Criminal Cases Review Commission Collapsed Conspiracy

Dear John,

The CCRC’s latest weasel worded  letter to DL is yet another sham, riddled with lies to cover -up the truth just to protect the hand that feeds them, the HMC&TS(Wales), Welsh Assembly , NHS (Wales)and Welsh police, all frantic for judicial autonomy, to bleed the locals even more, while the  overall HM Partnership drain on this country has already stretched our  resources to the limit.

,,,,see Paragraph 7 of their 20th July 2016 letter on web

16 07 20 CCRC Admissions Letter.jpg

CCRC has finally given the game away for even the chap on the ‘Clapham Omnibus’ to understand….as if it was not so bloody obvious, years ago, from the start of this routine scandal the Welsh Assembly allow on the English.

They just cannot forget Offa’s Dyke and just why it was built in the first place.

Protecting chief psychiatrist for Wales was priority as he was not even qualified on brain scans and had written a psychiatric report, for my extended imprisonment, even before he had examined their victim, me!

The poor bugger was being blackmailed to write it it ….Caswell Clinic staff knew that , his good wife knew that but the gravy train must be preserved at what ever cost.


Only when he applied for my  indefinite incarceration in Ashworth, IPP, just for Barbara Wilding, that lying bitch of a then Chief Constable, despite his October 2009 psychiatric report for Recorder of Cardiff, Her Honour Judge Elei Rees.

Judge Neil Bidder QC, in Dec 09,then  stated the contrary, as he has had the habit to do, to have my name removed from the MAPPA registry on the 17th so why was that if not b;looody obvious?

Judge after judge then set about preventing me having those, my personal concocted medical records, specifically to over ride Section 35 of the Mental Health Act 1983, including that scheming little bastd Nicholass-Cooke QC to gaol me for daring to argue over my being denied my own albeit fabricated medical records in his filthy little hands as he dared talk down to me on facts that did not concern him but destroyed my family life….the evil little shit

‘Cover-up Cooke’ , as my family know him as from suppressing a ‘dangerous driving’ case collapse, also concocted from Barbara Wilding, with the support now  of HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC.Both also knew about the police conspiracy trying to fool that jury, my secretary following each prosecution witness into the loo to deter a habit of passing some thing else and again another jury, by painting the machine -gun a different colour–toy town stuff driven by non accountable plain greed

In 2012 NHS (Wales) then used teams of lawyers, at huge tax payer expense,  as  the little buggers knew if I ever obtained those falsified medical records (court exhibits) before any judge in England the ‘proverbial’ would of hit the fan, big time.

Justice Ministry UK records, assuming the Welsh writers  were honest stated I was to be locked away for life, NOT because I was the registered MAPPA 3/3 police victim, which  I was but because XX, stated in writing, he was frightened that Norman Scarth Esq, Patrick Cullinane Esq and Peter Oakes Esq might be able to climb over the Caswell Clinic 14 ft security perimeter fence! and confront him on in the habits of voracity on their Zimmer frames. IT’S ALL THERE IN THEIR RECORDS and I have a signed copy of one.


The last time CCRC says it ‘obtained the original court file’, now returned to Cardiff Magistrates, was AFTER the CCRC had already obtained it, at my specific Dec 2011 request from prison, before being it was partly shredded/re written/redacted but even I did not believe this CCRC Birmingham bunch  were all in the conspiracy together.

That was in Feb 2012 when the CCRC clandestinely returned the 1st Dec 2011 harassment of police doctor conviction court file having found ( witnessed by 10 Mackenzie Friends, from all over Europe in the public gallary)  that the clerk’s notes,(MICHAEL WILLIAMS) in there and mid trial switched CPS exhibits,(DAVID GARETH EVANS), also recorded, with advise—-destroy thm.


I, oh so needed themfor my expected acquittal in my 1st April rather than nearly a three year term in Welsh prisons but had only been achieved by no less than 12 evil judges, including evil HUGHES with that 1st April 2012 farcical appeal hearing.

Witnesses  were again prevented from giving evidence with one  of mine, on crutches, attacked , physically, by Tegwyn’s wife because she knew the witness knew and give that evidence, the the reason for the senior police management in the their HQ conspiracy had originated from HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC’s order of 2009  for the Chief Constable, the bitch Wilding, to disclose police records created from some 60 odd police incidents by now, involving their victim, me, only to be put in prison , police cells or subjected to the  stench of yet another Welsh law court only to be invariably acquitted of all charges but refused even my bus fares.

Our so called prestigious CCRC then advised the Cardiff magistrates to shred the clerk’s notes and police exhibits and my applications re appeal grounds etc, destined for the 4th May 2012 first of three jury trials , for breach of a restraining order, which was, of course , never served on me , afterwards, in the cells as Geoamey manager , (LEE BARKER) lied to the jury about….AGAIN WITNESSED BY faithful McKenzie Friends.

Still undisclosed court records held the usual refusal list needed for Europe.

[I am bored with this disgusting story from depravityville, Cardiff and will proof readish some other time … least I am currently breathing clean air in England] 

CCRC then quietly applied for 1st Dec 11 file again, WITHOUT ME KNOWING but making sure it was after, AFTER the 4th May 20012 jury trial (1st Restraining Order alleged breach conviction) which is why the ‘jury note’ was then hidden from me and Their Lordships for my 2013 Criminal Court of Appeal absurd hearing held in Cardiff Crown Court, of all places !!!…

Their joint judicial replies by letters were particularly comical , when I has heard months later from a court gallery observer …a jury in in existence but was handed to bastard Curran who, in turn, did a deal with trial CPS liar, David Garath Evans of 9 Park Place Chambers, Cardiff that also housed many of the judges I have just been told who I therefore arrested…. quite incestuous isn’t it, kids?

Remember, children, your father was forcefully removed from the court dock on 4th May 2012, recorded in the sun newspaper, to prevent him producing his legal papers as exhibits for the jury AND so as to not witness the jury note coming into existence and then passed to presiding judge

That little shit, Judge John Curran, then deceived the jury there were no 1st Dec 2011 clerk’s notes, exhibits or record of my usual pre appeal requests ‘available’ ,,,,see transcript I think my sis quickly acquired at the time

The wording of their Lordships in March 13 judgment is particularly interesting and stupidly recorded now on parchment and my web sites

No wonder the UK judicial cabal of crooks are laughing all the way to the bank now while we, who work, are all heading for Brexit and doom

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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