Somerset Crime Commissioner now called in

FAO Somerset Crime Commissioner

13th December 2020

IOPC Crime number 03000200096

Dear Sir/Madam,

A Serious Robbery by G4S at Parc Prison

G4S HQ deny having stolen my wheelchair, medication and medical records from Caswell clinic, while admitting having my other legal papers but refuses to return them to me.

I was incarcerated in Parc Prison, Bridgend, Wales and released on 1st November 2019

When I first complained to your Taunton Police Station, last year, I understand both G4S and South Wales Police denied it all despite both being caught on a dozen CCTV cameras!

I would like, in the meantime, to forward copies of my police complaint statements, I signed for my visit to Westminster seeking parliamentary help.

So, copies, please, of both my welsh police and Taunton police complaint statements, covering the robbery in HMP Parc, Bridgend as they are also needed for His Honour Judge Johnson at Exeter’s Crown Court, early next week.

I may be forced to arrest a barrister or bevy of barristers, due to their apparent conduct in this disgraceful matter, if nothing is properly sorted in relation to this travesty of justice right now

In order that there is no misunderstanding on this published website of the G4S 7th December 2020 written defence statement in rebuttal to my £500,000 damages claim, it conflicts with paragraph 10 of this G4S flagrantly false defence document, alone, revealing the G4S prison staff were again lying when stating it ‘did not know my address’.

Had my address, ankle tag and nightly curfew, not been also set down by a ‘sitting alone’ Taunton female magistrate, without the full facts due to the welsh and for HHJ Johnson cancelling the tag and inappropriate address, I would not now be bothering to apply to the court on obvious outstanding matters to be quashed.

This conspiracy, again, to pervert the course of justice, concocted by the inherently deceitful welsh authorities, meaning, I may possibly consider implementing PLAN K

Maurice J Kirk BVSc


HM Crown Prosecution Service                                                             

Heroin’ posted to my own conservative MP’ from a Welsh prison cell.

14th December 2020


WHY will you not let me have a copy of your replies from the South Wales Police/CPS (Wales) as to where, when and why I cannot have my prison welsh letters back addressed to Alun Cairns MP, John Graham, his MP and others already known to you?

The police refuse, every time, so will you supply me, without further delay, with the oral evidence taped whilst I was under duress in welsh prison and police stations last year as needed for this Friday’s Cardiff Court 1CF03361 hearing. This arose from my 2009 imprisonment when registered in the top 5% most dangerous MAPPA victims in the UK in order I may be lawfully shot?

My alleged ‘trading in machine -guns’ prosecution also went ‘pear-shaped’, Mr Evans, with the eleven year too late CPR police evidence only disclosed to me last month, already confirmed by the English police, my Farnborough air-show replica WW1 Lewis was simply a condemned single shot .410 shot gun all the time while I was in possession of it.

I now have still more proof for you, Mr Evans, that the South Wales Police, not only unblocked my replica gun on my biplane, to try and fool the jury, they personally blocked the ‘barrel’ up again, on my February 2010 acquittal and release from prison requiring no defence evidence what so ever, incidentally and police ensured the new owner received this film prop back without even issuing them a De-activation Certificate

Such is the level of the day-by-day deceit of the welsh authorities.

 Let me have copies of all unused material referred to in your letters, please? 

Were these Alun Cairns MP /John Graham letters purported from me, investigate by CPS head office from Petty France, London, as postal franking suggests? 

Let me have a copy, referred to in your paragraph 4c in your 24th November 2020 of my May 2019 handwritten letter from F wing of Cardiff prison, to my own conservative party MP, Alun Cairns, expressing my alarm that a proven liar was liable to be elected on 3rdJune as my new PM as opposed to my choice, at the time, our last Health Minister, Mr Hunt? 

I have been asking for numerous copies of court exhibits and data from both police and your bevy of Bristol barristers, to no avail, for nearly two years now and as the enclosed G4S defence statement so clearly confirms, my bail address was registered with the bullying G4S bstds on the day of my 1st November 2019 release or I would not have been released at all!

I enclose G4S/South Wales Police GOOTA220 half million pound damages claim defences (note paragraph 10 ‘released to a police registered address) for stealing my papers for trial by having me robbed also of my wheelchair, medical records, shoes and clothes.

Mr NC Evans, without your immediate help in retrieving my Parc Prison property, for a number of outstanding court cases, I may remain in some difficulties.

[In that letter or another at the same time, I had expressed anger to Alun Cairns MP and/or John Graham’s MP, as to the officers on the wing unlawfully storing-up my letters to RCJ etc, both in or out of prison, without my consent but witnessed by numerous other prisoners who had finally tipped me off.]  

Let me WARN YOU as to the consequences as to what may happen if you also follow the welsh filth and refuse proper Criminal Procedural Rules on disclosure of prosecution evidence that turns out , all along, supports my innocence in this insulting matter.

There still remains my substantive letters to MP staff the G4S staff they were blocking as under covert surveillance agreed by a welsh court! For Pete”s sake, Mr Evans, I was under 24/7 court orders that all my correspondence, phone calls be particularly monitored (tape recorded and photographed,in and out of prison, due to the only restraining that matters—-

ie am I am unlawfully diagnosed, by Caswell Clinic, with ‘significant brain damage’ by an unqualified welsh doctor, himself blackmailed to write the 19th October 2009 in order that I be incarcerated, for life, in Ashworth psychiatric prison.

Please wake up, Mr Evans and smell the coffee or as in this case, smell the stench wafting across the River Severn, emanating from the welsh judiciary, executive and bullying South Wales Police Force.

Do I really have to come up to Bristol and arrest you at your home for a private criminal prosecution in order to finally nail these spineless welshing short arsed shysters once and for all?

 WHY I sought help from my MP, time and again Mr Evans, was for the continuing nefarious conduct, polluting all aspects of ‘justice’ within his beloved Principality,was to stop forthwith.

All because successive Cardiff Crown Court judges (close on twenty of them, so far) have given immunity to prosecution to court officers, the welsh police and private lawyers like Adrian Oliver and Lloyd Williams QC all in this conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

The latter brazenly admitted, last time in Cardiff court, that he , Oliver of Dolmans, solicitors and similarly bent Judge Adrian Oliver had all put their scheming heads together, in a tight maul and came out with the plan I WAS NOT TO HAVE A JURY in the imminent 1CF03361 machine-gun damages claim and that the judge would dispose of all the 80 odd witnesses for trial within only five days!

I can name you 17 Cardiff judges, so far, all of whom have taken an active part in trying to have this conspiracy of a blackmailed doctor hushed up with this latest, Judge Andrews, also being at risk of being arrested if he fails to disclose particular county court transcript and evidence as to whether it is Lloyd Williams QC, alone, as being the liar for the current South Wales Police chief constable.

Mr NC Evans, I enclose the new evidence of welsh authorities’ wide ranging criminal conduct, not dissimilar to how the spineless little shysters had my name removed from the veterinary register

Yuor replies are needed urgently.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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