South Wales Chief Superintendent Caught Lying on Oath

To: Lieutenant General James Bashall 
           National President, Royal British Legion
Dear Lt. Gen. Bashall,
   Neither the Royal British Legion or the MOD Veterans Dept have contacted 96-year-old Arctic Convoys veteran Norman Scarth.
1. I telephoned t e Royal British Legion this morning and request that they contact 96-year-old Norman Scarth.

2. I have printed off all emails below and have posted them directly to you. Please see below.

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Yours respectfully,
Leonard Lawrence

The proverbial hits the fan

So, ‘Parliamentary process’ is still in trouble over lobbying?

So is my MP in trouble, also directed by the same ‘Parliamtary procedure’, continuing to refuse to answer serious constituents cries for help contrary to ECHR

At my recent one million pound 1CF03361 ‘machine gun’ damages Cardiff claim, euphemistically called a trial before Judge Petts, retired Chief Stuart Superintendent Mackenzie was swiftly arrested following his being caught lying on the tape records.—

MY LEGAL PAPERS STOLEN BY G4S, in an act of robbery, are still required back for my appeal due shortly.

He said the 2008 Chief Constable Barbara Wilding Gold Group led criminal investigation, into my being ‘in possession’ of a ‘prohibited weapon’, was run by him and exclusively by him, which we all knew procedures for a MAPPA 3/3 registered victim by standard policing, was a blatant lie.

Chief Constable Barbara Wilding, the Defendant in my civil claims, had to have been in charge of her latest ridiculous allegations over a film prop replica WW2 Lewis machine gun , not just because she was also the Defendant in my 90s BS614159 forty three failed police malicious criminal prosecutions but it was listed, in January 2010, to soon ‘hit the proverbial fan’!

This meant the Gold, Silver and Bronze Group police investigations and their findings were deliberately kept completely hidden from the Criminal and Civil Procedure Rules procedures of ‘disclosure’ of facts identifying malfeasance.

It identifies yet another tranche of deceitful senior SWP officers not disclosed under primary or secondary CPR in the daft maliciously brought ‘machine gun’ criminal trial either, such is the level of welsh so called ‘justice’ for those interested into what ‘what actually goes on in our UK law courts.

This is my witness statement pertaining to the current Exeter Crown Court case connected to MAURICE J. KIRK,
 the Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Mr. M. JUKES  and2] the entity known as G4S PLC [who run “security staff” – warders – in the relevant prisons Mr. MAURICE KIRK is connected to in this matter: HMP Cardiff and HMP Parc, during 2019].
These 2 subjects were asked, during September 2019, via a formal F.O.I.A. [S.A.R. / DPA requests, for a copy of this letter authored by Maurice Kirk and meant to be sent to myself during May 2019 – this letter being stopped from leaving HMP Cardiff by the G4S prison employees and/or SWP in May 2019 as it had an alleged “substance” on it which might [qu.] “caused distress to another” [unqu.] [referring to the charge M KIRK was remanded in custody regarding].
Mr. Jukes, Chief Constable of South Wales police was sent the FOIA request on the 17 September 2019; GFS PLC were sent the FOIA request on the 28 September 2019.
This withheld letter obviously exists as Mr. Kirk was charged with attempting to send it to myself – the charge pertaining to that, which also enforced the custodial remand of Maurice Kirk, being dropped also at a later date by the CPS.My F.O.I.A. [S.A.R.] / D.P.A. requests have not been responded to by anyone, to date.
 Signed: This is a true sworn statement and signed by myself John Graham on the 11 May 2021.
Attached are:the F.O.I.A. [S.A.R.] / D.P.A. request sent to G4S PLC –
an identical request was sent to Mr. Jukes, of SWP, also attached.The acknowledgement letter from G4S PLC re: my request Acknowledgement from SWP’s “Disclosure Team”s Mr. Jenkins, telling me to write to G4S PLC, not SWP.
My F.O.I.A. [S.A.R.] / D.P.A. request has not been responded to by anyone, to date.

Another example of SWP’s total disregard for the rule of law


That must explain why my designated MP refuses to answer any of my pleas, my letters from Welsh prisons, for help both before and following the 1st November 2019 robbery by by G4S Park prison staff to steal, on behalf of the South Wales Police, my ‘machine gun’ privileged legal papers together with my clothes & wheel chairs. Someone clearly needs a visit.

and now a touch of England you so detest

I again invite feedback from the general public, especially from others that have suffered under South Wales injustice. I have already received on phone, emails and comments on my regular blogs depicting the sheer scale of South Wales Police’s malicious criminal conduct to pervert the course of justice .

Oh what fun…my appeal is being blocked, it would appear.

The subtle difference between my knowledge and the learned judge’s assumption, is that I have found over near 30 years of my life in that hell hole Wales of court deceit, is that I have now been accused by a judge of lying, I sold a film prop for film , Gunbus, when knowing the replica 1916 Battle of the Somme Lewis machine gun was a prohibited weapon!

Where is the logic in that?

Belinda Kirk

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War fears explode as 16 Chinese fighter jets enter Taiwan’s airspace – island on alert

My dear friends of Taipei flying club is there anything I can do for you in UK re Chinese aggression?

My memories of my film talk in the pub and horrendous departure, next daym in a cub in a torrential storm to South Korea are vivid!!!!!!!!

Breton cottage for just £55,000

Norman Scarth RN

A victim of such a corrupt UK legal system

Christopher Fogarty19:12 (10 minutes ago)
to Mary

Norman Scarth 96 years of age, lives in Ireland, a political refugee from England.

He had operated an equestrian business in Leeds until a politically-connected customer falsely sued him and won the case. Norman appealed the case to the top of Britain’s judicial system; unsuccessfully.
By then, indigent, he took his case, pro se, to the European Court of Human Rights where he not only won, but that court also ordered Britain to cease conducting secret trials.

Upon Norman’s return, victorious, to Leeds, his troubles really began. Norman’s support for the Inland Revenue-robbed Irishman Patrick Cullinane and others targeted by British State criminals may have been a factor  He was raided in his home by some nineteen constables who claimed that Norman, a 120 pound septuagenarian, had injured one of them. They managed to convict him of criminal assault and he was incarcerated for years in a prison for the criminally insane until prison psychiatrists managed to force the gov’t to release him. Once freed, Norman was subject to yet more crimes by the constabulary. He eventually fled England to Ireland where he has lived for the past few decades.

Please forward this to any English pol who might be interested in justice.


Dear Sir,

Thank  you for your email, for your information I have set out below a brief outline of my case circumstances and the Irregularities and injustice involved in my issues with the SWP and its Senior Leadership Miscreants. 

Suffering from Work Overload for a considerable period of time – Senior Management disregarded the fact – although following my departure TWO Police Officers were seconded into the Licensing Department – ACC Lewis went on record (Media Wales) stating that “The Cardiff Licensing Department was the busiest Licensing Department in the U K”.

Well documented periods of sickness – stress and anxiety.

Wrongly accused of criminality by two unreliable Criminal Informants.

Operation Kansas – was a lengthy (eighteen months duration) and costly (profligacy) unfounded Police Surveillance Operation that was mounted against me.

Civil Liberties – Despite enshrined Human Rights Laws – Article 8 and 10 of the ECHR – Breaches of RIPA 2000 were carried out against me which was a complete misuse of Anti-terror Laws – there was no evidence, grounds / basis to allow for the level of surveillance that took place. An Abuse of Power.

This abuses included unlawful Directed and Intrusive Surveillance and telecoms interception under the guise of RIPA 2000 which was carried out by a corrupt and disgraced Professional Standards Department.

The grounds given to the ‘Delegated Officer’ for the Authorisations and Renewals of the Police Surveillance were all manufactured / fabricated and regularly changed when there was NO evidence to warrant any further Police Surveillance in order to accommodate further surveillance to be unlawfully carried out by the SWP.

This surveillance included listening devices planted in my home, telecoms interception of my Private Telephone calls, my Police Office, etc.

SWP – PSD / ACU committed PERJURY in respect of applications made to Judge for for a ‘Production Order’ and in an application to a Magistrate for a ‘Search Warrant’. It has been suggested to me that the ‘Search Warrant’ issued by a Magistrate to search my home was NOT in fact for that purpose but to recover the unlawfully placed SWP surveillance equipment – without compromise? 

After some 18 months of unlawful surveillance – no evidence of any criminality was ever found – as there was none to find.

Please see the case of: Mark Dias and Steve Mathews – Cleveland PoliceBreaches of RIPA 2000 aconspiracy to ruin lives – 2017.

Please also see the case of : Johnny Johnson – SWP  ‘A series of Mistruths’: How evidence against hero cop cleared of assault charge was described – 2014

Then without any evidence of any wrongdoing the SWP carried out ‘Unlawful Arrests’ on me my wife and others.

When there was NO evidence of any criminal offences disclosed – so the SWP then introduce HMRC and alleged – Tax Evasion.

There is an irregularity in respect of the HMRC investigation – HMRC state that they were NOT involved in any investigation against me or my wife until some six months after our arrests – so does this mean that the PACE Recorded interview which was conducted by a person who purported to be a Greg Jones of HMRC – was bogus?

HMRC will NOT confirm where Greg Jones works from and will NOT provide me with any copies of the NOTES made by Greg Jones allegedly from HMRC (contrary to the DPA / GDPR) that were made during the first PACE Recorded Interview with him and one SWP – PSD Officer. So was Greg Jones an imposter?  

Tax Evasion. – however, following THREE subsequent interviews with a confirmed HMRC Investigator my wife and my Tax Affairs were found to be completely in order, no criminal or civil offences disclosed and NO penalties imposed. 

Cover up at all costs – a witch-hunt then ensued – an unlawful targeting – look for anything to justify the SWP’s unlawful actions carried out against me and others.

A Kangaroo Court – (Secret Court) – some time later a Gross – Misconduct Allegation Hearing took place against me which was has since been established to be a patently obvious breach of the Home Office – Police (Conduct) Regulations in respect of the constitution of the Misconduct PANEL an absolute ‘Conflict of Interest’ situation, a breach of the Rule against Bias, Statutory Conspiracy, Misconduct in Public Office, Pervert the Course of Justice, Obstruction of Justice, etc. 

A Kangaroo Court (Secret Court) – Civil Liberties – Article 6 of the ECHR – evidence to my benefit was missing or never produced, I was denied access to witnesses, evidence both medical and otherwise was discounted without any evidence ever being produced by the SWP – PSD to refute or rebut my submission – such actions by the SWP have only brought the Police Misconduct Allegation Hearing process into – DISREPUTE. 

Minimum effort on the part of the SWPF / PFEW appointed Solicitor and Barrister – don’t try to hard we want to ensure the end result – DISMISSAL – I was dismissed for what was said to be Gross – Misconduct which was an Abuse of Process and a Miscarriage of Justice.

Gross – Misconduct is NOT clearly defined and appears to be open ended and is therefore wide open to professional and personal abuse and is a misuse of the already too elastic ‘Balance of Probability’. 

Isolated and abandoned by my so called representative body the SWPF / PFEW (I’m Alright Jack) I was informed by the SWPF – Secretary that there was NO more Police Federation Legal Funding for me for any Appeals against my dismissal and or an Employment Tribunal.

I am a Chief Constable I can do what I like. I was failed by the SWP – Senior Leadership and its Crime Commissioner – Alun Michael who acted unlawfully and ultra vires – beyond their powers in denying me an Appeal against my dismissal from the SWP and in some other matters.

I was failed by the Home Office appointed Chair of the Police Appeals Tribunal – Mr Richard Merz in respect of my deeply flawed and perverse Gross – Misconduct Hearing and in my subsequent application for a Police Appeal Tribunal process. Despite there being ‘New Evidence’ available.

I was failed by the Home Office appointed Head of the Wales Region of the IOPC – Catrin Evans and Co in respect of my complaints made to the IOPC of criminality with the SWP – PSD and its Senior Leadership. The IOPC alleges that it oversees the Police Complaints system and sets the standards by which the Police SHOULD handle complaints – the IOPC is NOT fit for purpose.

Delay and concealment – I was denied access to specific data – breaches of the DPA / GDPR, PACE, Police Reform Act, etc.

I was failed by the recommended Crown appointed Information Commissioners Office – Elizabeth Denham and Co – in respect of my complaints to them about breaches of the DPA / GDPR against the SWP – the ICO alleges that they uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting OPENNESS by public bodies and data privacy for individuals – the ICO is NOT fit for purpose.

I was provided with copies of my PACE Recorded Interview by the SWP. However, that CD copy had been edited and extracts had been removed. I have thus far been denied access by the SWP to the Master CD of my Pace Recorded Interviews – in order that I may make a comparison – Spoliation / Tampering with Evidence, Statutory Conspiracy, Misconduct in Public Office, Pervert the Course of Justice, Obstruction of Justice, etc, etc which is a recurring theme within the SWP who have history of being discredited in Major Investigations.

Lies and Deceit – a cover up, mind boggling incompetence, dishonesty, leadership failings, cronyism, profligacy, persistent and malicious lawbreaking, blame avoidance, stifle accountability, minimise reputational damage and an unsavoury tendency to use precious police resources and public funds to smear, bully, vex, annoy and harass critics.

The propensity to cover up rather than address or rectify, the SWP’s many failings is constant and at times seriously shocking, steeped in rotten culture. There is an absence of ‘Portfolio Responsibilities’ and ‘Accountability’.

A. Roach.  

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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