VISITING CARDIFF – Maurice Kirk in Prison and Victims of Child Snatchers in pub

20140224_164719[1]Yes, truth is stranger than fiction. And Buddha’s illusionary world is much ‘nicer’ than the harsh realities that we need to meet when people are telling their stories about how their children were taken – by force – without paperwork. Justifications are being invented after the event. Courts are used to legitimise the take. And Social Services get rewards. Bonus points and payments. That’s government policy. That’s what John Hemming MP points out in this interview on Russia Today.

After having visited Maurice in HMP Cardiff on the 28th day of his hunger strike, I met David Paul Jenkins who has been fighting for his 4 sons since 2002 and a mother and grandmother whose girl was taken by force in May 2012. He organises Stolen Children of the UK on Facebook and an annual demo outside Downing Street.

I put the pattern that we have observed into the Witness Statement on behalf of the Musas. Maurice had gone to prison while trying to get files from their solicitors – who didn’t help but hinder – but that is part of the pattern:

1)      Children, especially of foreigners, are being snatched by Local Councils in the following manner:

a)      Schools, hospitals and housing services are used as ‘honey traps’ where Social Services become aware of vulnerable parents and children. In the Musa case, CARIS[1] was the trap which included actress Michelle Collins who was used by Haringey for PR purposes after the wrong judgement.

b)      With the aid of Police, they are being physically removed – generally without any paperwork.

c)       Police Forces admitted to the falsification of criminal statistics[2] before the Justice Select Committee on 19 November 2013, especially when they relate to rape and sexual abuse cases.

d)      Subsequent allegations are fabricated to justify the removal and to keep parents busy with contact arrangements and court procedures, thereby generally ruining their marriages, jobs, financial and housing situations. An example is the Slovak Boor family whose two sons were returned after 920 days[3] and major demonstrations outside the UK Embassy in Bratislava as well as TV and press coverage.

e)      Should parents resist any of the conditions and restrictions imposed, they risk being criminalised with the ultimate aim of deporting the parents and keeping the children. This explains the many cases listed for ‘disposal’.

f)       Harriet Harman MP admitted in Parliament in 2006 that 200 parents a year are imprisoned[4] in the privacy and secrecy of family courts.

2)      Social Workers invent the wildest of lies and allegations. In 84 of 100 parents asked by Stolen Children in the UK [S.C.O.T. UK][5], their children were taken due to “risk of future emotional harm.”

3)      Every criminal court operates on the basis of ‘innocent until proven guilty’. But family courts rely on hearsay and are based on the balance of probabilities. Comparatively few cases result in criminal proceedings such as the Musas’. The real victims are the children whose wishes should be heard in an open, fair and appropriate manner.

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  1. JM says:

    28 days? he’s a stronger man than i….

    but even criminal courts operate on the basis of guilty then fitted up for guilty…..even the high profile cases, everybody in the country knows who is guilty BEFORE the case even begins…as the men inside the TV told you, so how is it even possible to find a proper jury?

    i really hope they dnt start using the tube on him but i know they will


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  5. JM says:

    is he still on hunger strike?


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