Taunton Shire Hall Applications re Fraud

Have you experienced a police helicopter hovering over your home while 20 odd police surround you, many armed, in order to shoot the father dead and plan be , they if fail, snatch your 10 year old daughter with social services in attendance.

PLEASE think about it


Why? The interview was conducted in an unlawful manner

Sabine took the brunt of the deceit in our thoroughly corrupt courts and found herself gaoled for many years for simply speaking the truth

FAR MORE IMPORTANT is the current state of our UK law courts that Sabine exposed

Christmas message from Sabine

A ‘bomb of hope’ had reached me when I got emails from Neelu with her campaigning efforts. On Christmas Eve Wikipedia’s entry on ‘octagons’ was delivered with a beautiful card and a colouring book from another most loyal friend and supporter. Am I lucky to know them!!!

Thus I had my ‘parallel octagons’ for breakfast today when an officer brought me gifts and cards from three sources.

Maybe most significantly “Fabula” A framework for fiction writers. 
For I continue to seek desperately the right angle and story for my insights, discoveries and innovations. Fed up with words, I stopped writing my diary about myself rather than as self. I am also fed up with RECORDING my events and experiences. Too much more of the same. 

My new wall of support covers the last toothpaste stain, as Christmas Cards shine with their beauty over the ugly grey beige of the wall.

One gift came from Martin Houston who broadcasts on “We Think Freely” Radio. (WTF) dlive.tv/WTFR – 9pm to 11pm Tuesdays & Fridays. It’s “The Covid Con; A Ware” by Courtesy Adam Lawrence, An empty table of contents but a powerful symbol         $         The money con in a nutshell.                                                                                                                                                                                 

The hand crafted gifts another friend sent were retained once again. After all I am treated like the average prisoner ready to self harm in a most ingenious fashion. Once again address of sender removed!

A set of exquisite cards would help every-body in any lockdown, lockin or lockup.
Little Joys: images on one side and a short caption on the other – to remind us of all the little pleasures we can feel, if and when we are attentive.

During my daily (wearily) ration of fresh air, Father Christmas came in the shape of a Nurse, delivering magnesium that was due a week ago. End of anxiety!!!
Yesterday I received 90 complimentary tablets of sunshine vitamin D3. `One of the best kept secrets in this place – like the Prison Advisory Service – an excellent Charity who sent a letter on the 7th /12 which also arrived this morning. Not enough postage caused the delay. 

Creativity abounds inside to outside. Which crack will let the light come in? Who will be inspired to do what afresh, anew? IF ONLY I COULD THANK EVERYONE WHO’S BEEN KIND AND GENEROUS TO ME! When packaging is removed with senders addresses, I am left hanging and senders will be worrying…. did it ever get there. It has even happened with emails!

But my bottom line is unshakable faith and an amazing capacity of mind and body to OVERCOME whatever obstacles are before us. I even walk again! Every day a little bit faster! Into 2021 full of POSITIVE surprizes, I hope! – Christmas Greetings from Sabine

Case number 632000096322 R v Tana Huggins – maurice@kirkflyingvet.com – Kirk Flying Vet Mail (google.com)


A lawyer’s lucrative syndrome put both Mrs Sabine MacNeill and myself into long prison terms purely due to succession of spineless UK judges not being fit for purpose instead of putting a stop, once and for all, to the disgusting practice of lawyer fraud

1st Dec 2011 Cardiff arrest by South Wales Police refusing my attending London court so Harringay Council fraud can snatch six Musa Nigerian children for profit and the very same day the Welsh authorities also fabricated I was served a restraining order!

Our current HM Justice Minister, Mr Buckland, ,implicated in shire Hall proceedings
Blackmailed now sacked medical professional for lying about me just once too often

His mate, HM Crown Prosecutor, Mr Robin Shellard, of Queen Square Chambers, Bristol, keeps promising me, before His Honour Judge Peter Johnson, my John Graham Esq letters back, confiscated by HMP Parc and HMP Cardiff in 2019 but it is now over 19 months and still nothing! –

Despite my visiting four times now, on CPS insistence, not even a usable Taunton police station CD of my 1st August 2019 South Wales Police interview, under caution, can I obtain as the welsh police refuse to produce it.

The CD content, of course, reveals the level of deceit the welsh authorities are prepared to stoop meaning it is now destined for immediate world-wide publicity on 4/5 websites to reveal as to ‘what really goes on in our UK justice system’ boasting superiority.

unlawfully stopped welsh prison letters I know about

— Chaos or just the usual South Wales Police giving my English judiciary the usual ‘run-around’ due to plain spite? My letters to MPs caused extensive prison and police investigation but not one piece of data, yet, have the welsh police disclosed to HM Crown Prosecution Service (England) relating to my believed to be anthrax spores to Alun Cairns MP from my Cardiff prison cell, Conor Burns MP, Selaine Saxby MP when simply asking for help.

In the Taunton Shire Hall                                         G00TA220 / T20200177

                                                Maurice John Kirk



                           G4S Care and Custodial Services Ltd


Application for disclosure due to HM Prosecution Service’s refusal to disclose relevant evidence and for the court to Order the return of his possessions including medical records legal papers and correspondence withheld by G4S and HMP Cardiff since Defendant/Claimant was a prisoner there in 2019/20

Grounds for applications

  1. On the 24 January 2020 HHJ Keyser asked that the Claimant re-serve this Application on the Court and Defendant(s) where the Claimant understands all Defendant(s) are represented by Counsel Mr Christian Howells of 30 Park Place. The Clerk at 30 Park Place tells the Claimant to serve on Dolmans, solicitors, Cardiff.
  1. There could be two ways of approaching the background. A simple version is G4S have the possession and legal papers belonging to the Claimant and should hand them back. While G4S do not respond and remain the thief. Therefore, unless possessions and papers are returned a Judicial Review to Order their return would seem appropriate with arrest of the HM Governor of HMP Parc  
  1. The more complex is that G4S make decisions as a part of a multi agency approach and these multi agency parties act with malice with Police and Dr Roger Thomas of Caswell Clinic trying to harm the Claimant to thwart both his criminal defences and civil claims that may well help expose their, and their colleague’s wrongdoing. The Defendant/Claimant tries to help the Court by being brief and avoiding the more complex detail at this stage.

 The Simple Background and Facts

  1. In 2018/19 possessions, including legal papers, were stolen from the Claimant by G4S at HMP Parc and staff on F wing of HMP Cardiff.
  1. Although there were initial decisions were made to confiscate possessions and legal papers, there were also additional decisions that are now made as of 1st November 2019 and to the present to refuse to return possessions, including legal and medical papers and wheelchair.
  1. Unknown to the Claimant, his sister Celia Jeune, had been told by Probation on 31 October 2019, an unclear account of how the Claimant would be released from HMP Parc early on the 1 November 2019 and that the Claimant must as a part of licence conditions, immediately travel to meet a probation officer in Taunton by early that afternoon.
  1. Therefore, Celia Jeune arranged a car be there to take the then 74-year old Claimant from HMP Parc to Taunton by early that afternoon 
  1. On 1 November 2019 without explanation to the Claimant, the Claimant was forcibly removed from his cell and taken outside of the prison and placed to sit in a car outside, to impose he leave the prison on licence.
  1. Because the Claimant was forcibly placed in the car and told he must immediately leave HMP Parc and travel to Taunton or else he would be in breach of new licence conditions, it was implicit in these arrangements that the Claimant was forced to travel away without his possession and legal papers being returned to him ever since.
  1. Regards developments since 1 November 2019. Whereas the Claimant had been at a Cardiff Bail Hostel in January and February 2019 and Bradley Hughes of HM Probation Service was enthusiastic and successful in arranging the Claimant’s possessions and legal papers were returned to the Claimant from the Bail Hostel. In contrast neither Probation Officer Brad Hughes nor the Claimant has gained a sensible response from G4S (or any other party) regards the Claimant’s possessions and legal papers that are still held by G4S at HMP Parc.
  1. Similar issues also occurred between December 2018 to February 2019 when at a mid point in his sentence in the Claimant was placed from HMP Parc to the Bail Hostel. But the Defendant(s) had not released possessions including a wheel chair supplied by the Claimant’s brother.
  1. The Claimant filed for Judicial Review with a sealed form 11 October 2019 and a sealed N244 26 November 2019. On 24 January 2020 HHJ Keyser QC said to re-serve the Claim and so the Claimant re-send the Claim forms with this Grounds for Claim. HMP Parc had confiscated it.
  1. Dolmans, South Wales Police solicitors, refuse to comment so to justify an application for Judicial Review. The Claimant understands that in an application for Judicial Review while at the permission stage, that a lay unrepresented Claimant does not need to submit a statement but rather can do so after permission is granted, when it is clearer what the issues are from CPR disclosure.
  1. There is no reason for the decision to withhold the Claimant’s property of legal papers other than to prejudice civil and criminal proceedings.

Request release of medical records held at HMP Parc to Claimant

  1. The Claimant has been unable to get copies of medical records held at HMP Parc and particularly those sent from Caswell Clinic by Dr Gaynor Jones again desperately requested by the Claimant’s Taunton GP.

Special, different and harsher treatment (that was serious abuse) aimed to interfere in the ability of the Claimant to progress his civil claims.

  1. During 2017 to 2019 the Claimant was singled out for special, different and harsher treatment while at HMP Parc and at Cardiff’s Bail Hostel.
  1. There was physical abuse by staff and by other prisoners. Harsher conditions at prison and the bail hostel. Medication was withheld and G4S and parties interfered with correspondence and even withheld letters being sent or received.  
  1. The harm caused by interference with the Claimant’s right to receive or send correspondence can be far reaching.
  1. It is important to note that what is certain when we consider the evidence is that the Claimant’s criminal and civil cases involve the multi agency partners and their lawyers using information they very obviously know not to be true.
  1. Therefore, when looking at the involved evidence it can become very obvious indeed that the Defendant(s) aim to interfere with and prevent Claimant from progressing his civil or criminal claims regards G4S, South Wales Police, Dr Tegwyn Williams, Dr Roger Thomas, Professor Rodger Wood, the Defendant’s lawyers and multi agency parties.
  1. Also, the Defendant(s) via multi agency generated false criminal convictions and a false risk assessment and furthermore made that known to the prisoners and supported prisoners to be both violent and intimidating to the Claimant.
  1. When G4S knew what they were saying was untrue, thee South Wales Police included false convictions for ‘child abuse’, ‘narcotics’ and ‘firearms’  so that staff and prisoners were united in being intimidating, menacing and violent o the Claimant.
  1. Obviously, with the Claimant locked in a prison wing with these staff and prisoners and the MAPPA agents causing rumours to harm the Claimant regards ‘child abuse’, ‘narcotics’ and ‘fire-arms’. Then this cumulative effect of all MAPPA agents doing, had an adverse effect on the Claimant’s mental and physical wellbeing, especially, as he had good reason to expect to suffer substantial harm.
  1. The adverse effect of all the above and interference with his correspondence, denied medical care and expecting to suffer substantial physical harm would obviously cause a normal reasonable unrepresented person to not be able to keep pace with complex technical legal proceedings and it follows as reasonable to believe that G4S has interfered with Claimant’s ability to progress his civil claims.
  1. It also follows, to add to the above, that if G4S and in particular, South Wales Police, had corrected their records to be truthful in showing that the doctor (who the Claimant is accused of harassing) does wrong, then the Claimant would not be in prison.

Claimant Caswell Clinic diagnosed with ‘significant brain damage’

  1. The evidence shows as very obvious that the Claimant was only in prison due to South Wales Police bringing prosecutions using information they knew was not true, with the result that either the sentence was not proportionate and was too harsh or to mean the Claimant should not even have been prosecuted.  And may be the doctor should be prosecuted with indictable offenses.             
  1. But when all the above is most lengthy, complex and technical to explain and detail HHJ Keyser QC has told the unrepresented Claimant to resubmit this application for Judicial Review in such a rushed and short time scale so that the Claimant is unable to detail all of the huge horrific interference that has occurred and link each of the many acts or omissions to relevant law.
  1. Direction is sought with regards which losses and damage for interference in civil claims should come under for example, a new High Court Queens Bench Claim, as opposed to Judicial Review. The current criminal conduct by the Welsh authorities on T20200177 Exeter Crown Court proceedings is deliberate to pervert the course of justice and trial should be heard opposite the victim’s home.     

The Law

  1. Although the Claimant assumes there will be long standing laws regards prisoners not having their possessions returned, the Claimant understands that in modern times the Human Rights Act 1998 Article 8 right to respect for private and family life is more commonly used.
  1. The Claimant understands that the interpretations or threshold of Article 8 right to respect for private and family life very strongly supports interpretations that Claimant’s legal papers and possessions should be returned to him. ECHR case ‘Gold and Silver’, ‘rings a bell.’
  1. The Claimant understands it is long established that the Human Rights Act 1998 Article 8 right to respect for private and family life gives a protection that there should be no interference with correspondence and post and this has now been proved at HMP Cardiff and HMP Parc
  1. The Claimant understands that under 1988 Human Rights Act if prison staff wish to search legal papers then the prisoner must be present.
  1. Furthermore, the Claimant understands that generally speaking it is said Human Rights lawyers say to emphasise the word “respect” and how there is a right to “respect” of the rights that arise under the Human Rights Act 1998 Article 8.
  1. The Claimant understands it is long established that prison staff should not interfere in the right to receive and send correspondence, particularly so when the correspondence relates to progressing legal cases against the Welsh authorities. 
  1. We are aware that the ECHR/Human Rights Act 1998 Article 8 is a qualified right that can be interfered with if there is justification.
  1. If interference in the qualified right occurs, then the reasons for the decision to interfere should be given 
  1. The Claimant is aware that public bodies must give reasons and explanations for Decisions. 
  1. The Defendant(s) have given reasons that are primarily a tissue of lies
  1. The Claimant seeks to be helpful and has kept this application brief. If G4S and south Wales Police now give reasons, then the Claimant seeks opportunity to reply by an amended Grounds for Claim and Statement. Hence a statement is not yet submitted until the Claimant knows the reasons what the police and G4S may give.  

Withheld Medical Treatment

  1. Withholding medical treatment is normally regarded as a breach of the Human Right Act Article 8 right to respect for private and family life.

False criminal history released to prisoners who were encouraged to attack violently

  1.  The Defendant and the Multi Agency partners generated and used a false criminal history and a false risk assessment which they knew were not true, and which were false in many ways, but included wrongly asserting child abuse, narcotics, (cultivating supply and use), ABH and firearms convictions and future risk.   
  1. Creating this specific kind of false risk assessment to the Claimant who is locked inside a prison wing with staff and prisoners who all seek harm (and substantial harm that goes with this type of problem) is both mentally and physically threatening so that the Claimant had sound reason to believe that serious harm may occur to him. To therefore reach the high threshold of Article 3 cruel and degrading treatment.
  1. The Claimant knows that all data laws and rules have come from ECHR Article 8 right to respect for private and family life and that a European Human Rights defamatory type of attack on a person using false ‘risk assessment’ that is fabricated is a breach of ECHR/Human Rights Act 19988 Article 8 right to respect to private and family life.   

Remedy Sought

  1. The Claimant asks for a Court Order for the South Wales Police, HMP Cardiff and G4s run HMP Parc to immediately return his possessions and legal papers, including his wheelchair.
  1. Additionally, the Defendant/Claimant seeks for release of his medical records held at HMP Parc, including those sent from Caswell Clinic, to HMP Parc. For both HMP Cardiff and HMP Parc to release to the Claimant, in these criminal proceedings, all his correspondence so far referred to in T2020177 criminal proceedings.

Compensation for abuse and Compensation for any harm, lost opportunity and losses in the civil claims.

  1. To comply with HHJ Keyser QC’s Directions and time scale means the Claimant has to submit and re-serve papers at short notice without the Claimant having access to legal advice and not having time to detail facts in ways to match which laws are relevant.
  1. Direction is sought as to which grievances of the Claimant can be dealt with via Judicial Review and which ones by a new Claim.

I believe the contents of this Grounds for Claim to be true.

Maurice John Kirk BVSc                                                 29th December 2020 

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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