THEY’RE ALL IN IT together: Police, Prisons, Judiciary, Medics despite 35 days of hunger strike in HMP Cardiff

While Maurice is still on hunger strike, 35th day, he has at least been moved to the hospital wing. I am told by someone who has been there, that hospital wings in prison are ‘mental health units’, i.e. the precursor for sectioning, if not worse, as Andy McCardle has experienced.

Yes, I’m afraid it couldn’t be worse. I have seen and heard too much by now. And, “ironically”, the oldest veteran / McKenzie Friend / starfighter / campaigner of all, Norman Scarth, now 88 but in Ireland for his safety, had written this letter – in 2009 – to and about the doctor who is responsible for Maurice’s misery since then – after South Wales Police managed to get him struck off as a veterinary surgeon. How much can institutions haunt an individual and how much can an individual endure???

But when you read that Dr Hibbert was cleared of all wrong-doings, enabling child snatching big time, you cannot but sigh with dis-belief or at least open your eyes to a world that you wish wasn’t real. But it is…

Here’s the video interview taken when Maurice was arrested on 14 October.

And here’s the indictment why he’s still in prison six months later – on remand! Two counts:

  1. breaching a restraining order spreading information on the internet about that doctor
  2. threatening to damage property…

Why is he not let out on bail? Because ‘they’ smirk and welcome the opportunity to let him die. People without heart, soul or conscience. That’s our spiritual battle!

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5 Responses to THEY’RE ALL IN IT together: Police, Prisons, Judiciary, Medics despite 35 days of hunger strike in HMP Cardiff

  1. JM says:

    Yes- it can get no worse. Sounds like they’re going to start putting tube down his throat three times + a day now just so they can carry on torturing him…
    I think the only ‘release’ he can look forward to now is death, like many of us do- that will cut off the revenue stream though.
    Just wish I was able to get up and ‘do something’ rather than just sit around talking about it, until they make you so speechless….talking never achieves anything.
    My hat goes off to this brave man.


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  4. victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

    Many of the people in the hospital wing of a prison are actually the `suicide` cases and/or the crazy murderers awaiting sentencing, and/or mainly old child molesters. Its a very dangerous place. Other prisoners might attack him given the chance thinking that `If he is in there, then he is likely a `nonce“.
    Sadly, the place they put him is in one of the most depressing on earth. It seems to be criminal that the authorities put him there.
    If he reads this, that all I can say is “Chin up lad, there is a light at the end of the tunnel”; and mind the loons who stalk the room at night. Often the `hospital` rooms have around a dozen people in them.
    In Hull prison within a prison, they leave a dozen people like that alone in a room all night. No staff actually in the room.


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