It’s the Whistleblower Treatment: first prison, then sectioning, to avoid trials of “landmark cases”, especially juries!

The more cans of worms I open, the more I do wonder where our efforts will lead to. But, as The Psalm of Life by Henry Longfellow reveals most beautifully, it’s not about achieving a goal: it’s about our footprints in the sands of Time… and the fibers of the web!

Maurice apparently is enduring the treatment that other whistleblowers have suffered:

  1. prison to isolate you
  2. sectioning to a mental hospital to break you psychologically and mentally
  3. to avoid all trials in court, especially before a jury.

So far, there are 420 signatures on the petition to support Maurice. That makes 35 juries of 12!

When will the Judiciary listen to the Court of Public Opinion???

Here are his requests that HMP Cardiff and HMCS (Wales) have been ignoring:

Complaint of 3rd November 2011:

  1. You have failed to reply to any of my numerous written complaints which include:
  2. HMP refusal to allow me a doctor (for over one month) ref my abdominal pain
  3. I continue my hunger strike because Cardiff Crown Court will not order both CPS and Magistrates to reply to my letters since 2nd November 10 conviction
  4. HMP’s refusal to obtain from Police my computer and legal papers, re 28th Sept 11 High Court hearing, refusing to inform the court of my illness
  5. Refusal for my photocopying, extra time to my various solicitors over and above daily maximum of 30 minutes for all phone calls
  6. Refusal for me to buy stamps over and above £6.68 p allocation per week for me, as Litigant in Person fighting eleven court proceedings in the High Court (Kirk v South Wales Police) and elsewhere.

This list is far from exhaustive.

What would you like to see done about your complaint?

Apply Human Rights or waive me and court cases all to be transferred to England.

Complaint of 5 November 2011:

As a Litigant in Person, I am still refused

  1. Post recorded delivery out with my cheque book
  2. Buy stamps from private cash
  3. any photocopying, use carbon paper or plastic jury tags
  4. a computer, my computer or faxes from my lawyer
  5. extra time to phone witnesses and lawyers
  6. sight of Magistrate’s warrant, on remand for prison
  7. What is my release date?
  8. Why did prison not inform High Court, Admin Court and Family Court I was ill?
  9. Now you have stopped three letters, to County Court, a Magistrate and Crown Court form of appeal, ALL relating to 2nd November 2010 common assault conviction with no sentence!

What would you like to see done about your complaints?

  1. Replies to each of my previous complaints and precise reasons, if not damned obvious, as to why all HM Prison abuse of process is targeted at blocking my civil and criminal actions against South Wales Police and XX?
  2. Send copy of this to Magistrates / County Courts and MP.
  3. Send to Area Management of HM Prison.

2nd Complaint of 5 November 2011:

  1. Post out by recorded delivery and access to cheque books and bank cards
  2. Buying stamps from private cash, limited to £6.68 a week from canteen
  3. Any photocopying, carbon paper, jury tags, decent writing equipment etc.
  4. A computer, my computer faxes from lawyers and witnesses
  5. Extra time on phone (when rarely available) over and above 30 min daily quota and weekly £8 maximum spend to run 11 on-going court cases
  6. Any sight of Magistrate’s prison warrant, remanded and now sentenced in my absence, it is rumoured. Meaning PNC must have been changed?
  7. My date of release, refused Crown Court appeal or bail promised by 2 judges
  8. Why HM Partnership did not inform High Court, Admin and Family Court of my illness?
  9. Now HMP has stopped my letters to Magistrate, Crown Court & McKenzie Friend 6 days before trial & 7 days before Cardiff Civil Justice Centre JR [Judicial Review] 10th / 11th November.

What would you like to see done about your complaints?

  1. Replies to my previous written reasonable complaints all related to HM Partnership blocking my civil damages claims
  2. Send a copy of this formal complaint to Cardiff County and Magistrates Courts
  3. Send a copy to my postal address (Barry) with written replies
  4. Send a copy to my MP explaining your interpretation of Articles 1, 5, 6 & 13 [human rights].

Thank You.

Complaint of 8 November 2011:

  1. HMP continues to refuse to put in writing why I was jailed and release date
  2. refuse me my computer, legal papers, cheque books, bank cards promised by Prison Officer Quick
  3. refuse me faxes from lawyers and witnesses within 24 hours (last held back for ten days)
  4. refuse to supply prescribed medication and proper examination
  5. refuse to explain my punishment without trial on ‘A’ wing (charge no 527031) only to now, after 10 days, be returned  to B wing, not being examined by psychiatric team as specifically ordered by the Deputy Governor
  6. do you intend replying in writing for court, to all my previous applications, to date all ignored?
  7. do you or I inform 10th November 11 criminal court and Court of Appeal?
  8. do you intent to allow me access to my 11th November 11 Admin Court hearing?
  9. you refused me access or notification.

What would you like to see done about your complaint?

  1. Release, as promised yesterday in front of Dr Derby, Dr Sealy’s medical record of me in July / August 2009 and HMP medical records referred to by XX CPS barrister, Mr Thomlow and His Honour Judge Bidder QC, all identified in ex Vale of Glamorgan MP, Walter Sweeney Esq solicitor’s letter dated 11th November 2009.
  2. Release, as promised, current medical records since 24th September 11 for my surgeon and Court of Appeal.

Complaint of 24th November 2011:

  1. 23rd November: A typical evening in HMP Cardiff for a Litigant in Person
  2. I return from friends’ visit, in wheelchair, but nurse refuses me my crutch to post and get to telephone. Earlier she swore at me [witness statement] refusing me my crutch for the same reason. Now refused one in my cell to go to loo and emergency button.
  1. Prison Officer D Smith, unknown to me, refused to give his name or number or find a nurse, when attempting to give me unknown tablets through the hole in the cell door. He refused to call a member or staff to give me my medication prescribed by University of Wales Hospital when I was taken there for x-rays following 17 seeming to be needed, to drag me from the hospital wing to the punishment block.
  2. Today Officer 150 refused to countersign my 3rd time attempting by form in 2 months to transfer £50 for Judicial Review application re £50 fine convicted fo ‘threat to shoot the Lord Mayor of Cardiff’, found guilty in my absence due to being locked up in cell (e.g. like for of 5/11/11/to HMP AD Judication when ignoring 18/9/11 psychiatric report) ordered by South Wales Police
  3. 25th: prison doctor looks through cell door “he is fit”, just before internal court adjudication.

What would you like to see done about your complaint?

Pay it by my cheque book / bank cards or postal order, as this is the 3rd time prison has refused to post £50 having been told the major reason why Judicial Review (JR) is important.

Court examination of CPS / Police / HM Prison will further confirm why this imprisonment is unlawful.

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