Maurice Released from Exeter Prison for Hospital

Today, 25th July 2020 English police have unearthed welsh police prison statements of a year ago identifying the welsh bstds already had evidence I had, as usual , posted letters to MPs around the UK that had previously indicated ‘concern’ receiving (unknown to me) ‘white powder’!

He has lost three stone in weight or, to you kids, 20 kilos but his hunger strike forced Park prison, South Wales, now admitting, previously denied, it has had his ‘trading in machine guns ‘ one million pound civil claim legal papers against the South Wales Policeever since robbed of them, despite his MP’s letter for help.

Please note, world wide viewers, this replica 1916 Battle of the Somme Lewis machine gun was sold by Maurice when registered ‘decommissioned’ by HM HomeOffice. The South Wales Police then frantically seized it from Nottinghamshire police (when film prop in film ‘gunbus’) and not only painted the magazine back to ‘blac’k, as Maurice’s advert on ebay was years before but even unblocked the peice of water pipe ‘barrel’ to try and fool the 2009 T20097445 Cardiff Crown Court jury. for a sought mandatory 10 year prison term! WHYY? False welsh police medical data, earlier before court, had just failed to secure Maurice’s incarceration, for life, in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital,

He is not allowed to publish what is of ‘public interest’ of course but is not, Taunton Crown Court ordered, not denied his breathing and also speaking on his telephone ….tel no 07708586202 ………..he anticipates the South Wales Police will have him back in prison within a week….his email is police blocked but a side ways court application being delivered to Taunton Shire Hall later may release one of his emaills,

Currently in very expensive holiday home accommodation in Nether Stowey nr Bridgwater ….you may see him upon the Quantocks in a few days on the back of a horse as only two ways to explore the most beautiful hills in the World …..the other way is by D-Day cub (he landed and parked alongside Wills Neck 40 odd years ago in his, apparently, reakless youth…..perish the thought! Will fly his Taylorcraft up there later next week. Grouse still in season (the trick is ‘trail’ the bird from the cockpit low level, not ‘lead’ as you would when shooting standing still. In Eire Mike and Maurice had trouble picking up their shot duck in Donegal, back in the 70’s from our £800 Sipa 901 G-ASXB with canopy left on beach.

Next court hearing I again buy lunch for all … witness as to ‘WHAT REALLY GOES ON IN OUR UK LAW COURTS……evidence of flagrant corruption in all directions driven, as usual , by plain old avarice.

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is now a solution to the Prime Number problem:
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