G4S Cover-Up re Welsh Police Machine Gun Conspiracy

all predicted 20 years ago

In 2019 I was robbed by G4S Parc prison staff of my ‘machine gun’ legal papers and vital daily medicines while South Wales Police continued to have my letters to lawyers and MPs blocked both in and out of gaol.

South Wales Police and prison continue to refuse to answer my letters of request for return of my legal papers, clothes, wheelchair and statutory cell inventory drawn up after I was dragged from cell in handcuffs behind my back

HMP Parc also ignores my MP’s and barrister’s letters both requesting return of my stolen property.

An interesting twist in all this behaviour is that neither my Party HQ, I visited in London, nor Speaker of the House will allocate to me an alternative MP to help me in the recovery of the property as my own is too bone idle from living off immoral earnings and on a sick ‘agenda’ based on proven fraud.

Instead of just returning any of my property , listed above, I have been served a bill for £50,000 odd preliminary legal costs in defence of my G00TA220 half million pound damages civil claim

Some suggest, with the return of my £10,000 court fee and a G4S plausible written response as to why G4S is being denied the right, by the south wales Police, to return the prisoner’s property then, perhaps, we can all go home?

But no it is all part of another example of lawyer’s protected runaway ‘gravy train’

DRAFT (12th February 2022)

Maurice Kirk v G4S                                                                          case no G00TA220

Claimant’s Position Statement

I patiently served on Parc prison management,  during 2019, almost daily complaints on issued Comp1 & Comp2 forms highlighting the serious irregularities that needed positive response but this escalated to my being robbed by G4S staff on 1st November 2019 of my vital legal and medical papers in my cell, including 1CF03361 ‘machine gun’ civil claim arising from some 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions,  no doubt at the behest of the South Wales Police the Defendant in the torts.

  1. In December 2017 Judge Tracy Lloyd Clark handed down a vindictive politically motivated 2-year prison sentence leaving my van outside at Cardiff Crown Court full of other legal papers to be ransacked. In December 2018 I was paroled to Mandeville House, Lewis St, Bail Hostel Cardiff.

2.     On Thursday 21 February 2019 at around 8.30pm I was taken from my bath at the bail Hostel back to custody, probably at a police station

3.     On Friday 22 February 2019 I was returned to prison but to HMP Cardiff where a court heard the Cardiff prison service, whilst I was locked in the shower for 32 minutes, also had entered my cell and stole my medical, legal and private papers, never to be returned, on the pretext I had posted to an idle MP anthrax spores sufficient to wipe out a village the same size as, for example, Stoke St Mary Taunton Somerset!

4.     On Monday 25 February 2019 was the deadline for 1CF03361 Keyser/’Lewis gun’ hearing.  Further Particulars and evidence were submitted to court in my absence. But communications from Cardiff Civil Court/HHJ Keyser ‘Lewis’ case continued to be sent to the Bail Hostel – meaning my letters from HMP Parc were not getting to Cardiff Civil Justice centre. HMP Parc and HMP Cardiff prevented my communications to the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre therefore had a profound adverse effect on my ability to conduct very major litigation.    

5.     Between March 2019 and 1 November 2019 I was seriously bullied and abused which included

a)     Urine and faeces thrown into my cell

b)     Physical violence from staff

c)     Staff encouraging prisoners to be hostile and bully

d)     Bullying and abuse included interference with and delay of mail to Cardiff Civil Justice Centre and Royal Courts of Justice to pursue my case

e)     The bullying and abuse included confiscating property which still has not been returned.

f) For weeks on end I was deprived of my medicines for life in both HMP Cardiff and HMP Parc. Frantic bartering with other prisoners was needed,

7.     On 31 October 2019 without my knowledge my sister magistrate was told by G4S at HMP Parc that I would be released the next day and so frantically arranged a car to collect me from the prison gates in Bridgend at an inexact time around an early breakfast time.

8.     On 1 November 2019 I was violently carried, much at head height, from my cell and placed in the car without my cell possessions and immediately driven out of Wales by a needlessly manufactured deadline of having to rush with haste to meet a Probation Officer in Taunton or I would be being returned to prison

9.     Following my release form HMP Parc on 1 November 2019 as a favour the Probation Officer in Wales Bradley Hughes attempted to regain my property for me. Where Brad Hughes was able to recover my property from the bail hostel with ease. G4S at HMP Parc were obstructive.

10.     At the end of May 2020 I had sent a text to Parole Officer, Brad Hughes, saying :-

“Hello Brad. Thank you for arranging I get my possessions from the Lewis St Bail Hostel, which I have now received. Unfortunately, G4S & HMP Parc have still not given me my possession and papers from when I was released 1 November 2019. I can’t get any response from them. Although you have tried in the past please would you be willing to ask them if I can have my possessions and papers or what I should do next? Thanks Maurice.”

11.  G4S/HMP Parc would not respond to Brad Hughes, my Devon MP or me.

12.  After I served my G00TA220 damages on G4S only some property was returned by August 2021

13.  Importantly G4S are keeping my legal papers that includes evidence of my being bullied and abused at HMP Parc by G4S.


                        Tel 07708586202


14 February 2022

Bristol County Court


BLM solicitors,

2 New Bailey Square,

Stanley Street,

Salford M3 5GS

Tel 0161 236 2002

Your ref: MPI/ /150 183.540/ XC

Dear Sirs,

Re: Claim G00TA220 regards G4S Care and Justice Services (UK) Limited (HMP Parc)

Position Statement February 2022 Requesting the Defendant reply within 7 days

so that I can respond on issues below to the Court

Between December 2018 and Thursday 21 February 2019 I was on Licence from HMP Parc and placed at a Cardiff City Centre Bail Hostel. On 21 February 2019 I was taken into custody and the Defendants say I was returned to HMP Parc under the control of G4S as from 28 June 2019 and until 1 November 2019.

Regards 21 February 2019 to 27 June 2019 I was at HMP Cardiff and I now have a copy of a statement dated 9 April 2021 by HMP Cardiff Officer Darrell Davies to say that on 19 May 2019 he was a part of a search team that confiscated a large quantity of my papers from my prison cell. HMP Cardiff Prison Officer Darrel Davies says that the content of the statement he makes in 2021 is from his original notes. To imply Prison Officers make notes and records of actions and confiscating property and papers, and those records and notes made by Prison Officers are kept indefinitely.      

This claim against G4S at HMP Parc is regarding the bullying and mistreatment I received at the hands of G4S which includes G4S confiscating legal papers and possessions where my wheelchair and legal papers have still not been returned.

The G4S/HMP Parc Defence document says Point 17 e.

“It Is admitted that on the 1 November 2019, the day the Claimant was released, ………

He left with his property. ……”.

In total contrast in the letter to the Claimant from the Defendant 30 December 2021

“… we have confirmed to you that

your property was returned to you on 27 August 2021”

Yet I have still not received my wheelchair or importantly the legal papers that were confiscated as a way to prevent me having the factual record and evidence to bring this claim against G4S/HMP Parc.  

I ask the Defendant to reply within 7 calendar days regards these following issues which I aim to raise with the Court:-

  1. I believe G4S confiscated my legal papers and did not return them as a way to try to make it difficult for me to bring a case against them. Because I have lost my logs, records and copies of communications that show the bullying by G4S to have occurred. Will the Defendant now return my papers? Or do I need to make a formal application to Order G4S to return those papers immediately?
  • If I make an application, does the Court also have the power to Order early release of all of the G4S HMP Parc prison logs, records and communications from when I was in custody with the Defendant. Or will the Defendant agree to Disclose now?   If I gain the copies of my legal papers and also copies of the HMP Parc logs, records and communications then we will all see a factual structure and how obvious this claim is and I will know how to word amendments to the claim.
  • Additionally will the Defendant supply (or if not can the Court Order) that the Defendant list what logs, records and communications are normally kept on a prisoner like me and so to serve as a guide as to whether G4S HMP Parc staff may be hiding evidence to try to undermine the claim
  • As a case management issue unless the Defendant returns my papers and discloses prison logs records and communications at this early stage I will later need to apply to amend statements and pleadings in ways that will be involved and time consuming that unnecessarily increases costs.   

Relevant to saving the cost of a trial, if the Defendant return my legal papers and the prison records that gives a factual structure of what has happened we then have the option to explore the potential of a pre trial out of court settlement

Also regards the Defendant’s cost schedule, I do not agree what the Defendant says because if I am given my legal papers and prison records this matter can be far more simple if not very simple indeed

As we are aware as a Litigant in Person I did not need to list my costs as do the Defendant  but what I ask for here helps the Court and case management in a similar way .

Please would the Defendant reply to these points within 7 calendar days for me to make a response to the Court to assist case management.

Thank you


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

To be continued

The G4S Lawyer’s bill, to date, received yesterday.

My Breton Cottage for sale £50,000 in vgc one hour from Portsmouth St Malo ferry

That should cover G4S/SWP legal bill nicely (cottage in the centre of picture under my wing tip)

Who is joining me for Sunday lunch tomorrow in Stoke St Mary?
£45,000 and two on right for only £30,000
£100, 000 will exchange
Carp lake and building land £40,000

£15,000 without Genevieve!

Snip of the year D-Day Patten cub £30,000

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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