I was gaoled last year for writing to JG to find me a lawyer

Rogue Caswell Clinic police psychiatrist, while not even appropriately qualified, told other welsh authorities I had been given all my medical records ….he lied he was ‘mistaken’.

clerk of the Exeter Court Case no T2020177

31st March 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,

9th April 2021 Costs Hearing

  1. The Trial judge will sit on a case management hearing on 9th April 21 and has allocated
    only one hour when it requires at least half a day, if not a whole one with police in
    attendance concerning the SWP perverting the course of justice.
  2. My outstanding applications include disclosure requests of

  3. i) my four prisoner letter logs retained in Exeter, Cardiff and Parc and Swansea
    prisons copies of which were supplied to HM Crown Prosecution Service
    (Wales) and some to CPS (England) to cause the recent dropped charges.
    ii) my MG6D SWP unlawfully withheld data for 28 years, CPS & police data as
    evidence, if disclosed under CPR, would have ‘undermined’ almost all their
    criminal allegations 89% of which were quashed when standing at 113 in all.
    iii) my FTAC logs confirm I am ‘no risk’ to stop my cross examination of Asher.
    iv) my MAPPA logs that record that I am of ‘good character’ hence requiring the
    police doctor giving evidence in support and also requires a witness summons.
    v) my OASYsis logs the SWP had deliberately falsified to cause years of delay in
    my release before HM Parole Board when parole office identified ‘no risk’.
    vi) my confiscated South Wales Police defence data as the Claimant in ten plus
    civil claims, alone, would quash criminal proceedings.
    vii) The return of my Volvo car containing vital evidence for current proceedings
  4. I yet again apply for G4S to return my 1st Nov 2019 property brutally robbed from me
    during my violent exit from HMP Parc. My personalty included my new wheelchair,
    my comprehensive medical records from Caswell Clinic and NHS (Wales) secure
    psychiatric hospital delivered to the prison by Dr Gaynor Jones, my legal papers
    including my MP letter log, cases BS614159 (40 plus failed SWP malicious criminal
    prosecutions, currently at the RCJ and Cardiff barrister’s chambers, 1CF03361 (SWP
    ‘trading in machine guns’ failed malicious criminal prosecution) currently before a
    quasi-Cardiff county court.
  5. And witness summonses to attend with relevant records, if not disclosed before, are
    Cardiff & Parc HM Governors, Alun Cairns MP & B Hughes, probation officer, to
    confirm my SWP faked convictions, included ‘firearms’, ‘narcotics’ and ‘child abuse’.
    A liaison officer was seen stealing, twice, my legal papers from my cell is required.5. AND to again argue re ‘bad character’, banning me from cross examining prosecution
    witnesses again resulted from Dr TW’s testimony written, is a joke, when it was he that
    was mentally ill. He said I suffer from irreversible ‘significant brain damage’ and PDD
    (Paranoid Delusional Disclosure) in my misconceived belief that I am being ‘stalked’
    by the South Wales Police,” no, perish the thought”!
  6. My restraining order and ‘bad character’ convictions are now in serious doubt due to
    i) the T20097445 trial prosecution exhibitARH1, labelled for the jury as ‘Lewis
    machine gun ‘, was far from the truth. My ‘possession’, which had me MAPPA
    3/3 registered, as contrary to1968 Firearms Act, was nothing more than an
    unserviceable 0.410 single shot ‘garden gun’ for rats and tree rats! Inspection by
    Huxtable (see his 4th Jan 2010 witness statement, deliberately withheld from
    both me and the jury) recorded the non-rifled barrel was condemned and too
    wide a bore to fire either a 0.303 or US 0.300 round.
    ii) Andrew Huxtable at SWP HQ, on 23rd June 09, knew this when that nigh the
    Nottinghamshire police confirmed the exhibit was NOT a ‘gun’ and confirmed
    when he ‘stripped it down’ and videoed it. Also, my speaking directly to
    Birmingham Proof House, after my acquittal, it was confirmed there were no
    ‘machine gun’ parts found inside the ‘Gunbus’ film prop WW1 replica!
    iii) I have already instructed and paid, in advance, a London QC and law firm of
    solicitors, specialising in malicious criminal prosecutions, which is another
    reason why the South Wales Police lied to CPS (England) over the malicious
    criminal prosecutions that had me gaoled in Exeter prison last year to further
    frustrate my right of civil redress in ten or so civil claims.
    iv) My May 2019 Alun Cairns MP letter from Cardiff prison, staff told me, was
    stuffed with a ‘bag of white powder’ believed to be heroin while my white
    powder contaminated letter, to John Graham, contained possible anthrax.
    v) The SWP forensic psychiatrist, who applied at 2nd Dec 2009 secret Cardiff
    Crown court in my absence, that I should be locked away for life as ‘very
    dangerous, due to ‘significant brain damage’ while blaming Professor Rodger
    Wood’s similarly daft medical reports upon which ‘he relied’, flagrant liar, said
    my frontal brain damage was from my ‘ditching in the Caribbean in my D-Day
    1944 Piper cub and for having been a too long a term drinking partner of my
    veterinary client and actor, Oliver Reed Esq.
    vi) If there is still doubt in the trial judge’s mind that I am not ‘fit’ to cross examine
    the culprit in this nonsense then I invite His Honour to cause disclosure as to
    why ‘vulnerable’? My £20,000 plus paid for court transcripts confirm I am ‘no
    risk’ to anyone but the deceitful % found over Offa’s Dyke.

  7. Yours

  8. Maurice J Kirk BVSc maurice@kirkflyingvet.com http://www.mauricejohnkirk.com

That is the state of play, tonight, after a scandalous nonsense morning in court when it was clear the English judicial system are ‘walking on eggshells’ and far to frightened to challenge the corrupt welsh courts as to what G4S prison Parc and South Wales Police did, in November 2019,, when robbing me of my medical records, machine gun legal files , letter log, wheelchair and clothes ….

more later when I have calmed down

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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