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Would you email Cardiff County Court to release medical records to victim of police harassment?

This is to ask visitors to this or Maurice’s main blog to send an email to hearings@cardiff.countycourt.gsi.gov.uk, with copy to Cardiff.crn.cm2@hmcourts-service.gsi.gov.uk referring to Case CF101741 asking the Clerk to the Court to RELEASE Maurice Kirk’s MEDICAL RECORDS to him – … Continue reading

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Trial Day 2

Result 1:Maurice could wear his Yellow Piper Club hat, as all others were wearing hats, as he aims at a “level playing field”for “Litigants in Person” (LIP). Result 2: adjournment till Monday, Sept. 13th Result 3: a letter from the … Continue reading

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Trial Day 1: Judge orders MAPPA Disclosure

Maurice has put a quick post on his blog. He also sent this statement: All  invited for tomorrow’s ‘fireworks’ (proceedings) Cardiff County Court 10.30am – I buy the lunch Trial Day 1. Ex Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Barbara Wilding and XX, … Continue reading

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