Maurice in Prison – according to the Rule of Law or the Rule of Person???

My heart is heavy since I learned that Maurice was detained by Portsmouth Police yesterday, to be picked up  by their South Wales colleagues today.

So I keep wrecking my brain: what is worth doing to help???

On his website, he’s just begun to point the finger at those judges who made his life particularly difficult. But he only followed Mr Ebert’s example who, as a very wealthy property dealer, was bankrupted fraudulently. And child snatching cases have made it abundantly clear that judges are unelected, out of touch and shockingly arrogant.

A recent book is entitled The Law, the Law – but where’s the Justice? He with the biggest wallet wins

When we completed this text recently, he said “this is worth still breathing for”:

The ‘Rule of Law’ or the ‘Rule of Person’ – that is the Question!

John Hemming MP is fighting a lonely battle trying to establish the ‘Rule of Law’ rather than the ‘Rule of Person’ on various levels and especially in Family Courts and Administrative Law: and

Maurice J Kirk BVSc has been desperately looking for public authorities, lawyers, HM Court Staff and judges complying with the Rule of Law, especially since harassment by South Wales Police culminated in getting him struck off the Register of Veterinary Surgeons in 2002. Hence he applied to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, pointing to the violation of Article 6 of the EU Fundamental Charter, The Right to a Fair Trial, by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons: If only he had known that many organisations such as the Royal College are protected from prosecution by their Royal Charter [ ], he would hardly have begun to meet them in Court.

South Wales Police have had a ‘firearms response’ or ‘license to kill’, while a Warrant for Arrest is out currently Hence Maurice is seeking asylum in France, with documents illustrating the harassment he’s endured: But he also tried to turn to the appropriate UK authority for an investigation or disciplinary proceedings into the proven blatant misconducts by South Wales Police, HM Court Service, Crown Prosecution Service and the occasional judge. This summary illustrates what common sense must describe as a farce: the prosecution for possession of fire arms – a replica ‘gun’ attached to one of his aeroplanes:

He says there appears to be an anomaly in the criminal court sector: who is liable for the gross abuse of our judiciary that results in a person who is accused but acquitted? What can be done so that their wrong-doings can never re-occur? There seems to be no avenue for complaining effectively about a forensic psychiatrist who falsified medical reports which caused him enormous damages:

Maurice has won some 90% of legal actions (about 135 in total) against Police in South Wales, Guernsey and Somerset. He has over twenty years of paperwork, from Whitehall to Bridgend, South Wales to Strasbourg, of the apparent games organisations belonging to ‘HM Partnership’ [ ] play, seemingly to avoid remedy for repeated malicious prosecutions, false imprisonments and general misfeasance in public office.

Normally, the police put information before the CPS, expecting a prosecution. Usually the CPS then proceeds. In an obviously hopeless case, especially the machine gun case, it loses. But when HM departments are immune to prosecution, the only people who win are the lawyers and judges who get paid, no matter whether justice or injustice is carried out. This schedule of 40 roadside incidents [ ] shows hopeless bullying cases that were thrown out, while it seems that nothing can be done about the cumulative harassment by South Wales Police.

However, to be in line with the European Convention of Human Rights that guarantees a Fair Trial (Article 6) and a Legal Remedy before National Authorities (Article 13), the police and / or CPS should be prosecuted in the civil court. Yet judges strike out his claims, quoting legalese jargon that Maurice insists only protects political issues, such as rogue prosecutors, police or court officials manipulating misfeasance to obtain a conviction. See ‘Grounds for Appeal’ on

Obtaining a conviction in each incident results in the Crown or Government departments not investigating, because police or HMCS were plainly revealing misconduct, as he said on the video that is currently on The police have huge powers of immunity to deter independent investigation or remedy in damages. This is perfectly acceptable, but only if they play by ‘The Rule of Law’, which, he insists, they definitely do not.

Not just the South Wales Police are to blame for the loss of his membership of his loved profession. The disappearance, since the mid eighties, of integrity is at the heart of what is going wrong in our courts, he goes on to say, because he is now surrounded by a thoroughly corrupted system, driven by blinkered avarice and self-gratification, just as Stephen Glover writes in the Daily Mail: Judges are unelected, out of touch and shockingly arrogant.

But who is accountable and where can the acquitted poor blighter turn for a fair trial and compensation? See the petition: WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation on

Together with many other victims of white collar crimes [ ], Maurice is sure that ‘The Memorandum of Understanding’ between police and the legal professions, giving either party immunity to criminal prosecution for their conduct in our law courts, should be annulled:

Faced with so many acquitted convictions that Maurice has now amassed, is he repeatedly being refused legal representation or any remedy by the government of the day, because the Rule of Person needs to govern?

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