WHEN THE SYSTEM of institutions is afraid of whistleblowers, challengers and ‘dissidents’ – just as in USSR

I only know the top 4 of these whistleblowers who are victims of a ‘special brand’:

But it is clear:

  • free-spirited men are for male-dominated institutions what self-thinking women are in couple relationships: a threat to Power and Control
  • the grand lesson of life, how to love ourselves so that we can love others, is particularly hard to learn in the pseudo-lives presented to us by mainstream media
  • the 1% are as attracted by Power and Control as the 99% are prone to Love and Kindness…

Olivia Goldhill is addressing a part of the issue in The Telegraph: When innocent men go to jail: miscarriages of justice in Britain.

But when the ‘Gulag card‘ is being played, it is serious! I was told of a couple yesterday who are going to be ‘sectioned’ [sent to a mental hospital] for having dropped a cigarette in the street in Swansea!

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