South Wales Police Further Corruption

A month ago my 10 year running 1CF03361′ Trading in Machine Guns’ civil claim was in yet another welsh judge with his speciality in avoiding an independent police enquiry of multi-million pound fraud by Dolmans solicitors, the proceeds of which are already earmarked for similarly corrupt senior police officers. Incidentally, the Lewis is an excellant choice for rabbiting in the Vale of glamorgan also armed with my gun dogs and a ferret.

Thoroughly evil Judge Paul Thomas Q uantly C orrupted allowed this video, below, to be played to the jury (spot the magazine content?) such was the welsh judiciary’s avowed intent to hush-up the 30 year scandal of losing 89% of the 113 criminal allegations brought against an English veterinary surgeon all based on a Guernsey police phone call also oozing with malice, spite and plain old fashioned jealousy from losing 75% of all their prosecutions against me. (in an incestuous environment of where the permanent jury are voted on by each other and the two prosecutors!

Welsh police dirty tricks included having me ‘struck off’ the veterinary register with a sack full of lies as almost all motoring allegations were at night , when on animal emergency calls, whereby avoiding independent witnesses for a therefore predicted welsh magistrates success.

Their vast volumes of undisclosed damaging prosecution evidence has been systematically withheld throughout all my 1993 to 2020 criminal and civil claim proceedings (eg BS614159/1CF03361) despite local judges ‘going through the motions’ of ordering disclosure of their clearly identified false incriminating MAPPA/RCVS/HM Parole Board/ Court used data .

For example, just how many years have I had the following false convictions fortunately slipped to me by my own parole officer on 4th December 2018. Deliberate to double prison terms and deny early release on parole:

  1. Child abuse
  2. Firearms
  3. ABH
  4. FTA
  5. Narcotics, supply and use!

I had , as per CPR, submitted all my known evidence from the 33 odd failled police criminal cases in the BS civil claim amounting to 27, yes, 27 full arch lever files!

All 27 finally returned by Dolmans, corrupt solicitors, having deliberately blanked off all my indexing records on the spines of each full file making it almost unmanageable. In return the welsh police only disclosed 2/3 leaver arch files AND in this current police machine gun conspiracy fraud the welsh judge has again repeated the BS judge, Seys Llewellyn QC, directions for police not to disclose the obviously needed data for a jury for a fair trial……but I am denied a jury, of course.

Such was the beginning of Article 3 breaches over a sustained 40 years of pre planned bullying if the many flying incidents are included causing CAA enquiry but no successful prosecutions. Barbara Wilding had even lied when judge made her signing her own affidavit that there had been FULL RELEVANT DISCLOSURE under CPR.

That was the moment, in 2008, when the government should have stepped in but Blair had, in 1998, deliberately excluded ECHR convention clause 1 expunged so victims of the judiciary couold turn to government for help.

South Wales Police failed and fictitious criminal prosecutions now exceed fifty with their latest false convictions, on parole board Oasys Assessment records and allegations of my supplying Alun Cairns MP, then HM Sectretary of State for Wales, with heroin and my new MP, Ms Rebecca Pow, with anthrax spores is all concocted out of plain malice.

For HM Crown Prosecutor, Richard Thomlow, to be swiftly elevated to a fully flegged welsh judge for bringing so many cooked prosecutions against me, is how potentially errant lawyers are controlled here in South W

My son and I quietly smiled in thsee wicked machine gun proceedings as Thomlow, for example, frantically tried to hide the DH2 aircraft log books by deliberately pushing them under his prosecution papers spread all over his desk!

This had been sparked when I had indicated to the judge the trial could be so easily stopped by just him simply inspecting the CAA/RAF documentation clearly stating the ‘gun’ was decommissioned in my ownership.

But no, the case had to continue for the 10 year mandatory prison term awaiating me as this deceit riddled Cardiff Crown Court could not stomach that sort of exposure to the truth over the police withhheld equally damming BS614159 civil claim data due to Wilding’s 1st 33 failed prosecutions from 1992 immediately after I had bought the veterinary practice. AND any way with an already vocally amused audience, with expulsions from the court from seeing the fraud (what did Lord Denning say?) what, out of control, would be next?

His Honour Judge Andrew Keizer QC, presiding, on 24th January 2020, caused the audience from all around the the public gallerysome new understanding as to the level of unabated criminal conduct by both senior police officers and Dolmans.

The unfortunate video, below, filmed after a somewhat ‘liquid lunch’ in the Prince of Wales pub in Cardiff, after yet another hearing to deliberately delay ‘disclosure of facts’ and prevent exposure of the truth is , at least a warning to the new reader should he or she dare enter a welsh court and be expecting a ‘level playing field’.

Maurice Kirk BAFTA performance “Prince of Wales” Cardiff 24 January 2020 Visited

The incriminating data of the police/Dolmans multimillion fraud, in order to hide their 50 odd failed malicious criminal prosecutions is currently snatched on police orders and remains in Parc prison Bridgend. Remember, concocted against me (BS614159 etc) to have me either shot and if that failed, sectioned for life in Ashworth’s high security psychiatric prison, is all in my 1st machine gun draft of ‘particulars of claim’, in May 2010, filed in court 10 years ago and will appear on this blog once I have mastered the technicalities

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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