The South Wales Police Machine gun Conspiracy EXPOSED

I bebelieve I have a duty to publish new information as an indication as to just how evil the South Wales Judiciary is with all its leaches, dealing with you living in South Wales

I can fly over, any time, to Wales and argue if you genuinely think I am wrong …tel 07708 586202 or

Machine Gun Damages Claim 1CF03361


I, Maurice John Kirk, make this statement that is true to the best of my belief.

1. Unless the reader was personally witnessed or read corrected court transcripts then this repeated extreme and unusual behaviour by specific welsh authorities is unlikely to be believed. I therefore incorporate extracts from T20097445 January 2010 ‘trading in machine guns’ conspiracy jury trial that was staged in Cardiff Crown court as a typical example.
2. Since the Claimant’s 10th February 2010 acquittal, while facing a minimum 10 year mandatory prison term for ‘trading in machine guns’, it has taken me until now, due to 5 years in prison for ‘breaches of restraining orders’ never having been served on me in the first place, to piece together the extreme level of police deceit that came out in Cardiff criminal court hearings in well over two decades s of welsh court rooms. This deceit has been dominated by police withholding evidence, despite countless court orders to the contrary. I have quashed well over one hundred malicious criminal allegations and still nothing is done.

South Wales Police painted Mr Cooper’s film prop (imitation Lewis machine gun) from silver back to black as when I owned it. They also unblocked the imitation barrel to further try and fool the jury. Despite the police knowing all about the film prop ten months earlier they had me remanded in prison as a very high ‘risk’ to the community asking for a minimum of 10 year prison term , just anything to disrupt my civil claims. After my acquittal police had to return the ‘dummy’ gun to Mr Cooper but could not even get that right when returning it in a completely different shade of silver!

Police’s Plan B: The Claimant’s alleged ‘significant brain damage’

3. I never had ‘significant brain damage’ contrary to what the clandestine 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court was told by HM Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, while I was locked up in the cells beneath not allowed legal representation. I never suffered a suspected ‘brain tumour’, causing the ‘significant brain damage’ and PDD, ‘Paranoid Delusional Disorder’ either, relied on to stop my many BS614159 etc. civil claims against the Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, following her 50 odd hopelessly failed malicious criminal prosecutions.
4. When the police machine gun conspiracy collapsed on 22nd June 2009, it being the same day of my arrest , I had been charged for ‘being in possession of a prohibited weapon and ammunition’ and having ‘threatened’ to put a ‘girt brick’ attached to my civil claim witness statement papers through Dolmans, solicitors, front window if they did not ‘exchange files’ by that afternoon’s court deadline.
5. Dolmans’ court ordered ‘disclosure of evidence’, by a specifically signed Chief Constable affidavit, was already six weeks overdue and my entering their inner sanctum deep inside police HQ , Barbara Wilding’s personal office, the day before to ‘exchange’ witness statement was again met with a blunt refusal. Instead a most bizarre experience unfolded by my being surrounded by a huge swarm of tin hatted policemen all sporting anti-flak jackets while brandishing a selection of stun grenades and automatic weapons at me.
6. On my decision to leave these gentlemen empty handed what was to happen next only became clear three days later when the full force of Operation Chalice descended, with helicopter and twenty odd police officers and had surrounded our home. We were quietly drinking afternoon tea in the garden surrounded by my gun dogs. After a day even later when I was then arrested and interrogated for days in custody I established that the air raid had been in the hope of having me shot on the pretext of attempting to recover a ‘prohibited weapon’! Much, much later I was to hear that ‘Operation Daisy’ or some such flower name had also been launched that Sunday to snatch our ten year old daughter, Genevieve, on the pretext I was so dangerous and a serious ‘risk’ also to the community.
7. The collateral damage included instant divorce proceedings following interrogation of my then wife whilst not even legally represented. This undisclosed police interrogation of my family, with subsequent further property searches and witness statements taken, to this day also remain hidden contrary to English law. Police took away with them, following my arrest on the following day of the police raids over , now valued ,nearly £20,000 worth of my perfectly legally held gun collection and had them destroyed clearly out of plain welsh spite.
8. The police’s fear, it transpired, seven months later following court room cross examinations, was to keep me completely in the dark as to what was really going on? That is police standard practice and reason to oppose bail for whatever it takes and I did not know then what I found out in 2018 about the string of false criminal convictions police had been using since May 1993 (the garrotte type instrument HRH Prince of Wales imprisonment acquittal case) to so successfully oppose my bail for their victim not being represented. For whatever pretext it took this particular family intrusion and her undermining evidence of the prosecution’s case, gathered even on that very first day while I was in custody, was not, at any cost, be allowed to be disclosed to either me or the jury.
9. So, three days earlier, while leaving and already outside Bridgend police HQ, I was then mysteriously prevented while hordes of police (see photos) chose to search my little ford convertible, following a walkie-talkie message, allowing our three legged Jack Russell Terrier to escape to nearly being run over by a van! How on earth was I to know what they were looking for, The Crown jewels, machine guns? No one asked me so I finally said, ‘enough is enough’ and drove away ‘into the sunset’ none the wiser.
10. The Welsh police already knew, by sunset, on my day of arrest, the English police, CAA, Farnborough Air Show scrutineers and RAF had all already cleared my ‘film prop’ lookalike WW1 Lewis Machine gun as ‘safe’ and not in breach of section 5(1)a of 1968 Firearms Act.
11. This police withheld above information from me, whilst I was in Cardiff gaol for over many months awaiting trial, as they needed to move to their plan B, by dealing on me their ‘Gulag card’ now that their daft machine gun conspiracy was already dead in the starting gate.
12. My false criminal convictions, ‘child abuse’ etc, strangely could not have been put before the Barry magistrates by the clerk of the court, Mr Dobson, when I had applied for bail on the 24th June as it was granted by Barry magistrates with no conditions what so ever. Achieved by their simply reading my already prepared 64 page defence statement, as I had already warned my wife that something just like this was likely to happen and so I needed it written, aware at the time it was for a jury for something but needed also for the pending BS614159 etc civil claims cases. Just why no Crown Court was prepared to read my 64 page defence statement was never disclosed to me until as late as 4th December 2018, whilst I was in the appalling G4S Parc prison, did I first find out about my false criminal convictions that had been used for more reasons other than the obvious one, to stop all my civil claims.
13. My HM Prison & Parole Service (Wales) OASys Assessment data, that police had been preventing me from getting, contrary to regulations, on each of my prison discharges, were not to just hide these false criminal convictions but the countless pages of deliberate gross error focussing on falsifying my level of ‘risk’ to the general public, the base line relied on for any considered incarceration of their victim.
14. Simple scrutiny of my 4th December 2018 OASys data, alone, reveals an indictment of a plethora of pages recording blatant criminal conduct by many in the welsh authorities that had
15. AT my October 2019 HM Parole Board hearing, granting immediate prison release, upon hearing from both parole officer and police liaison officer that there was no evidence of my ‘risk’ to the general public available for the board caused both my sister, Celia and myself the obvious question.
16. As a retired magistrate Celia had attended and given evidence under the new 2019 regulations also asked for copy of video and transcript of the hearing inside prison for immediate private criminal prosecutions proceedings. Whereas the Chairman from London without hesitation granted it, again, under the 12019 new regulations we, of course, have been denied ever since by G4S, as they were currently answerable to my pending Judicial Review application, for the return of my confiscated Caswell clinic medical records and legal papers against their masters, the local bullying police, case number CO/3782/2019.
17. The presiding HM Parole Board also caused the fabricated fairy tale data, portraying my being a very great danger to the State due to my level of ‘risk’, including the false criminal convictions circulated worldwide by the police for decades, to be also expunged from the official UK record. But will that now be enough to allow my return to the United States to impart wisdom and experience, again, amongst one of our old colonies before my rudely interrupted lecture tour was interrupted when the South Wales Police caused me to be gaoled for over a month, put in a lunatic asylum and then deported in ankle chains, again on disgracefully supplied false data to the US Department of Homeland Security
18. False South Wales Police criminal convictions included :
‘Child abuse’, ABH, Firearms, FTA, and Narcotics (its use , supply and cultivation!)

19. The police’s novel idea was my dangerous ‘level of risk’ to the community and that I was ‘extremely dangerous’ due to my 14 aircraft engine failures during my 40 odd years in aviation (see leaked MAPPA/Caswell Clinic medical notes) while with the RAFVR, commercial or civil flying.

20. Could Enid Blyton have written a better story?

21. I therefore had to be falsely suspected of suffering ‘significant brain damage’ by no one appropriately not qualified at my MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements) registration, on the 8th June 2009 so I could be deemed level 3 category 3 as one of the top 5% most dangerous individuals currently in the UK gaols or even ‘on the run’.

22. This now could have confused me on 17th December 2009, when prison staff first inform me of my MAPPA status and by 4pm on the very same day, due to His Honour Judge Neil Bidder’s intervention that morning after the Newport Crown Court hearing, had ordered I was not a ‘risk’ to the general public only the Chief Constable have to retire in a few days in order to safeguard her pension before the proverbial hit the fan.

23. So called confirmed ‘significant brain damage’ came by of Rodger Wood’s first 19th September 2009 medical report despite in his hand, at the time of writing, were my earlier Princess of Wales Hospital 29th August 2009 brain X-rays, stating the ‘all clear’. The purported irreversible frontal ‘brain damage’ had been singularly concocted by this orrible man while psychologist, not even medically qualified, at Swansea University just trying to grab all the wanting limelight around the ‘machineguns publicity.
24. This , however, resulted in the medical professional with him being sacked from the NHS and who, of course, cannot be named due to ongoing legal proceedings on behalf of so many other potential victims of the policy used by so many despots around the world. If someone was a becoming a nuisance and with no criminal intent then using Stalin Gulag card or Hitler type tactics were always available to the State.
25. ‘If one gets too close to the enemy… (see House of Lords video and ones shown to the jury).
26. Glanrhyd Hospital’s Caswell Clinic’s secure forensic psychiatric unit, in the Vale of Glamorgan, was where the then Chief Constable now focused her conspiracy from 7th August 2009 when I was further sectioned under the 1983 act for a minimum of 3 months by monthly successions of Cardiff Crown Court Judges each having to be told by Thomlow a different variation of my ‘risk’ as each time I had knocked down the previous argument (see my paid for transcripts promised to be reimbursed but not, of course).
27. HM Prosecutor had repeated, on behalf of the endangered Chief Constable with the substantive civil claim just over the horizon, just how very dangerous I was and needing to be locked away for life. It had been only achieved this far by successfully having blackmailed the now sacked NHS medical professional, with his or her own high court restraining orders not to harass the Caswell Clinic experimental material. That is why false medical records currently withheld by G4S Custodial Services and South Wales Police had to be seized.
28. Dr Gaynor Jones of Caswell Clinic administration had finally relinquished her Caswell records intended for me, as her designated ‘patient’ and on 6th September 2018 on the understanding I stopped my hunger strike and would be given the 2009 Caswell records but the police soon stopped that idea for fear of the obvious consequences on themselves.
29. My court papers, including my appeal for conviction and vindictive level of sentence, two years, to RCJ and Cardiff law courts were regularly seen snatched by G4S staff (I have eye witness statements) as this privately run prison’s contract had been not renewed due to the level of bullying and being ‘in bed’ with the police even with office inside the prison wales!
30. I personally witnessed Rodger Wood’s bizarre ‘findings’ appearing to fool everyone except myself if the reader studies all the 2009 Crown Court official transcripts I paid for in 2009.
31. By October 2009 only Rodger Wood, Dr Roger Thomas and the one then sacked, appeared to be the only medical professionals remaining insisting I be locked away for life in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric hospital. Dr Roger Wood regularly excelled himself by regularly calling in the police in and on two occasions, while I was attending Caswell Clinic with a written appointments from Dr Gaynor Jones, even had me gaoled for ‘attempted breaking and entering’ and on the other occasion, arrested and gaoled for ‘attempted burglary’!
32. I had attended the clinic to collect, by prior arrangement, my promised medical records that were needed by my then Cardiff GP and anaesthetist for my hip operation. Upon release from prison with the usual charges begrudgingly dropped, a very concerned CPS officer even had to ring me on a week-end and apologise. So they aint all bad! I never did get what the Vale private hospital wanted to operate from Caswell (NHS hospitals were all warned off).
33. So I had to travel to Pontivy, Brittany, France, for a brain scan and a complete hip replacement unattainable in the UK due to the level of ‘inherent deceit’ oozing out from South Wales. I was up against in all directions as the civil substantive trial was now on the court hearings list again. I was forced to ingest nine months of morphine sulphate analgesia, to try and alleviate the extreme pain due to the deliberate delay for surgery.
34. This has left me mentally impaired as has been my hearing ever since those at Caswell, in September 2009 had subjected me to quite unnecessary radiology including a SPECT scan using intravenous radio opaque materials at the wrong dose rate.
35. As the criminal allegations re breaches of section 5 (1)a of the 1968 Firearms Act were already doomed and by then the South Wales Police had hawked the dummy gun well over 200 miles around the UK, in search of a ‘tame’ gunsmith to say it was illegal (as per wording on the indictment), they even frantically revisited their already warned to give evidence witnesses, without my knowing, for another attempt to obtain favourable statements.
36. Just how many witness statements the police buried I will never know but I first became aware of them by the manner in which the HM Prosecutor was asking his own witnesses questions only to cut in half sentence in an attempt to stop him or her disclosing he or she had, in fact, made several witness statements over the18 months the police had to admit in court the dummy gun had been under MAPPA level 3/3 terrorist investigation.
37. I also became aware of undisclosed vital witness statements that, alone, would have cleared my name very much in the closing days of a now completely absurd farce particularly ideal for Shaftsbury Avenue theatre.
38. This ‘machine gun’ conspiracy was obviously to block the Claimant’s BS614159 etc civil claims, arising from some fifty odd other failed malicious prosecutions requiring no legal representation or more than a dozen, at most, defence witnesses in the years of bullying.
39. Only the part redacted poor official account of the trial remains, obviously transcribed by foreigners unable to properly grasp our English language. One day of the transcript is still completely ‘missing’ for a two and a half week trial. My last remaining ‘machine-gun’ legal papers were destroyed or stolen with my vehicle when left outside Cardiff Crown court on conviction with my last remaining files purloined by G4S on the 1st November 2019 upon my violent release from prison. Almost 5 years of alleged ‘breaches of restraining orders that I had not known about or even been served on me was a deliberate malicious act.

40. In the year 2000 in a Bristol county court case number BS614159 was considered by His Honour Judge Raymond Jack QC having just studied this Claimant’s ‘Particulars of Claim’. It cited, in those days, only 40 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions brought by the South Wales Police. The number has risen to 50 odd failed criminal prosecutions and counting….
HHJ quote………………………………………..

41. Judge Raymond Jack QC had uttered his ‘disquiet’ over an English veterinary surgeon who had recently purchased a general practice in the Vale of Glamorgan and appearing to be overwhelmed by South Wales Police bullying triggered from a single telephone conversation with the Guernsey police where its victim had once practiced veterinary science.
42. Whereas this Claimant had won over 75% of criminal allegations in Taunton, Somerset and a similar figure in Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney all three main islands of the Channel Islands, nearly all had been associated with fast cars, motor bikes or aircraft escapades.
43. Success, so far, in South Wales has exceeded 89% of similarly failed maliciously brought criminal allegations. 113 plus criminal allegations, alone, in the space of nine years culminated and appeared to stop when the Barry police’s Inspector Collins successfully had written his 6th January 2001 letter to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons had my name removed from the veterinary register. I had shown, apparently, a ‘disrespect for authority’, ‘welsh’ authority.
44. The ‘trigger’ incident, apart from the recent string of magistrates and Crown Court ignominious defeats by proven lying senior officers, was about two dogs allegedly having fallen over a cliff in the winter of 2001 when only the Claimant was prepared to attend. The police, it was later established had telephoned numerous possibilities but not the nearest 24/7 veterinary service, myself, of course meaning it was well over an hour from the first call for assistance for me to be confronted with a group of angry passers-by with some assuming the delay had been my fault. One dog died due to hypothermia and a thoroughly neglected suppurating cancer in its mouth the size of a cricket ball that must have made eating without help practically impossible. Neither the dying dog nor the other had fallen over any cliff.
45. The National newspaper, as is so often the case, published a graphic and very inaccurate account as to how I had ran along that very awkward stony beach ‘stripped half naked’ with the dying medium size dog in my arms and ‘shouting at the people to keep up’ carrying my urgently needed medicine bag . Utter usual nonsense with my taking off my shirt and vest or jersey to wrap around the freezing poor blighter but the truth rarely sells newspapers.
46. It was exactly the same with the Sun newspaper on the 2nd day of machine gun trial, on the26th January 2009, with my £7,500 cheque for a legal team deposited four inches up my rectum for my sister, Celia who had particularly flown over from the Channel Islands for it as the prison staff were determined or INSTRUCTED I smuggled nothing into th court room whether it be a pen, paper or even my machine gun case papers served on me by the prosecution. The Sun, sure enough, made a funny story of it but for decades the local papers, with the notable exception of the Glamorgan Gem, never, never wrote anything about me which might cast a disparaging shadow on their local authorities which, maybe, is why its judicial system is in such a state as it is right now.
47. As for ‘the dogs over the cliff’ newspaper report it became so distorted, as far as the truth is concerned, the police took it upon themselves to report a yet worse version in order for it to send it’s 6th January 2001 complaint to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
48. The story in the gutter newspaper I knew nothing about and when I did I was so angry I immediately contacted Mr Ruck? a libel specialist solicitor in London only be told I was a week or so time barred, too late. The Barry police, however all willingly sped to the veterinary disciplinary hearing in a bus in 2002 and, as usual as night follows day, vengeance dominated with the usual failure to disclose favourable evidence for myself as, by then, they had now lost, out of 1113 criminal allegations 89% of them without one apology, a habit to which I had become so well accustomed whilst residing in the Vale of Glamorgan.
49. This Chief Constable’s concocted ‘trading in machine guns’ conspiracy was hatched most likely on or about the glorious 12th August 2008, more details later, with her private solicitor, Adrian Oliver, senior solicitor for Dolmans. His client and benefactor, Barbara Wilding, was informed that my much delayed, 16 years by then, proposed BS614159 substantive damages trial was now set down for January 2009 by the shortly to retire management judge, His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC.
50. It was, therefore, of no surprise to find out in the ‘at last’ released 2010 machine gun transcript, in June 2019, disclosing that Ms Williams, for the police, had told the court she had been directed in August 2008 to view my web page on ‘’ showing the exhibit AJR1, the 1st ‘dummy gun’ for sale on cyberspace. Why, because it was being collected that same day by the new owner’s wife, Mrs Cooper. Why, because she would be examined by the prosecutor to tell the jury that police records revealed my never having held any type of firearms licence on the 11th August 2009 or indeed, ever held one! Another direct clumsy police lie now paranoid the civil claims must be stopped.

51. Extracts of still more HM Prosecution weasel words from 8th day of 3rd Feb10 ‘machine-gun’ trial
52. Ms Williams: I was, I was asked to carry out a search of the database.
Mr Kirk: Right.
Ms Williams: On Police were aware of ‘dummy gun’ when published on Claimant’s web site on 11th Aug 2008
53. Ms the —
Mr Kirk: OK, who by?
Ms Williams: I think it was a Detective Constable Erica Knight.
(defendant confers with his sister)
Mr Kirk: Are we going to hear from this lady later?
Ms Williams: I don’t know.
Mr Kirk: OK. And what date would that have been?
Ms Williams: The date that’s on statement. I can’t recall.
Page 79
Mr Kirk: Well, could you have a look please?
His Honour Judge Thomas: 11 August according to the copy I have.
Mr Kirk: Could you identify whether it’s correct? No disrespect to you, Your Honour, but, but could she check that that is the statement to which we refer?
His Honour Judge Thomas: Yes, certainly. Would you care to see the original?
Mr Kirk: I don’t need to, but if she, she …
Ms Williams: Yes, that’s correct.

55. So why did police wait 10 months to arrest a very dangerous MAPPA 3/3 victim brandishing a machine gun?

56. If that was not bad enough for the police they were determined the BS614159 claim would never get aired in any court of law but His Honour had also made the unusual court order, after his clear comments expressing his exasperation for the police for not taking my Bristol solicitors’ original suggestions, in 2000, for ‘settlement. But that would seriously curtail the now two million pound ‘gravy train’ from the tax payer now pocketed by Dolmans before the usual ‘handouts’ to those relied on to ensure this very corrupt local industry was a lucrative one.
57. My being ‘struck off’ on 29th May 2001, in order to curtail my income to fund my ever increasing civil claims, was all dependant on Civil Procedure Rules disclosure of evidence being ignored by the welsh police and in my particular case, MG6D, PII and MAPPA specific failed disclosure. None of the latter, to this day, has materialised as any such evidence would have seriously undermined the Chief Constable’s tactics for her bus load of officers giving their variation of evidence in London at my Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons May 2002 disciplinary hearing.
58. It was in October 2008 the Cardiff County court hearing ‘triggered’ what was later to be a MAPPA level 3 category 3 multiple authorities’ planning in order to having me shot (see 8th June 2009 leaked contemporaneous notes by Caswell clinic staff).
59. His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC, having originally directed the South Wales Police to disclose to the Claimant the relevant evidence surrounding their 50 odd failed criminal prosecutions, when seeing both his order and those by numerous judges before him were being ignored, ordered in November 2008 the Chief Constable, herself, was to sign her very own sworn affidavit within six weeks that all relevant data had been disclosed to me. It took a dramatic visit into and inside Adrian Oliver’s own office with my thumping fist demanding the police attend immediately for that, we all knew futile affidavit be dated. (signed months earlier, of course and purposely then withheld).
60. My realisation in court that November 2008 day that my whole struggle appeared suddenly over on the one hand but if no disclosure of the relevant evidence I had now arrived at a very dangerous situation loosely translated from Voltaire:
‘It is dangerous to be right when the State is wrong’
61. Following HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC’s blunt order to finally put a stop to this police bullying by ordering disclosure of a decade of evidence applied for I was, that year, unlawfully banned from attending the court building, other than for hearings for these past 10 years. 10 years thereby being deliberately unable to visit the public counter, a need at least for 40 to 50 times a year to expedite my civil claims.

62. Barbara Wilding promptly resigned from the police force at her earliest opportunity i.e. 31st December 2019 aware of consequences re pension and for those in Caswell Clinic also in this conspiracy.

63. In early January 2009 I delivered a letter to HRH the Prince of Wales at his Gloucestershire residence asking that His Royal Highness become aware of the appalling state in South Wales with the police appearing to be answerable to no one.
64. FTAC from Whitehall was swiftly summoned to have me examined by a doctor who, by letter, confirmed it had ‘no concerns’ over Maurice Kirk.
65. This was no good for the South Wales Police, of course, so it contacted my GP, despite my 18 years as a patient, who quickly banned me from Cowbridge Health Centre after having me referred, with no explanation what so ever, to a forensic psychiatrist in a Bridgend hospital.
66. This April 2009 ‘consultation’ was a complete nonstarter as , as within 5 minutes of the interrogation, it became abundantly obvious this was the police trying to have me sectioned 1983 Mental Health Act, anything to stop the imminent civil trial now moved to the summer requiring 300 odd witnesses, 200 of which were serving or non-serving police officers.
67. I controlled the next 5 minutes by asking questions only to then get up and leave while specifically asking for a written account of the ‘consultation. I have never been allowed the doctors’ reports as it was suggested I was not entitled to them! I never even obtained copy of any notes taken by those two doctors later, I found out, were used in the 8th June 2009 MAPPA 3/3 meeting. Even by court applications, over the next 10 years, indicates there could not have been anything recorded as unfavourable.
68. In May2009, HM Home Office had published a consultancy document on the safety and necessary legislation, if need be, for collectors of obsolete weapons and general war time memorabilia following the section in the 1968 firearms act re ‘dummy guns’ etc.
69. Also, I did not know that on that fateful day in August 2008, ten months earlier, senior police in Bridgend HQ had already noticed my daughter’s photograph of me with dummy film prop published worldwide for a bit of fun. With the South Wales Police’s particular 24/7 concern for my welfare emphasised by witnesses in the substantive civil claim having regularly witnessed, for example, late at night, Barry police taking down the registration numbers and checking tyre treads of the 4or 5 practice vehicles parked right outside my then Barry Veterinary Hospital on Tynewydd Hill.
70. [Later, of course, this film prop made up of scrap metal was always referred to the jury by both HM Prosecutor , Richard Thomlow and Judge Paul Thomas, of similar persuasion, which at least warned me and eight of the jury in the pub afterwards, as they recounted to us, just which way this trial was going to pan out. From all eight I and family heard them say were convinced there was a male police ‘plant’ amongst them stating “guilty” every day but refusing to explain why]. The majority verdict records his name now needed for civil jury trial

71. The 1st June 2009 police’s Independent Advisory Group (IAG) conducted by the Chief Constable in police HQ contemplated on how I may be ‘eliminated’ before defending my substantive hearing, listed for a six week trial trial that summer, requiring around 300 witnesses. This, my personal witness statement now only from memory as the welsh police have maintained their policy of vicious harassment that has dominated the past decade, five of which have been in prison, in deliberately blocking my essential medical appointments and vital medicines and preservation of my documentary evidence. Police knew that I was diagnosed (since June 2010) with an advanced carcinogenic lesion(s) in my throat known as Barrett’s Syndrome requiring the right medication daily.
72. The police’s latest act of vengeance revealed, so far, was the confiscation of my remaining ‘machine gun’ conspiracy papers withheld by Parc prison on my 1st November 2019 release.
73. I have been handed down prison terms amounting to 5 years of my life, so far, in appalling custody conditions for a ‘litigant in person’ unable to acquire appropriate legal representation due to the Taffia politics and clear hatred of the English.
74. By my simply publishing the simple truth on Caswell Clinic’s fictitious medical reports, some redacted and back dated due to my acquittal, I refer to the lying Professor psychologist Rodger Wood, while some, the most important, I refer to Dr Gaynor Jones’s Caswell Clinic medical records sent to Parc Prison in September 2018 specifically for me are still not disclosed despite repetitive court orders and requests from my GPs in England due to new symptoms of severe pain that require controlled analgesics.
75. Whereas many medical reports that I was a serious ‘risk’ were created under police blackmail with one written on the 18thSeptember 2009 by an inappropriately chosen and quite unqualified Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University. His report was written in order to fool some Caswell Clinic professional staff, countless bail judges and numerous juries that due to my alleged numerous episodes of ‘violent frontal brain lobe deceleration’ over 40 years of flying I now suffered ‘significant brain damage’ and paranoid delusional disorder (PDD) requiring immediate further Cardiff court action to have me taken away in a strait jacket to Ashworth secure mental health hospital for life.
76. The chief constable’s ‘machine gun idea was soon clearly a nonstarter to extend my prison term after the 6 months when the proverbial ‘cat would be out of the bag’.
77. By summer 2009 with no visiting lawyer, there were several, unable to establish my defence when on the apparent pretext of free legal representation clearly promised by Judge Nicholas Cooke QC meant the Taffia had to think again on how to stop the civil trial.
78. With state paid transcripts promised by Judge Cooke I am still denied, 10 years later, nearly £3000 reimbursement for my June/July/August/Sept/ Oct/Nov/ Dec acquired transcripts gathered for bail appeals in RCJ’s Criminal Court of Appeal and world publication.
79. It was not until 4th December 2018 that an over concerned welsh parole officer, a Mr Bradley Hughes, inadvertently hand me my prisoner’s OASys Assessment log that has to be disclosed to prisoners shortly before his or her release from any UK prison especially if MAPPA registered again as I was but not told. Such are the nefarious ways in welsh authorities.
80. For nearly 30 years of welsh authority persecution I had never seen a purported complete OASys Assessment on prison release as mine contained police fabricated forensic history.
81. The 4th December 2019 parole document turned out to be stuffed with police supplied false data clearly malicious with senior officers, CPS lawyers and countless judges having to have been ‘in the know’. Could be any other explanation.
82. For example, my 4th December 2018 ‘assessment’ document contained malicious police concocted evidence, over 30 serious errors recorded ,alone, explaining as to why I never obtained bail in the ‘machine gun‘ prosecution from the moment, in late June 2009 nor since with the CPS successfully appealed the Barry magistrates unconditional bail verdict. Judge Hughes in early July 2009 refused to even read my 64 page defence statement explaining malicious intent from an ever increasing number of departments within the Welsh Assembly, judiciary, HM Prison Service and police force. Prosecutor Thomlow or another equally disreputable creature is caught on transcript telling the judge not to read it!
83. The few pages of the 4th December 2018 printout, with the closely inadvertent partial disclosure of just some of my Caswell clinic records (on 6th September 2018) sent to G4S for fear of yet another predicted Judicial Review application (some 60 odd, so far, admitted as received at the Administrative Courts of the Royal Courts of Justice) had resulted from many years of lobbying MPs, Assembly Members, subject Access Request and court application.
84. Subsequent medical reports, discussed in the secret 2nd December 2009 Cardiff Crown Court bail hearing , before Judge Neil Bidder QC, while I remained locked up violently protesting ‘below stairs’ as legally unrepresented, all referred from Rodger Wood’s ‘findings’ first now withheld report that I suffered from ‘significant brain damage’ to such an extent I was a serious ‘risk’ to society, generally and because I had been a ‘long term’ drinking partner, Oliver Reed Esq. The clinical psychiatrist, in Caswell and I both read that Rodger Wood first version so hurriedly changed upon my acquittal. It had been sent to Dr Ruth Bagshaw, so I suggest that this needs to be confirmed if anyone is taking statement seriously.
85. Prosecutor, now Judge Richard Thomlow (see statements from both myself and Charles Caspar Kirk), as the learned presiding judge indicated the aircraft log books may be of some significance after all, was seen attempting to hide the airframe and engine log book of theDH2 under his papers on the desk while recommending to the presiding judge I be further sectioned for Ashworth psychiatric prison for life as a registered MAPPA 3/3.
86. Whilst incarcerated for an extra 3 months, before trial, sectioned under 35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act and now this last vindictive 2 year prison sentence handed down was un-appealable by Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke , on the 17th December 2017, having to admit ( see Cardiff Crown Court transcript extract p12C)that the authorities would not allow her to cause an independent CPS or outside police force investigation into the proven , many times, vindictive behaviour by now so many with Judge Andrew Keiser QC also now denying police disclosure for the very same nefarious reasons in the 1CF03361 machine gun damages claim.
87. Since Judge Chambers QC‘s apparent ‘slip of the tongue’, re police must disclose relevant evidence, I enclose a sample of ’immunity to prosecution’ handed out by the Taffia to the culpable rather like toffees to children at a birthday party.
88. Dr Ruth Bagshaw
Caswell Clinic
South Wales 10th November 2017
89. Dear Madam

Incorrect NHS (Wales) Medical Reports Seriously Damaging My Health

Now Professor Wood has retired I request from you a copy of his original
18th September 2017 letter he emailed to you stating my ‘significant brain damage’ was due to :

a. I had ditched my WW2 Piper Cub in the Caribbean
b. I had first flown in the cub to Australia without even a map and
c. Because I had been a long term drinking partner of actor, Oliver Reed!

90. Your then in-house clinical psychologist, but under duress, allowed me to read all pages of such Wood falsehoods now at ‘gross variance’ in its current form, of same date, held in NHS central records as someone, on my February 2010 predicted acquittal for ‘trading in machine guns’ deliberately altered by someone to put the blame on a forensic psychiatrist.

91. In the likely event of my not obtaining a promise that I will be given copy, for various criminal and civil courts and for next week’s court hearing, then I may have to raise the matter with Her Honour Judge Tracy Lloyd Clarke and CCRC. I will be applying for Her Honour to order, if need be, in the issuing of witness subpoenas on the fourteen people who attended my weekly ‘around the table’ discussions caused by the then professor’s report. The GMC will be informed.

92. After Caswell Clinic’s Aug 2009 forensic psychiatric report by police blackmail, to achieve my s35 of the 1983 Mental Health Act incarceration, Dr David Seely has recommended I see a neurologist and Dr Gaynor Jones has recommended I see her also due to my marked deterioration in health following 25 years of incessant police
bullying with no judiciary apparently ‘fit for purpose’ to stop their criminal conduct.

93. May I suggest these issues need to be expedited before my sentencing hearing next week. This will require the rumoured April 2013 ‘variation’ restraining order, not correctly served on me but reliant on the magistrates’ 1st December 2011 restraining order, also never served on me in the first place, to be ‘varied or completely ‘struck out’.

94. My 4th May 2012 jury was bluntly refused courts, Geoamey Custodial Services and police evidence of the purported ‘service’ of ‘papers’ in my cell and considered “irrelevant” (see court transcript)by His Honour Judge John Curran as he had seen some before ‘doctored’. Their ‘jury note’ was also deliberately withheld from me and my 2013 Criminal Court of Appeal to further disrupt my civil claim following 33 failed malicious prosecutions.

Yours faithfully
Maurice J Kirk BVSc copy to Cardiff Crown Court

95. My needed relevant civil and criminal evidence the alleged Harassment for scurrilously concocted breaching of a concocted restraining order obvious from the 1st December 2011, in Cardiff magistrates court despite my 4 hour interview.

96. If my elimination could not be attempted lawfully the alternative, with HM Crown Prosecution Service present at the MAPPA meeting to hear this conspiracy unfold, then it could achieved by obtaining a substantial prison term of the mandatory 10 years for both ‘possessing a prohibited weapon’ and for ‘proceeds of crime’ in the alternative as almost all knew the replica had been sold over 10 years earlier and handed over to Mrs Cooper and pilot Mr French with promised immunity to prosecution be the welsh police force if they both gave evidence for the crown Such bizarre thinking may be difficult to comprehend on the other side of Offa’s dyke.

97. This replica was soon displayed before thousands in the 2008 RAF Air Day by then partly painted silver (see above photo).

98. In 2000 Judge Jack QC in Bristol County Court has expressed disquiet (see transcript) as to the obvious seriousness behind my need to seek civil redress having suffered neither an apology nor compensation for having to successfully defend almost 50 malicious criminal prosecutions requiring neither lawyers nor many defence witnesses.
99. On 8th October 2008 His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC, during 0an already decade running civil claim for redress, BS614159 etc, had directed the new Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, to disclose her evidence gathered during the previous 26 years of extreme and unusual bulling their veterinary surgeon if ever seen driving in his Barry Veterinary Hospital practice vehicles.
100. Barbara Wilding who had recently introduced ’a shoot to kill policy’ in her position as assistant Chief Constable in the Metropolitan Police had to communicate with the CAA on the 22nd of June 09. The Civil Aviation Authority therefore telephoned a Mr Gerry Cooper of Wickenby Aerodrome, the new owner of my replica DH2 biplane and instructed him to remove the replica Lewis machine gun from the front of her fuselage and take it straight away to his nearest Home Office registered firearms gunsmith, a Mr Scott in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

101. This was the beginning of a 2000 mile journey for the ‘ dummy gun’ all around the UK which, if there was any doubt as to the legality of Exhibit AJR1, then under Home Office Regulations for transporting the exhibit if a ‘prohibited weapon’ there had to be a minimum of three armed police officers with at least one with a machine gun of their own between them. The South Wales Police rarely applied those rules, perhaps they had listened to the experts who all told them it was well outside the required specifications for a section 5(i)a ‘breach’ of the 1968 Act.

102. Now, on the other hand, it may well have been in breach of the appropriate section in the 1968 Act, covering an imitation ‘guns’ but used in an act or possible act of a bank raid, for example. But no, such was the malicious intent by certain senior personnel within the South Wales Police they pushed on for a conviction for the alternative was far too serious to even contemplate now that I had not been released without charge by the evening of 22nd June 2009.

103. Mr Michael Scott examined the replica and considered it unable to either recoil more than one round of ammunition into the breach, when relevant finger pressure needed is applied to the trigger or even fire just one round, as a standard non magazine shotgun (ie breach loaded), when using any gauge of cartridge such as 303 or .410 live ammunition as referred to by the prosecution during the trial. But when Mr Scott received and then handed it over to the English police (see witness statements the magazine was still silver as Mr Scott had purchased it on the 11th August 2008 and the imitation ‘barrel’ was blocked.
104. On my release from prison on the 10th February 2010 I was promptly re arrested and only released on the 11th of February 2010 from Bridgend police station. I then, as soon as possible, travelled to Mr Cooper at Wickenby aerodrome, Lincolnshire and took witness statements from those that had handled the dummy gun confirming the police conspiracy to have me falsely gaoled for a minimum of 10years and with Thomlow’s request for ‘’proceeds of crime’ that may have been another two years in a welsh gaol.
105. But I took their witness statements to a very old friend of her ‘Llantwit Major’ beat, an Acting Inspector Lucas at Central Cardiff police station who, having read the witness statements did not hesitate but to summon more senior staff to take my detailed complaint by way of my own witness statement that was taken by another inspector with another to witness it.
106. I was refused a copy of anything and ever since have been unable to get any record I had even been there someone had seemed to have forgotten I had been arrested on entering the police station, an occupational habit of mine if I am to be so daf as to enter a welsh police station without numerous eye witnesses at hand.

107. On page 46F of transcript of 1st day of T20097445 Cardiff Crown Court trial, on the 25th February 2009, I was not allowed to file a defence statement despite being in receipt of a HM Crown Prosecution service letter having given me, that week, 14 days to submit one to the trial judge, His Honour Judge Paul Thomas QC.
108. Repeatedly throughout the trial the learned judge refused to allow my legal papers, lying just at the bottom of the court stairs to the cells or that they be brought into the dock.
109. The judge had been informed I had, on 25th June 2009, served on the Barry magistrates my 64 page 19th June 2009 BS614159 Claimant witness statement that had caused my immediate release from custody with unconditional bail.
110. The content of my civil claim statement was finally officially ‘served’ on the South Wales Police, on the morning of the 22nd June 2009 at Marlpits, St Donats, Vale of Glamorgan where I had left a copy of it for them when police removed it with ‘ammunition’, identified in the indictment, on top, as a paper weight, but all seized as part of the ‘Operation Crocus or Tulip’ or whatever the expensive self-serving game she was playing at the time, designed to having me ‘lawfully’ shot in front of my 10 year old daughter, good wife and all my four gun dog.
111. His last remaining ‘machine-gun’ legal papers were destroyed or stolen with his vehicles with his last remaining files purloined by G4S on the 1st November 2019 upon his violent release from prison. Almost 5 years of alleged ‘breaches of restraining orders that had not known about or even been served on him! The first one of December 2011 welsh authorities had also deliberately withheld from him with his having no knowledge of it until he was arrested!
112. 200 odd relevant prosecution exhibits, gathered by the police for the ‘machine gun’ prosecution, have never been disclosed to him in either the criminal hearing or subsequent civil claim hearing despite numerous judges having so ordered until they had found out later the dire consequences that would have caused for five, so far, South Wales Police Chief Constables.
113. The ‘machine-gun’ transcripts reveal twice, during the Claimant’s absence from court, deliberately failed police disclosure of witness statements that alone should of resulted in their victim’s immediate release from prison. Those statements remain buried.
A Random Sample of extracts of ‘Machine Gun Trading’ Crown Court Hearings
a) Extract of HM Crown Prosecutor’s 2nd December 2009
This transcript, when found, reveals the prosecutor applying for their police victim, the Claimant locked in a cell beneath the Cardiff Crown Court applying to have him incarcerated in a psychiatric high security prison for life as (wrongly) ‘diagnosed’ in having a possible brain tumour with identified ‘significant brain damage’ resulting in his MAPPA 3/3 PDD, Paranoid Delusional Disorder.
This selection of extracts from the T20097445 ‘machine guns ‘trial highlights the apparent level of criminal conduct in authority determined to use the mandatory 10 year prison term if a 2nd medical opinioncannot be found to support the South Wales’s Police’s blackmailed psychiatrist.
b) Mr Kirk: I need to know, anyway, how to cross, well, I, I, I feel offensive to suggest I’m cross-examining this gentleman, but technically I’m, I’m to cross-examine him now. But I wish to know that I’m going to get a lawyer available once Huxtable comes back on the same evidence.
His Honour Judge Thomas: We, we’ll, we’ll deal with that —
Mr Kirk: No, no, I want to know if you will let me give my sister a cheque for £7,500 from the dock. You have prevented certain things happening so far in this trial. I must know if I can give my sister, before the proceedings —
His Honour Judge Thomas: Right.
Mr Kirk: End today —
His Honour Judge Thomas: Dock officer, is there any reason why a cheque can’t be given?
Page 109 of 167

Dock Officer 1: No reason at all, I don’t think.
Dock Officer 2: I don’t think, Your Honour. It depends where the chequebook is. Is he, is he signing somebody else’s chequebook? Where, where’s his —
His Honour Judge Thomas: Where’s the —
Dock Officer 2: Chequebook?
His Honour Judge Thomas: Chequebook?
Mr Kirk: No, I have the cheque on my, on me at the moment.
His Honour Judge Thomas: Is there a reason, therefore, why that can’t be given to his sister?
Dock Officer 2: Well, I can’t see no problem at all with it, Your Honour, with that all, if he’s —
His Honour Judge Thomas: Right.
Dock Officer 2: Got it on him —
His Honour Judge Thomas: In that case —
Dock Officer 2: On his person.
His Honour Judge Thomas: Give the, sorry?
Mr Kirk: Well, that really turns everything on its head, doesn’t it? Because you are not letting me have my legal papers, because you say I have to sign a piece of paper.
His Honour Judge Thomas: Mr Kirk, if you’ve got a —
Page 110 of 167

Dock Officer 2: But if the chequebook’s in with his legal papers, he’s going to have to sign his legal papers —
His Honour Judge Thomas: Right.
Dock Officer 2: To get his chequebook.
His Honour Judge Thomas: OK.
Mr Kirk: They are, the chequebook, the cheque is with me.
His Honour Judge Thomas: Do you have the cheque on you at the moment?
Mr Kirk: Yes.
His Honour Judge Thomas: In your pocket?
Mr Kirk: No, it is three inches up my rectum. How else do you —
His Honour Judge Thomas: Well, in that —
Mr Kirk: Think I can get —
His Honour Judge Thomas: In that —
Dock Officer 2: Well, that being the case —
Mr Kirk: Money?
c) Extracts from 4th day of MG trial 28th January 2010
Mr Twomlow: Your Honour is aware that the names of the members of the Jury in this case have been published on the internet overnight.
His Honour Judge Thomas: Yes.
Mr Kirk: Oh, Christ
By now the prosecution had to stop the doomed trial as the Nottingham police evidence, that the dummy Lewis could not be a ‘prohibited weapon’, was leaking out so by informing the court of published jury names could set up a new trial but with the alleged prohibited material, contrary to the 1968 firearms act, found in the Claimant’s home during the trial meant it could gaol both Mr and Mrs Kirk, anything to stop the lucrative BS614 519 spoils being shared between the key conspirators.
d) 4th day of MG trial
His Honour Judge Thomas: No, wait a minute. How does he know that, Mr Kirk? Or if it —
Mr Kirk: Well, what —
His Honour Judge Thomas: Is important, why weren’t the Nottinghamshire Police asked about this?
Mr Kirk: Well, that is why I question the order of witnesses, Your Honour, because we’ve got to have some intent. We’ve got to have who’s, who instigated all this. We’ve got to have where’s the loss? We’ve got to have all the basic ingredients for an alleged crime.

Mr Twomlow: On the morning of 23 June of last year, 2009, did you receive at police
headquarters a, a gun?
Mr Huxtable: That is correct.
Mr Twomlow: What was that gun please?
Mr Huxtable: That was a Lewis machine gun.
Mr Twomlow: Was that reference AJR1?
Mr Huxtable: That’s correct.
Now the trial became really bizarre by the Claimant being asked to identify exhibit 1 in front of the now hysterical jury that he was NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH when the police had, unknowing to their victim, already represented the dummy to the buyer and others not expecting the former, having ‘smelt a rat’ had examined the dummy a 2nd time when brought back up to Lincoln again without the statutory armed police officers per Home Office regulation to find someone had unblocked the barrel when the police in a panic had circulated the exhibit all around the UK on the second occasion once Philip Rydeard of the Manchester or Birmingham proof house had stated it was not compatible to the wording in the indictment ie it could not be a ‘prohibited weapon’

The is more, to e continued

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