Abuse of Process Applications to Cardiff Courts

I have had delivered to Cardiff County Court my 25 page personal witness statement carefully written, for my readers from around the world, to simply reveal the multi thousands of UK’s funds simply to have me gaoled for a minimum 10 years, anything, just anything, to stop my million pound damages claim against the South Wales Police

the cause

for their 40 odd lost malicious criminal prosecutions case number, now blocked for an appeal , BS614159 plus 8

BUT THAT IS NOT WHY I enclose this early draft for RCJ on how disgusting the welsh penal system is- but who gives a dam other than those incarcerated ?

Exeter Crown court, shortly, will hear the outcome of John Graham’s prison stopped letters, a courtdisturbance to warrant the complainant being gaoled

As usual I buy all who attend a very good lunch, paid for in advance owing to the unusual ciecumstances all generated by the south Wales Police, chief senior prosecutor NS Evans Esq and His Honour Judge Di Evens not stopping this wicked situation from contimuing.

But, of course, the dreaded Covid 19 is endangering each of the above’s incomes with 5000 Crown court trials, is it, put on ‘hold’ so , of course they must boost their respective pensions by dragging on any futile case they can generate or however absurd and bizarre South Wales Police case they can throw at their ‘gravy train’ system.

WHY, for promotion as CPS Richard Thomlow had decided to quickly become a judge for criminally pursuing myT20097447 ‘machine gun’ criminal prosecution. Just as DC Hughes, female police officer that had sneaked into each day of my machine gun criminal trial despite, as prosecution witness, reporting evidence on oath, each day , as promised promotion which she promptly GOT!

JOHN GRAHAM, also a prosecution witness, has since tried to obtain return of his stolen communications with me, by Cardiff and Parc, Bridgend welsh prisons.

26 September 2020


Dear Mr. Jukes,

Creator of my inspiration to expose just ‘what really goes on in our law Courts’

Seeing as I am denied my F.O.I.A. [S.A.R.]  / Data Protection Act request sent already [and attached to this message] to yourself, and after receiving the letter below [attached also] from a Mr. Jason Jenkins, a “Disclosure Officer” of S. Wales police I hereby ask for a formal internal review regarding the denial of my request.

It is believed the S. Wales police force does have the letter referred to in my request as Mr. Kirk was criminally charged and remanded in custody connected to the letter addressed to myself [amongst others] written by Mr. Kirk whilst previously resident in prison earlier in 2019, the letter allegedly having allegedly a possibly noxious “white substance” on it. This letter was stopped from being sent to myself by prison authorities / police at the time. The criminal charge of the letter which was attempted to be sent to myself has subsequently been dropped by the CPS.

I have already sent 3 forms of ID pertaining to myself after your request for ID.

For your information, the addition / amendment not sent with my written request, which was sent to Mr. Jukes at the S Wales police HQ at Cowbridge Rd. via recorded delivery R. Mail, is:

” Sent: 18 September 2020 10:59
To: matt.jukes@south-wales.pnn.police.uk <matt.jukes@south-wales.pnn.police.uk>
Subject: F.A.O.: Chief Constable Mr. M. Jukes, S. Wales police – Update to my F.O.I.A. / Data Protection Act / S.A.R. request

TO: Chief Constable of S. Wales police: Mr. M. Jukes, Police HQ., Cowbridge Rd., Bridgend, S. Wales,  CF31 3SU

FROM:  Mr. J. G. Graham

18 September 2020

UPDATE TO MY F.O.I.A. / D.P.A. Request to the Chief Constable Mr. M. Jukes, dated and sent 17 Sept. 2020:

Dear Mr. Jukes, Chief Constable of S. Wales police:

Please refer to my F.O.I.A. request to you, sent via R. Mail and also attached to this message. I apologise for leaving out an important part of my FOIA / Data Protection Act / S.A.R. request to you – that is:

Mr. Maurice Kirk [d.o.b. 12/03/1945, Somerset, UK]  was charged by the police in mid-2020 with:

” attempting to send a substance which caused distress to another [approx. May 2019] – the letter was stopped from leaving the prison last May 2019″

Mr. Kirk was in prison at the time of sending this letter, it being addressed to myself prior to it being stopped from leaving the prison, by authorities. This charge to Mr. Kirk was subsequently dropped in approximately June 2020.

My FOIA requests asks for a copy of this letter which was stopped as it had an alleged “substance” on it which might [qu.] “caused distress to another” [unqu.] – as it obviously exists as Mr. Kirk was charged with attempting to send it to myself. I request any other letters pertaining to myself that were not sent to me from either HMP Parc or HMP Cardiff from Mr. Kirk, during the times Mr. Kirk was resident in either of these prisons, whether they had any alleged “substances” on them or not.

The letter relating to the charge that was dropped for Mr. Kirk was referred to in part by the S. Wales police officer who wrote by email to myself – a copy of that email dated 06th July 2020 from officer “Brynsley Richards” of S. Wales police being sent with my 1st and original FOIA request letter to you sent on the 17 September 2020 via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery 1st class.  My F.O.I.A. request and attachment is attached to this email.

Thank you.

signed:  J. Graham

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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