WANTED : Machine-Gun Whistle Blowers for Cash French House or Vintage Aircraft

Whistle Blowers Needed case 1CF03361 conspiracy

A Handsome Reward for Information

‘Machine Gun’ 3rd party witnesses need tracing for urgent legal submission in million pound damages claim resulting from South Wales Police Conspiracy to having me shot or Ashworth psychiactic prison for life

Who wants copy of Cardiff Crown Court Trial to experience for yourselves just the level of depravity in some South Wales authorities?

1. RAF an its museums
2. Aero engineer MrTwigg of PFA/LAA (took Lewis gun replica into RAF Lynham)
3. CAA staff who notified all a/c owners with potential s5 prohibited weapons
4. Nottinghamshire police who cautioned and interrogated new owner’s to drop it all.
5. Countless air museums contacted by CAA and regional police
6. Old Warden Bigglewade in big trouble in June 2009 found with 3 prohibited weapons
7. Rod Bellamy son of legendary Viv who had bought 4 /5 ex Ministry of Defence decommissioned WW1 Replica in early 70s while at Lands End airfield
8. Vale of Glamorgan Social Services, in June 2009, with 20 odd police & helicopter to snatch our then 10-year old daughter, Genevieve due to its victim’s concocted MAPPA 3/3 status
9. Members of prosecution and jury , in January 2010, eight in the pub after predicted acquittal who witnessed possible police man identity on jury and policeman, each day, taking film prop over his should out of the court, on his own to walk alone up the street to a nearby police station
10. South Wales Police officers at Chepstow or at Bridgend police HQ who unblocked the watertight barrel of film prop replica (‘Gunbus’) and painted it a different colour to try and fool the jury.

This list is far from exhaustive
And counting
My contact details: 07708586202 maurice@kirkflyingvet.com http://www.mauricejohnkirk.com

[do you want cash or cheque or a house in Brittany if your evidence finally nail the lying bstds?Or one or two 1940 Taylorcraft aircraft for the grand total of £18,000! Or1931ohc Morris Minor 4 seat convertible for only £5000?

About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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11 Responses to WANTED : Machine-Gun Whistle Blowers for Cash French House or Vintage Aircraft

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t challenge the police their perfect people the rest of us inferior to their evil

    Get this murder a police officer it’s life In prison they murder you your smeared as mental and they retire on full pension

    Get this rent a property off the daughter whose Inspector mother cried the force discriminated on women Your charged with Abh for a non existent injury and forced naked for the jealous daughter and her sharif Ali and her father to bitch with men judges in Cardiff crown court
    Spending thousands a whole years rent as the daughter wants a conviction and to hurt women
    The jealousy of a bent coppers daughter

  2. Anonymous says:

    Leave the uk my house is on market if all the people the cps and police and their families leave the uk they will only have themselves to pick on

    I am selling and bitterly regret buying a property under the bitchy jealous regime of bent SWP coppers

    The jealousy as they said making
    Her hang is the Agenda

    The good people who said their more supreme and the reward is heaven as they bad character women and play god

    Leave the cps and police and the jealousy of the evil uk

    The jealousy leave the uk as they want to hurt and torture and murder women for convictions the jealousy of their evil eyes of spite and malice
    Like a cancer spreading her hate the daughters of inspectors hurt women
    With her sharif and her daddy as mummy cried the force discriminated on her bitchy women and the face of hypocrisy and evil

    Leave the bad characters and move out of the evil Uk

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait to leave the uk only here as I was born here

    The cps and police and bitchy daughters of inspectors soon step on your toes thieves who take Human rights

    Leave the uk the problem will be solved they will find fresh targets to destroy and make “mental” with their bitchy games of evil

    Remember the uk is a place that hates women

  4. Anonymous says:

    Once you leave the uk that’s justice then out of their jurisdiction that is what you have to do to live a good life far away from the cps and police and jealousy of people who bad character

    God was a bastard that murdered his own son so remember those that play god also murder sometimes indirectly

  5. Anonymous says:

    They think it’s fun cells and court and bitching stupid disgusting liars the jealousy started by a childish daughter of an inspector

    They then get vendettas to destroy lives for 10 years

    Leave the uk don’t buy a house don’t invest in it don’t even bother

    Just sell and get on a plane and claim asylum in another country that the government violently assault you

    It’s government propaganda to destroy certain people they hate and they hate me so leave the jealous people to themselves they will find a new target someone else to be their scapegoat so they can bad character people and call themselves good people as they Use power to call themselves good people the disgusting evil they did as they tortured and destroyed women they hate the jealousy of them all and their lies of evil

    If you saw them in heaven would you know them? No I don’t know the evil people in the uk

  6. Anonymous says:

    Other people claim asylum here as their government tortured them but the uk do it to women they hate all the time mental physical emotional torture of women they just package it differently

    They say oh snapping a bone is an accident or long hours in a cell isn’t us trying to murder her it’s justice

  7. Anonymous says:

    Imagine a nice place in another country far away and it’s all a distant memory

    A better future is ahead

    Leave them the squabbling the jealousy the backstabbing of them all

    Leave find peace as that is the only justice

    At the end of the day sometimes it’s the bad characters that bad character you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    People go to Australia and New Zealand and other places all the time

    Maybe you will find it’s the people around you that make you believe your mental or that your bad when your not and it’s them all along

  9. Anonymous says:

    If the government don’t like you they will make up a story government propaganda etc and if just goes on and on from 20 years ago so and so was drunk at 20 their a criminal blah blah and so if it what it is.

  10. Vacuum Pumps says:

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