Trial Day 1: Judge orders MAPPA Disclosure

Maurice has put a quick post on his blog. He also sent this statement:

All  invited for tomorrow’s ‘fireworks’ (proceedings) Cardiff County Court 10.30am – I buy the lunch

Trial Day 1.

  1. Ex Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Barbara Wilding and XX, Director of South Wales Police Forensic Psychiatric Prison, Caswell Clinic, Bridgend both failed to answer to witness subpoenas served on them by the Claimant.
  2. XX, it transpired, had communicated with both police defence lawyers and the court by letters and numerous telephone calls but never to the Claimant, his witnesses.
  3. Claimant’s contact with Caswell Clinic, immediately after today’s hearing, established the obvious in that XX had ‘offered’ alternative days to give evidence, but the Claimant knew none of it and the Dr’s secretary and Morgan Cole, solicitors, a somebody Miles, now acting for the Dr, had been primed to keep their mouths shut!
  4. This appeared more interesting in that the Claimant reminded the police lawyers and trial judge that, as MAPPA members, both Barbara and XX were, most likely, sitting at their same monthly MAPPA meetings, last year, discussing Maurice’s Level 3 and surveillance. Lewis machine gun running was just small beer for why Maurice was classified ‘terrorist level’. These two were far more interested in obtaining evidence from surveillance, to undermine the 18 year civil action for damages and how they could get him to Broadmoor maximum High Security Psychiatric Prison. The defence admitted, as late as last month, the MAPPA meetings to have started in June 09, weeks before he was even arrested. Why? They continued through July, August, September, October, November and December 09 when, for some mysterious reason, the Claimant was removed from the MAPPA register completely. Why?
  5. So why was Maurice really refused bail by 10 Cardiff Crown Court judges, after Barry Magistrates had granted him unconditional bail? Was it because he was dangerous to the public or dangerous to the defence legal team, just serving an estimated bill of £800,000 on Maurice, if he loses? The trough, the snouts, the gravy train….. come and witness for yourself and follow this cartel, in Cardiff, unravel in an environment of deceit and intrigue.
  6. Today’s opening proceedings uncovered what the police are really worried about.
  7. Wilding, using her position on MAPPA, obtained information on Maurice from the high level surveillance, enjoyed by the legislation, with no need to divulge its findings except the external defence lawyers, in court, using tax payers’ cash for their own pecuniary advantage. The prison, in July, denied, in writing, the Justice Ministry had any knowledge of these monthly MAPPA meetings. If they are not also lying, then South Wales Police have a problem that may scupper Maurice’s desire to cross examine the hundred or so police officers due, shortly, to be cross examined, cross examined at length.
  8. The Judge cut proceedings short, at 14.30, to study any possible ‘abuse’ by XX and Barbara, getting Maurice refused bail, on 2nd December 09, when the CPS, it has now become clear, had asked XX to tell HHJ Bidder QC, with Crown Court tape turned off which, in itself is unlawful, if anyone out there is still really taking the South Wales judiciary seriously. So the CPS are also behind this web of deceit.
  9. Late disclosure by the police dominated the day’s proceedings. First it was XX’s 26th August letter to the court and communications with Dolmans, first denied by leading QC, Lloyd Williams and trailing barrister, Natalie Sandercock, trying to wriggle out for their major player, XX, facing lengthy cross examination by writing his professional involvement with Maurice had ended when he was transferred back to Cardiff Prison in October 09. What a blatant lie. No, he’s a doctor, he walks on water.
  10. So why was XX giving evidence on the 2nd December 09, Maurice in the cells below, stating that Maurice had ‘significant brain damage’, suffered ‘paranoid delusional disorder’ due to his belief that the South Wales Police were persecuting him. He was far too dangerous to be given bail as , as the HM Crown Prosecutor, Thomolow, was anxious to repeat (this time caught on tape), XX believed Maurice had a brain tumour?
  11. Defence complained that Maurice, in his DOWNLOADS skeleton argument had revealed he was hiding the identiy of those in the helicopter chase across Wales in 2001. But examination of police skeleton doc has revealed that at least 15 new witnesses deliberately withheld for 10 years, despite monotonous requests for crime ref numbers and identities of those at each of the 100 odd police incidents. Dolmans ‘shot in the foot’, not necessarily, come tomorrow and find out.
  12. On a lighter note the police conceded that if they were claiming £800,000 costs (rarely taxed) I could alter my Particulars of Claim, limited at no more than £50,000, to ‘unlimited’. What Dolmans were really saying was: the tax payer pays or Maurice pays, either way they can continue to ‘milk the system’ in a simple case, DENIED A JURY, what any High Street solicitor could masticate during trip from home to his office.
  13. So, tomorrow, every one in court is to pretend MAPPA rules are ‘clear and understood’, Maurice is ‘fit to face 10 weeks of this opening garbage’ and the nasty cop will reign triumphant again and continue getting the promotion, while the vocational minded leaves the force in utter dispare. We may be hearing about MAPPA minutes, Caswell masonic minutes or even hear about disclosure, at last, of police surveillance material gathered from outside Maurice’s veterinary hospital, over many years.

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