How can Judges be so Repressive, Oppressive & Suppressive?

Why does injustice upset me? Because I’m a libra? Because I can’t stand people suffering?

Why do I feel it’s worth “exposing” perpetrators and “promoting” victims? Why do I act as a “rescuer” who has been victimised in her own way?

Norman Scarth is a remarkable World War II veteran who feels deeply betrayed by his country and says so.

The day after Maurice was detained in Portsmouth prison, he wrote:


Tuesday 14th June.

Some of you may know ‘Maurice Kirk Flying Vet’ (google the name).  As a result of serious oppression from South Wales Police for many years, Maurice had several criminal & civil actions against them.  To stop him there was a malicious prosecution on a RIDICULOUS charge.  However, they didn’t really want there to be a trial, so they put this SANE man in a local lunatic asylum, with the idea of sending him to Broadmoor – silenced for ever(A trick from Stalinist Russia).  One of the best things I ever did in my life was to get Maurice out of the Nuthouse & back into Cardiff Prison on remand.  

Eventually there WAS a trial; the jury realised SW Police were a bunch of Gestapo thugs, & Maurice was quite rightly acquitted.  Having been shown up so badly, you would think that SW Police would leave Maurice alone, but no!  On another RIDICULOUS charge they got a warrant for his arrest.  Maurice was forced to seek asylum in France

– the first Englishman to do so for centuries!  

Intending to attend the Magna Carta Day hearing in Leeds, Maurice left the safety of France, but on leaving the ferry was arrested by Portsmouth Police, to be collected by their chums in South Wales. 



at 12 noon on Wednesday 15th June at Leeds Combined Courts Centre (off Westgate, Leeds LS1 3WG,  close by the Town Hall).  

You OWE it to all those who gave their lives in World War II, but have been so badly betrayed by the Quislings who now run Britain.

Fortunately, Maurice was out on bail and made it to Leeds, as McKenzie Friend of Norman’s.

One set of photos shows Norman and his supporters and another one Maurice as his likeminded spirit.

Look at Maurice’s report and ask yourself why the judge came to his conclusion over Norman’s accusation: why did the police NOT investigate the physical assaults that he had to endure???

Why did Maurice’s judge expect him to say Hi to the police station three times a week like a bad little boy???

But this ain’t enough: judges decide that “there was no sexual abuse” when clearly children were hurt. Why? The only explanation can be that they were abused themselves – on whatever level…

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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