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This is actually what it is really about……..

2009 Caswell Clinic PSYCHIATRIC OPINION of Maurice Kirk’s ‘State of Mind’

  1. Due to Maurice Kirk’s wilful non-cooperation with the process of assessment, this assessment
    could not be completed to an extent that it allows the court to be appropriat ely advised on either
    the presence or absence of any menial disorder or risk.
  2. Maurice Kirk’s history is highly complex, convoluted and difficult to understand. The pattern
    however of an increasing feeling of persecution that resolves temporarily when a person moves
    from one environment to another, but then recurs, as has happened in Maurice Kirk’s case following
    his move from the UK to Guernsey and then from Guernsey to South Wales, is consistent with, but
    not diagnostic of a paranoid illness. This would be supported by some of his beliefs, both regarding
    the police (that his telephone line was broadcast in the police canteen in Guernsey) and die Caswell
    Clinic (that we would put drugs in the food and that we were part of the police conspiracy).
    However, having interviewed Maurice Kirk for many hours, it is difficult to be certain whether these
    arc clear expressions of belief or part of some “game” that for whatever reason Maurice Kirk is
    playing with the courts. Due to the short period that Maurice Kirk has been willing to discuss his
    beliefs, a further period is required to clarify this mailer.
  3. The physical investigations of Maurice Kirk, for example brain imaging, has not fully been
    reported, though preliminary- reports suggest some minor abnormalities, the significance of which
    has to be clarified.
  4. Detailed psychological assessment has shown Maurice Kirk to be of superior intelligence with
    perhaps a memory which is not as good as one would expect from a person with his level of
    intelligence and shows him to be slightly impulsive. Whilst he showed no evidence of suffering with
    any personality disorder, he had a personality characterised by someone who is predisposed to react
    in an abrupt outburst, which may also escalate into contentious arguments in a person who would
    be attracted to challenge and undaunted by danger and punishment. Another feature of his
    personality is to be strongly opinionated, somewhat closed-minded and obstinate in holding onto
    preconceptions. His personality also shows features of a person who repeatedly recalls past
    injustices and anticipates future disappointments, and as such is likely to undermine personal
    objectives and sabotage good fortune. Formal risk assessments have not yet been carried out.
  5. Therefore request the court to extend die Section 35 of “die Mental Health Act 1983 for a
    further 28 days, to allow Maurice Kirk and the court the benefit of a more accurate assessment of his
    current mental health and its relationship to any risk he may pose.
  6. I am aware that Maurice Kirk is likely to publish this report, as he has published my previous
    report on his website, and that Maurice Kirk has been heard making what could be perceived as
    threats to people on the ‘phone (that someone has to “get” me), I have therefore deliberately not
    included the names of professional colleagues who have assessed Maurice Kirk to help manage any
    risk that may result from his publication of my report. Mental Health Services’ Consultant Forensic
    Psychiatrist Caswell Clinic

Welsh so called ‘ authority ‘then made the snap decision to protect Dr TW, for knowingly lying that I have ‘significant brain damage’ on Professor Rodger Wood’s similar lies, for the money, about my already proven winning 40 odd concocted South Wales Police malicious criminal prosecutions now in the civil court for compensation, only to sack him from NHS (Wales) to cause his ‘deportation’ to New Zealand

Could Enid Blyton have done better?

In 70 odd years I have watched our judicial system, once exported to our colonies as the bench mark for ‘justice’, only to become just a thoroughly corrupt out of control money making machine at the expense of either their clients/victims or the tax payer

But you have such an inherently corrupt administration in Wales that even convinced the English authorities that I was sending heroin to MPs from my Cardiff prison cell.

FAO  HM Clerk of the Court HM Crown Court  Exeter   26thMay 2021

  Dear Madam,

Another Classic Example of ‘HM Partnership’ & 1997 Harassment Bad Law  

1. Before the 27th May 2021 Exeter Crown Court hearing, at 10 am, I wish to inspect the list of my defence exhibits as, clearly, the jury was denied what I term ‘key documents’ that further revealed South Wales Police malfeasance.

  2. I wish to inspect legible copies and secure copy of all purported ‘jury notes’  

3. Costs  

I am alarmed at the fact the honourable court is not granting me proper costs (out of pocket witness and ‘Mackenzie Friend ‘expenses} just like what happened in my being refused in the similar earlier South Wales Police instigated criminal conspiracy fiasco, T20207445, my alleged  ‘trading in prohibited weapons’..

  4. I was acquitted of all three charges due to inherent welsh authority’s nefarious conduct repeating itself, this time on English soil seriously damaging a loyal subject of Her Majesty The Queen.

  5. The predicted ‘no defence’ evidence needed again for acquittal requires, I humbly submit, a public enquiry in the interests of the general public residing in both England and Wales.  


Maurice J Kirk BVSc  Tel 07708586202                                                                              www.kirkflyingvet.com mauricejohnkirk.wordpress.com maurice@kirkflyingvet.com ReplyForward  

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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