IT IS NOW MORE URGENT THAN EVER to finalise my judgement – Printed Letters from Jail at long last!

14 09 12 HHJ Seys Llewellyn_000114 09 12 HHJ Seys Llewellyn_0002“They are throwing everything now bar the kitchen sink!” Maurice writes from HMP Swansea which includes this excellent letter by HHJ Seys Llewellyn, the best of the over 10 judges Maurice had dealings with.

14 09 12 Position Statement

14 09 09 Treacle Treatment

14 07 10 STOP PRESS

14 09 04 Position Statement

He has been trying to ensure that Maurice gets access to his papers, a laptop and printing facilities, since his hand writing is soo bad, partly due to arthritis.

As a result, we got two up to date position statements and a press release from July, besides the daily ‘treacle treatment’ of HMP Cardiff and / or Swansea.

The gist of these communications is:

1. His prison conditions since 14 October have been impossible for him as a Litigant in Person to advance his civil claim damages against South Wales Police – which he has been trying to get to court for 22 years.

2. His ‘recall’ after a few days in a ‘bail hostel’ in summer was highly dubious and certainly used to play the MAPPA game, i.e. ensure collusion among all key organisations.

3. MAPPA is used to monitor his phone calls and limit the people he can phone in the first place.

4. When he got the laptop, he didn’t get the printer. When he got the printer, he couldn’t access his money to mail documents to courts…

Once upon a time, people had common sense. These times are clearly long gone. Some dare call it ‘anarchy’ when criminals rule the world…

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