LITIGANTS in PERSON in Courts and Prisons – where do we go from here in our supposed ‘austerity times’?

English: Royal Charter Memorial. Another view ...

English: Royal Charter Memorial. Another view of the Royal Charter Memorial at Moelfre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Firstly: HANDS OFF OUR UNIONS and RESIST AUSTERITY are the slogans for a rally organised by the People’s Assembly on Tuesday, 11 February at 6.30 in London.

Secondly, these ‘end of the week’ reflections come after I visited Maurice together with a regular supporter from Cardiff. My report on his 10th day of hunger strike is here on his website.

Thirdly, I was reminded of this excellent 13-page Affidavit by American Suzon Forscey-Moore RIP on behalf of a US victim of Lloyds Names – in 2006 – with these excerpts:

Para 3: The true nature of the English legal system should be properly established for the protection of past and future investors who are citizens of the United States and other jurisdictions as English courts are, despite their considerable reputation, neither fair nor impartial.

Para 5: Courts in other jurisdictions should distance themselves from the perverse character of English law where an unexamined belief in an hereditary system of privilege triumphs the fair application of principles of law.

Para 13: The assumption is that those in power can do no wrong.

Para 17: When the interests of the Queen and any part of her elite government are at risk, only one outcome is acceptable. Legal proceedings in English courts are therefore driven to that outcome by fair means or foul.

  • The McKenzie Friend who reminded me of this Affidavit was told by a judge “If we want you to lose, you will lose.”

Para 18: White collar crime, with very rare exceptions, goes untried and unpunished in English law.

  • Victims Unite! was started in August 2010 and has had nearly 300,000 visits since.
  • Early Day Motion 516 in 2010 about REPORTING of FRAUD ends with: the request for simplification of the procedure by which members of the public may report suspected cases of fraud was signed by only 21 MPs.

Para 24: Self-granted and undeserved immunity is an almost universal characteristic of English law. Immunity confers privilege and undeserved privilege is inequality.

Paras 26 – 28: Judges are covered by Crown immunity in all their actions. Barristers cannot be sued for negligence – an unjustified privilege which protects incompetents.

  • Financial intimidation and the payment of the other side’s costs destroy the chances of any opposing party.
  • Money decides legal matters. 

Para 33: In English civil law, the trial judge can deny trial by jury. US citizens are deprived of one of their most important constitutional rights, trial by jury.

  • Paras 34 – 45: The Fiction of an Impartial and Independent Judiciary
  • Paras 46 – 47: No Separation of Powers
  • Paras 48 – 49: The Privy Council… A Secret Government
  • Para 50: An Accommodating Press
  • Paras 51 – 55: Threat of Order to Pay the Other Sides’ Costs
  • Paras 56 – 57: Attitudes towards European Law
  • Paras 58 – 60: Secret Government Vetting of Jurors
  • Paras 61 – 68: Ex-parte Communications
  • Para 70: Transcripts Modified to Prejudice Appeals
  • Para 71: Destruction of Evidence
  • Para 72: Grand Juries Abolished
  • Para 73: Plea Bargaining Unknown
  • Paras 74 – 77: Empirical Evidence
  • Paras 78 – 80: Opinions incl. by the then Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King.

Conclusion: English courts are corrupt forums based on unwarranted privilege which perversely excuse and conceal the gravest misconduct. 
I think that Maurice can tick most of these boxes in his experience… 

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