South Wales Police

Further to Judge’s Order for Claimant’s Submissions to be served on the Defendant          by 2pm 19th August 2016


Pursuant to Judge’s note of 8th August 2016 re Para 8 judge’s note 7CF07345, actions to be heard in strict order, it is humbly contested by the Claimant as being ‘an abuse of process’ as the 1CF03361 machine-gun case, already deliberately delayed by the Welsh authorities for over, not six but seven years, was a blatant criminal act condoned by too many Cardiff judges to number, countless CPS lawyers and senior South Wales Police officers only concerned for their pensions.

  • To date, my rulings have been that the various actions which were stayed pending trial of the First to Third Actions should be dealt with in sequence according to the dates of subject matter. On 8 August 2016 I expressly reserved and refrained from adjudicating on any issue which might arise as to whether permission should be granted to include in 7CF07345 issues or complaints arising only later in date, or already pleaded in a separate action.

The repeated refusal of both Cardiff criminal and civil courts to disclose public paid court records, just because they do not stand up to scrutiny, is a further ‘abuse of process’ with the Claimant humbly submitting is such deliberate conduct to frustrate a litigant, seeking both punitive damages and exemplary damages, as stated at the time of each unlawful arrest

(Ref: Ongoing Criminal Cases Review Commission ongoing investigation re claimant’s XX 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff Magistrates harassment conviction and appeal court records of same now seized and altered by the South Wales Police)

The matters in first four Actions were aggravated by the conduct of the police above the ordinary as indicated in the fact of the unusual, extreme and unusual bullying of the Claimant when, from over one hundred police criminal allegations made within the first three of ten actions, well over 80% were quashed by common sense prevailing in subsequent courts, police stations or CPS offices now requiring a higher court’s immediate intervention if not by another police force.

The Claimant also claims exemplary damages as the conduct of the police was arbitrary, oppressive and unconstitutional again cited within the facts and those court records yet to be disclosed by a higher court.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

25th August 2016

A SUMMARY OF STATE OF PLAY as of 8am  Friday 26th August 2016

Claimant Position Statement
1. The Claimant has failed to locate any evidence of a ‘sealed’ judgment of 26th October2015, for the first three actions or one purported to have been sent to him on the 26th October 2015 by email as stated in conversation with court clerk.
2, Repeated requests for copy of same have not been successful as with release of purported court copy of police corrected version returned before judgment handed down
3. Two visits and the last by post to RCJ Court of Appeal office, to tender an appeal with a printed ‘judgment’ and fee, has been refused, each time, as not sealed.
4.  The Claimant continues to be refused sight of the court log or obtain copy of it
5. The Claimant continues to have identified some of his considerable number of prosecution exhibits served on both Defendant and court.
6. 1st Action para 8.6,the Grand Avenue Ely ‘garrotte’ incident , in which a dozen breaches in PACE 1984 were committed, with his preliminary appeal submission  focused on that incident, from thirty three similar. so far cited of incessant police bullying, there now appears irregularity jeopardising the Claimant;s right to appeal
7.1st Action  para 8. Claimant’s copy of his police interview without even a caution, when police switched to the indictable allegation as he was ‘identifiable’, has been seized by the court and refused it be investigated by an outside police force.
8. 7CF07345 2916 amended particulars of claim, served on the court by another, is being withheld from the claimant despite requests from both donor and court to release.
9. The 7CF07345 October 2007 Claimant’s Particulars of Claim contained numerous  police incidents that required the nefarious assistance of a few Cardiff court staff and CPS (Wales) lawyers to obtain those key criminal convictions, within the first four of some ten Actions time period, to cause the Claimant’s name from being removed from the veterinary register.
10, Neither the donor nor the court will furnish the Claimant with a copy of that purported 8th august 2016 varied submission, referred to in para 4 of His Honour’s August 2016 note.
11. The Claimant is therefore unable to include into the amended particulars, already with the court, those specific incidents identifying Cardiff ‘court officers’ repeatedly being omitted by any fellow Cardiff ‘court officer’ approached for the task, during this last decade, for fear of his or her job and rightly so.
12. Hence the need for more and more litigants in person, so often against their wishes, hampering the running of our completely outdated British law courts driven by avarice.
13. Therefore a further seven days is needed for this Claimant to draft the amended version so granted by the honourable court.
13. Incidents excluded by Claimant’s proposed representatives include:
I) Court official, ex police officer, causing a suspect fracture of the Claimant’s leg when pushed down the court steps whilst on his crutches because he was seeking public records
ii) Court official, CPS prosecutor Jackie Seal, aware but misleading the Barry lay magistrates that the three versions of Claimant’s alleged ‘Breach of the Peace’. incident, at the Vale of Glamorgan Show, drafted under the control of then Barry custody sergeant, Andrew Rice, while refusing the Claimant bail, then had switched the allegation to one of ‘common assault.
The BOP allegation, was only dropped for fear the claimant may go to prison (see court records on Claimant’s old web site) All this conduct was opposed by the CPS barrister, Ieun Rees, when made  aware of the full facts but told to ‘shut up’.
11)Jackie Seal, when fully  aware that retired police inspector Howard Davies, had ‘struck the first blow at the Show and again had attacked the Claimant, with force, in the police witness room in Cardiff Crown Court before numerous uniformed police officers, then went into the witness box before HHJ Nicholas Gaskill QC and despite his rebuke at her  refused to clarify the mistakes of the lower court and wicked conduct of then Sergeant Andrew Rice who has so heavily featured in all four Actions.
12) The Claimant has record that Ms Seal and many other Cardiff Court officials later, all immune to criminal proceedings by HM Partnership, then went on and committed perjury over the incident leading to the Claimant having his name removed from the veterinary register
13) Over the past twenty three years of this Claimant requesting both relevant public court and police records, of relevant data to allow both a fair trial and have his name restored to the veterinary register, he has been refused.
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