Another South Wales Police Conspiracy Goes Seriously Right


‘Les roupettes de quelqu’un sur une assiette sans anesthésique’

The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) and Independent Police Complaint Commission (IPCC), in England, are again refusing to investigate any aspect as to why a handful of villains are being allowed to get away with it?

A sample of the level in which corruption has accelerated now solicitors no longer have to be accountable unlike it was in the good old days.

This surprise Freedom of Information result, displaying my buried Cardiff ‘restraining order’/machine-gun scandal, is a result from a routine application, for once, published before it was heavily censored.

14 11 25 CPS FOI Response

Is this conduct because of Brexit and the politicians, desperate to get rid of the burden on the English tax payer, are now re-considering the very idea of Wales actually obtaining judicial autonomy and its own police force if something stupid happens north of the border?

In order for the MAPPA conspiracy to succeed senior police officers relied on the co-operation from those that controlled the few avenues of redress available to their victims.

This meant that ‘HM Partnership’, consisting of many in the ‘funny hand shake’ brigade of devil worshippers in our courts of Wales and HM prisons, could so easily shuffle the respective court papers of their incarcerated victim whilst denying him legal representation, access to court, his legal papers or access to helpers even via telephone.

Photos, names and home addresses of culprits will be published on website  world wide.

Wilding Wanted

Barbara Wilding, for example, upon being ordered to sign a sworn affidavit, herself, that her victim had received normal disclosure of police records, relevant to almost one hundred police incidents, all carrying ‘occurrence’ numbers, promptly set about planning to having her victim shot whilst handing in her notice in order to protect her pension.

The usual ring leaders, in the police, HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales), the Cardiff law courts and NHS (Wales)  were given the usual immunity in some pathetic attempt to cover-up these multi agency conspiracies in The Principality.

Armed with leaked  HM Justice Ministry/MAPPA/IRIS, HM Crown and Magistrate doctored court papers caused their victim to visit Highgrove with a humble petition for His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, to intervene. FTAC intervened instead.

11 06 11 Paul Thomas QC

Judge Paul Thomas, just as with Judges Leveson, Mitting, Thomas, Rose, Hughes, Llewellyn Jones, Cooke, Griffiths Williams, Vosper, Lloyd-Jones, Rees, Bidder, Curran, Crowther, Rowlands, Seys Llewellyn et al simply do, ‘sat on his hands’ in the machine-gun trial instead of stopping the farce after the very first day.

Whenever clear breaches of Article 6 by an authority are dared to be raised by their victim, in any of their so called ‘courts of record’, in Wales at least, you cannot get those ‘records’ if there was any likelihood of exposing even a smidgen of their corrupt practices.

The content of this next document was the reason behind the machine g-gun and XX’ blackmail to have me unlawfully sectioned under the Mental Health Act

SWP Stops SequenceThis led to an interesting HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC Oct 2015 ‘Judgement’ now subject for appeal to RCJ and Strasbourg…….if only they would stop dis-guarding as not a judgment.

1510 26 Approved SWP Judgment KIRK v SWP

HHJ Seys llewellyn QC

His Honour Seys Llewellyn QC, the civil trial judge, is now aware of the criminal conduct of Barbara Wilding and her senior police officers the moment after His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC, in 2008, ordered a trial date for the first 30 odd failed malicious prosecutions/harassment triggered from Guernsey.

But my oldest son, Caspar, knowing his father will be long gone before we eventually nail the individuals behind the original decision to have his father’s name removed from the veterinary register, intends to systematically disintegrate the majority of His Honours’ 250 odd pages ‘judgment’ and starting with 1st Action para 8.6 The Prince of Wales’farm ‘garrotte’ incident.

Meanwhile , now the cavalry  are spotted galloping over the hill , the extremely dangerous ‘police helicopter chase’ incident is his father’s early choice to indicate to website readers what an Englishman  might expect after crossing the bridge. An Englishman may also experience from a bitter tribe unexplained ‘invincible prejudice’ with guaranteed HM Partnership protection giving their police forces and law courts to do just what they dammed well like and bugger the rule of law!

They are relatively safe, for a while, from Westminster reform unless sharia takes  over?

11 06 10 Nicholas Cooke WANTED_page001

Judge Nicholas Cooke QC  also refused to examine either the  facts or  fabricated medical evidence in order to also refuse me disclosure or bail

11 06 10 Adrian Oliver WANTED_page001

Police Solicitor who laid complaint for 22nd June 2009 arrest simply to further delay the lucrative civil damages claims

2000 miles to fudge the issue of a REPLICA machine gun

The 2000 miles to fudge the issue of a decommissioned  machine gun

Police travelled almost 2000 miles, often alone, carrying a believed to be ‘prohibitive weapon’ contrary to law, desperate to concoct a case that was clearly flawed from the start.


Machine gun before painted by the South Wales Police try and fool the jury

Maurice has set out, below, details of today’s filing of part of his two million pound damages claim as a stark warning that one of you, out there, may be next if you also get too close to exposing our UK’s lucrative HM Partnership ‘gravy train’ financed by YOU!

Machine Gun Damages ClaimMachine gun 252x326.aspx Maurice protests up a crane wanted-poster

The MAPPA prepared South Wales Police fairy tale, given to Maurice’s 25th January 2010 convened Cardiff Crown Court jury, included a need for a police informant to be sitting amongst them in order to feed back information discussed so the then HM prosecutor, now Judge Richard Thomlow, could further disrupt Maurice’s long running damages claims by achieving the mandatory 15 year prison term these indictments carried.

Caspar watched from the public gallery Thomlow trying to hide the DH2 log book, on his desk, when his father’s cross examining slowly steered the prosecutor to realise the most obvious fact, for acquittal, the matter of the ‘gun’ being CAA certified.

Thomas and Thomlow knew, most likely, even before the jury was sworn in but their incestuous world of arrogance and no accountability had to be protected.

Despite now proven as a tissue of lies the Welsh authorities continue to circulate this next document, even to foreign police forces, out of spite and to delay any redress available.

HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC has ‘stayed’ the machine gun civil claim for over 5 years

The following account of the circumstances, requiring their victim’s arrest, was read out to the jury before playing to them the video (see face book) of their victim with the Lewis machine gun, Exhibit One, before police had her painted a different colour in the fanciful hope it would fool a majority jury.

Crown Prosecutor’s Police Brief ACCEPTED by  His Honour Judge Paul Thomas QC

Machine Gun CPS Brief to Jury

Prosecution Exhibit 1 was a Battle of The Somme Lewis Machine Gun

(Partly painted a different colour in order to try and fool the jury)

Prosecution Exhibit 2 was a WW2 Browning 30mm Machine Gun

Prosecution Exhibit 3 was a deliberately corrupted police tape recording of police ‘under cover’ agent, code named ‘Foxy’, captured when telephoning first his wife and then Maurice on the pretext of buying both these purported lethal weapons.

(Corrupted to disguise the sex of the police officer giving evidence from behind a screen)

On the eve of the 100 year centenary of that terrible tragedy Maurice chose to have filed, at Cardiff County Court, a succinct account of this, one of many, multi agency conspiracies.

SEE ALSO THE VIDEOS on face book

JURY TRIAL VERDICT after the first day’s evidence by eleven of the twelve jury members verses Police’s subsequent so called post trial investigation by IPCC

12 06 01 SWP MG IPCC Conclusion

The Machine Gun Damages Claim and Maurice’s 1st Witness Statement

16 06 30 MG appl&ws

A very current example, Patrick, of ‘HM Partnership’ in action

16 07 06 Gilbart BlakeHigginbottom

Maurice’s also blocked Private Prosecution

SWP Private Prosecution

Despite now proven as untrue, a tissue of lies, the Welsh authorities continue to circulate this next document to anyone asking for it, even to foreign police forces, out of bitter spite to guarantee their victim is always refused bail only to drop charges, each time, often after many months later knowing any civil redress is barred.

This leaked South Wales Police document was concocted at police HQ, Bridgend, deliberately to interfere with Judge Sey Llewellyn QC’s thankless task of adjudicating such an unusual case that should of been settled out of court with the  machine -gun one.

MAPPA Restricted

Now the Welsh civil court is frantically shredding sensitive parts of their records for fear of them being leaked again. FOI applications, curious on how Dolmans have been allowed to conduct their unfettered defence agenda for the Chief Constable for so long, has sparked off another FOI request that has disclosed, to no surprise, the Cardiff criminal courts are also desperately destroying sensitive records to protect their precious pensions.

SWP court docs 19th July all files

This taking of a photograph, in the judge’s chambers, of the sum total remaining of my files in those  of only four civil South Wales Police claims, for HHJ Chambers QC then,was  to consider consolidation. I remain sure this theft convinced him I must have a jury trial as was promised , from the very start, in the Bristol court back in the mid 90s.

But now the first three were transferred to Wales, expressly against the Kirk family’s wishes, Dolmans is left quite unfettered to run up a huge inflated bill knowing no welsh court was ever going to grant Maurice a jury without a police plant and in this particular civil case it was only a delay tactic for two more years before the criminal conduct that would be revealed. This was, in turn, was to be curtailed from happening by the use of a local judge sitting alone.

I was told that my full case was in two boxes. They were not ‘all files’ because many were unlawfully with Dolmans and at Police HQ while others were with with HM Solicitor General, in Whitehall, with a team of lawyers scratching their heads on how to get Maurice registered as a ‘vexatious litigant’ in order to protect the Chief Constable.

Crunch Day

8th August 2016 is to be ‘crunch day’ in Cardiff County Court for my 4th Action ‘stayed’ since 2008 owing to delay by the police machine-gun/fabricated MAPPA medical records conspiracy now that a trial date had finally been fixed.

‘Crunch Day’ because His Honour Judge Nichols Chambers was trying to bring all this litigation to a close, to avoid that trial by finally having to make the then Chief Constable, ‘shoot to kill Barbara’, being ordered to sign her own affidavit that we all knew would be false. The police could not, of course, disclose their own IRIS records of my years of police harassment and malicious prosecutions.,,,,even after my arresting two HM Prosecutors.

His Honour’s previous attempt to avoid a predictably chaotic trial, needing well over one hundred witnesses, was by granting me a  jury on selected incidents but had been thwarted by avarice within the parties.

This has led, meantime, to this bit of nonsense, below, clearly now destined for The Supreme Court and Strasbourg.

16 06 14 jdgmnt CO047372014 Gilbart Blake Higginbottom PDF

In the Cardiff County                                                                                                          BS614 159

                Maurice John Kirk  v  Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary

Claimant Position Statement

8th August 2016 listed hearing, for the 4th Action 7CF07345, should not proceed before:

  1. prior disclosure of ‘Maurice John Kirk Potential Vexatious Litigant’ marked Cardiff Civil Justice Centre red file, shown to this claimant at the public counter, that led to his being banned from Cardiff court buildings, for life, without a judge’s invitation.
  2. prior disclosure of the court log relating to the first four related civil Actions.
  3. prior disclosure of the court log relating to all the other remaining six Actions.
  4. priorv disclosure of the Claimant’s deposited, at court, court exhibits in all Actions.
  5. prior disclosure of scanned copies, for RCJ, of the Claimant’s 50 odd arch lever files served on Dolmans as being exhibits denied in substantive 2013 trial heard, before HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC, or for Claimant’s submissions for a jury in 1CF03361 case.
  6. prior disclosure of the Cardiff magistrate’s court log, re the Claimant 1st Dec 2011 harassment conviction now proven to have been based on fabricated police evidence.
  7. prior disclosure of the Criminal Cases Review Commission Cardiff court records from the 1st Dec 2011 case and those subsequent six related Crown Court cases on review.
  8. prior disclosure of Geoamey Custodial Services records of the Claimant’s 1st Dec 2011 custody up until his release from the magistrates building.
  9. prior disclosure of the claimant’s South Wales Police custody records covering his 1st Dec 2011 arrest from the moment police were notified of the day and time of his prison release to being released to the custody of another court for ‘failing to attend’.
  10. prior disclosure of HMP Cardiff records pertaining to the HM Governor’s refusal to allow the Claimant’s attendance to give vital evidence at the 28th November 2011 ‘Musa Nigerian six children Haringey Council Snatch’ London court hearing
  11. prior disclosure of all ‘restraining orders’ served on the Claimant whilst in custody.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

5th July 2016


  1. DH2 Roll Out.jpg

The 2000 Farnborough Air Show

DH2 @farnborough.jpg

Formosa Interview.jpg

Oh Dad, I will never, never, forget Mum’s tears from the terrible shock upon being told her  wayward son had only just escaped the judiciary of Guernsey to have decided to buy a veterinary practice within South Wales, of all places!

Mum, not all bad news

Burma AOP6 & gals


23rd May 2016

Please find encl N244 application and this supporting witness statement of truth:

Extension to the 21 days to appeal to the Court of Appeal, should be extended, it is humbly submitted, for reasons including:


  1. Late Defendant disclosure of Claimant’s 20th May 1993 custody interview tape
  1. Royal Courts of Justice 8th Feb 2016 judgment re Cardiff courts refusal to allow note-taking [Case No: CO/4249/2G14]
  1. Today’s indication from a Cardiff barrister’s letter for some relevant legal representation (enclosed).

Cardiff County Court’s continuing refusal to disclose court log & court files [BS614159 plus 8 others].

Cardiff Magistrates’ continuing refusal to disclose court log and clerk of the court records [case no 621100548564] and many others

  1. Pending Judicial Review Application, re 1st Dec 2011 Cardiff Magistrates & Crown Court records/exhibits having been confiscated by the Defendant, the South Wales Police, deliberate to cause Claimant’s 3 years imprisonment to further affect the preparation for these civil proceedings.
  1. His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC’s 6 years stay on the Claimant to sue the Defendant (1CF03361) for being the primary party for the Claimant’s incarceration, re fabricated XX, now sacked Wales’ chief forensic psychiatrist, Claimant medical records and for painting the Claimant’s Lewis machine- gun, a different colour,in order to try and fool the 2010 Cardiff Crown Court jury to maintain him as a MAPPA 3/3 victim
  1. His Honour Judge Rowlands QC’s april 2014 quashed1st Dec 2011 Claimant’s Restraining Order, never served on him in the first place,  as meaningless.
  1. The continuing Defendant failure to disclose, throughout 23 years of both criminal and civil cases with centrally important documents and exhibits in all current claims, relating to this case, having fatally prejudiced the Claimant’s ability in preparing case for trial and as illustrated in point one, above, re regarding 1st Action 8.6

This is my statement of truth,

encl: a) extract of 1996 Home Office report on police making their own transcripts

b) 23rd May 2016 lawyer letter

c)  N244 Appl form

Maurice J Kirk BVSc.


A ‘Cut and paste’ to one of my email replies today

WHY, you ask, have the police not instigated their 4th alleged ‘Breach of a Restraining Order’ arrest following their first ‘cooked’ one, by withholding the jury-note from both Lord Leveson et al and me, the collapsed 2nd ‘breach’ jury trial, also full of spurious evidence, before this 3rd rigged 2014 ‘breach of a restraining order’ trial to try and lock me away for good.

Arthur, do you not remember how Jeff Matthews very bravely, of his own volition, crept into the back of some stinking Cardiff Crown Court only to hear it admitted, until he was unfortunately recognised by both CPS prosecutor Thelwell or Thelfall and  some judge or other caught secretly discussing my fate in my absence, openly admitting their 4th jury trial planned has now begun following XX’ London lawyer laying down the facts, in no uncertain terms, that the blackmailing of his client just had to stop.

Remember, the prisons had been told not to ‘produce’ me to any court hearings that were too sensitive, this being one of seven occasions, I was refused my right to leave my prison cell to attend either my own civil or criminal court hearings as a litigant in person.

That particular Judge stated that future XX’ ‘breach of restraining order’ allegations, brought by the South Wales Police were to be entertained (as sectioning Kirk had been unlawful from its inception).

No one was to tell me, of course, like with my ‘suspected brain tumour’ causing ‘irreversible brain damage’ told to another Cardiff judge, on 2nd December 2009 @ 11.39 to ensure my incarceration inside Ashworth High Security psychiatric hospital, indefinitely.

The Cardiff judge, in question, was………censored…………………, first a couple of judges called ‘Hughes’, ‘Rowland’ or ‘Rowlands’, ‘Paul Thomas’, ‘Crowther’ or ‘Curran’ was it who had all, in turn, allowed the police to get away with having confiscated those critical original 1st Dec 11 magistrates and 1st March 2012 Crown Court exhibits (essential for harassment conviction of blackmailed police doctor), now proven as redacted in yet another botched cover-up, by turning a Nelson ‘blind eye’ to both Cardiff magistrates and would you believe, now the CCRC also failing to disclose those public records despite agreeing to but only by lawyer application!

Does it stink, Celia or does it stink, Caspar? (answer, please, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope).  Why, Arthur, because these public court records are currently needed by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC in the civil damages chaos, over the now 20 year late released but doctored Maurice ‘interview’ tape over ‘stealing his own BMW motor bike and having a ‘garrotte ‘ type instrument on HRH Prince Charles’ farm.

Sabine, could Enid Blyton have written better?  Why, Arthur?  For me to have over turned my three years of imprisonment in order to be restored to the veterinary register before flying to South Africa..

XX has had no or little say in these matters from June 2011 onward, the police continue to withhold, after the current Chief Constable, Vaughn, first gave the ‘go ahead’ to have me prosecuted contrary to the defence section in the 1997 Harassment Act.

Vaughn was so committed purely to have me re registered as a MAPPA 3/3 victim again for the South Wales Police to lock their civil court adversary away, this time indefinitely.

That is why HM Justice Ministry’s parole board repeatedly were told; from 2013 to my respective prisons, not to convene any hearing for fear they would have to have released me immediately.That is why I was denied certain visitors or access to them even on the telephone.

They also dropped the well paid police informer Mark Davenport/assault/intimidation of witnesses concocted jury trial, in 2014, just to delay and so prevent the above information from being gathered in time before this Rowland shambles of a 3rd ‘breach’ jury trial.

As I often say, Arthur, when the conduct of the welsh judiciary is concerned, seeking autonomy, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’.

STOP PRESS  Sunday 3rd July 2016

I have at last found a copy I acquired from  a very pleasant but poorly briefed police officer who stupidly gave me copy of my own machine gun statement of complaint, re Chief Constable conspiracy, a rare event in these passing 20 odd years to get such disclosure.

 My statement is compatible, in content, with the bullet points in my court submissions to his Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC.

I cannot find the mountain of IPCC (Wales) apparent gibberish that then followed, after my complaints and visits to them  but it was the usual Cardiff ‘treacle treatment’ clearly designed to prevent my MG complaint or any of my others, leaving the Cardiff 30 mile limit yet alone Wales or, perish the thought,  IPCC HQ in England.
Criminal Cases Review Commission’s conduct also appears to have a touch of ‘deja vu’?
 My web site published Police Professional Standards conclusion, written in South Wales Police HQ, basically also telling me to go to hell must be sharing the same typist as CCRC, IPPC and respective law courts.
Both my six page statement and Professional Standards document both carry the signatures of HOLDER.
I wonder if it was the same police officer, called Holder, in Cardiff Crown Court machine gun trial , hidden behind the screen calling himself imitating a female’Foxy’?
I wonder if the police officer who found my ‘non cautioned interview tape’ of 20 years ago when I was sent to prison , as unidentifiable and for having a ‘garrotte type’ instrument?
I wonder if the police who surrounded our home with automatic weapons and helicopter was a a family of Holders?


4th July 2016 Update on one or two other Deliberate delayed Police Claims

EMAIL extract

Dear Sir,

Further to last week’s discussion please confirm:

  1. You are acting in this matter, 7CF07345, until a solicitor well out of South Wales can be found meaning a short adjournment is sought.
  2. You are acting in my failure to obtain even sight of court lodged claimant exhibits, in all extant civil actions against the South Wales Police and that it will be appealed against the court’s refusal, in the high court, by a similar ‘out of the area’ solicitor.
  3.  You are acting in the matter of the Cardiff County Court refusing to disclose the audit trail of court appearance dates in my first four of some ten or so damages South Wales Police claims, BS614159 etc, originating from Bristol County Court before they were so cruelly transferred to the unique judiciary of Wales now seeking autonomy if only to avoid outside influence on how their ‘rule of law’ is used.
  4. You are acting to acquire my copy 20th May 1993 police interview tape, from the County Court, for a high court appeal, as this is a criminal matter and contains of yet still more evidence of malfeasance which resulted in my having been charged with an indictable offence with no prior caution and further held in custody, under false pretences as unidentifiable while trying to have me extradited to HM Partnership Guernsey on some tax haven spurious nonsense of unpaid parking fine or other.
  5. You are acting to pursue the failure by the CCRC, ALL Cardiff courts and Geoamey Custodial Services, over many years, by their refusing to disclose records contrary to respective CPR rules as all parties ignoring your written applications when well aware of the corruption in Cardiff judicial institutions  acting as a law unto its own.
  6. You are so acting to assist in my application to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, to be restored to the veterinary register, now that the 2002 South Wales Police evidence, before it, has been proven as false.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

4th July 2016





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