MACHINE GUN TRIAL TRANSCRIPT (3rd Day) evidence from ‘FOXY’ police’s undercover transgender agent provocateur while he/she hides behind a screen

The Welsh authorities really excel themselves in the art of deceit in the two weeks of farce and could be put to music for better still for a modern day version of a West End Whitehall theatre Brian Rix farce!

May I suggest you simply count up the number of times Judge Paul Thomas QC (quaintly corrupt) cps prosecutor, Richard Thomlow and specific witnesses deliberately are caught lying to both the jury and myself. Their comical covert face and hand signals,Freemason devil worship style, was a joy to watch . The audience, however, kept being rebuked for their jibes and laughter with some ejected from the public auditorium

Apologies, 3rd day trial transcript muddled up will correct within 48 hours and in meantime publish 4th day, also an indictment in its self, tomorrow if I have time!

Meantime, enclosed is a newspaper article on Mr Brian Woodford, a gun runner ‘on the run’ from US and Interpol authorities to lock him up in California with his wife. But no it was not expedient for the deceitful judge Paul Thomas QC, investigating police officers and thomlow to allow any of this deal be known to either the jury or myself.

Brian Woodford, I finally find out, was the real previous owner of the Lewis and actually sold her to me through his purported brother!

To get me gaoled for the mandatory 10 year prison term, to screw my civil claims against their chief constable Thlow et al (and at least half a dozen of the other Cardiff judges in the plot had Thomlow do a deal of prosecution immunity for all those who had handled or owned the Lewis in the years before and after I had owned her.

Wicked CPS prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, now a welsh judge, went to great pains to successfully oppose bail every time so , in the 8 months before the trial I was kept in semi solitary for most of the time without access to my legal papers, other prisoners, witnesses or even my wife……such is the inherent deceit one routinely finds in the South Wales authorities with their inept uncontrolled hatred of the english.

Why couldn’t Brain Woodford and the multi million arms trading be allowed to seep into this farcical trial was because there had been so many ‘kick backs’ with Dolmans and many other lawyers by US agencies and other MAPPA partners in crime.

What ever happened to my witness statements gathered on release from prison in February 2010 to support some independent police force enquiry?

The lady Llantwit Major female acting police inspector, who took them from me was soon to be found dead and I on the same day of delivery was arrested and gaoled to stop the damming new evidence getting out.

It included aircraft engineers who had seen the ‘gun’ on day I sold her in August 2008 to the same finding that after the South Wales Police had taken posen of her in June 2009 was , within a few months in custody to be found to be mysteriously with an unblocked barrel and painted back to the colour on the pont of august 2008 sale proven by the photo at the top taken by my my daughter, Belinda.

Who are the more disgusting urchins the police conducting the conspiracy, the ones who fabricated my medical records to have incarceration for life in Ashworth or the host of police lawyers, prosecutors and Cardiff judges who all had be in on the act if their plan to hush up their 50 odd failed malicious prosecutions was to succeed?

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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