Jury ask to see my MP Letter Delivery Video

Jury also asks, I was told while in Exeter Accident & Emergency Dept., what does ‘stalking’ mean?

Frustrated Maurice Kirk in Stoke St Mary, Taunton, on 27th May 2020, putting his letter through MP’s letter Box

 The auctioneers’ names had to be changed to GTH Ltd following the successful police prosecution for their 50 year running price ring fraud all over Somerset. Their target was and still is probate, for my late father’s and my old veterinary farm clients’ widows.

That is what the MP neglect was all about but ‘authority’ has to hush it all up

Another example as to what really goes on in our UK so called law courts is this State suppressed MP letter owing to its serious content:

This apparent spineless Cardiff Labour MP sends me back to my original MP in Wales, Alun Cairns, over the Caswell Clinic police blackmailed doctor’s disgraceful false 19th October 2009 medical report of me he personally had put before the 2nd 2009 Cardiff Crown Court for my life long Ashworth incarceration.

BUT the scheming South Wales Police, facing a jury in September for their 1CF03361 machine gun conspiracy ro pervert the course of justice, had other ideas.

Please see below disclosure of the police conspiracy to keep me in prison continuously, again, as they promised MPs, by prison officer Darrell Davies confiscating all my medical and legal papers from my F wing Cardiff prison cell, on 29th May 2019, by locking me in the wing lavatory for 32 minutes in my now also stolen two wheel chairs by G4S, themselves facing a limitless civi; claim for damages in proven corrupt Bristol County Court


This welshing authorities slipped through, by deliberately not letting me receive Bristol County Court G4S thieves correspondence, as you had been, again, PROMISED (as in South Wales Police criminal malicious conspiracy of my ‘trading in machine guns), I would now be serving a 10 year prison term as Dad would say, it stinks, does it not?

Welsh police, in 2009, had painted the WW2 Lewis replica machine gun a different colour and even had unblocked the condemned 0.410 garden gun barrel to try and fool the 8 strong lady Cardiff Crown Court 2010 jury trial.

Boris and Alun Cairns MP on a familiar Vale of Glamorgan beach where I once, it is rumored, I landed a tired WW11 Piper Cub on Christmas Day as the International Cardiff airport had stitched its radar off for a few hours.

The Right Honourable Boris Johnson MP

HM House of Commons



25th May 2021

Dear Sir,

Robbery by G4S Custodial Services at HMP Parc, Bridgend, South Wales

  1. His Honour Judge Peter Johnson, HM Recorder of Exeter, confirmed last week I was violently robbed by G4S (purportedly on behalf of the South Wales Police) which caused the loss of my now urgently needed medical records for my GP (refused them) and both my gastroenterologist and cardiac consultants in Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton.
  • Before, during and after the T2020177 jury trial, controlled by both police Operations ‘Bridger’ and ‘Tilt’, I was admitted to three different Somerset Accident & Emergency Units, who, incidentally, gave me excellent clinical care. (Taunton, Exeter & Yeovil hospitals).
  • I ask, please, that you delegate the appropriate English authority to urgently recover my stolen goods now, no doubt, purloined by the South Wales Police and held in its HQ in Bridgend, South Wales.

G4S Stolen goods include:

  1. Two wheelchairs
  2.  ‘machinegun trading’ etc legal papers
  3. Caswell Clinic psychiatric prison medical records (much fabricated)
  4. My clothes, political books and shoes
  5. confiscated papers for substantial damages claims including BS614159, 1CF03361 and G00TA220.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc    copies to Rebecca Pow MP & Exeter Crown Court


HM Clerk of the Court

HM Crown Court 

Exeter Devon

26thMay 2021

Dear Madam,

Another Classic Example of ‘HM Partnership’ & 1997 Harassment Bad Law

1. Before the 27th May 2021 Exeter Crown Court hearing, at 10 am, I wish to inspect the list of my defence exhibits as, clearly, the jury was denied what I term ‘key documents’ that further revealed South Wales Police malfeasance. .

2. I wish to inspect legible copies and secure copy of all purported ‘jury notes’

3. Costs

I am alarmed at the fact the honourable court is not granting me proper costs (out of pocket witness and ‘Mackenzie Friend ‘expenses} just like what happened in my being refused in the similar earlier South Wales Police instigated criminal conspiracy fiasco, T20207445, my alleged  ‘trading in prohibited weapons’..

4.. I have just been acquitted of all three charges due to inherent welsh authority’s nefarious conduct repeating itself but this time on English soil seriously damaging a loyal subject of Her Majesty The Queen

5. The predicted ‘no defence’ evidence needed again for acquittal requires, I humbly submit, a public enquiry in the interests of the general public residing in both England and Wales.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc 

Tel 07708586202                                 

Commercial break during current nonsense…..two houses in Brittany, grown over orchard and tennis court etc ……..£150,000 the the lot one hour from St Malo /Portsmouth ferry

right of picture my airstrip


tel 07708586202

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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