Am I Really Going Mad?

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That must be my 17th Cardiff judge who will not have South Wales Police correct that I had a ‘prohibited weapon’ carrying a mandatory 5 year prison term and now doubled because I sold her. This has been extended to life imprisonment

The WW1 Lewis machine gun had been handed out by the RAF to aircraft engineers, before her sale, as a decommissioned gun under the law. Despite this I was then arrested by the South Wales Police in order to stop my civil claim BS614159 from going to trial with engineers as prosecution witnesses.

 Articles 5/6/8: The Right To Privacy, Family And Personal Life

(Stopped 60 odd prison letters and access to nine Court attendances)

The Court ruled that the British government was wrong, the right to a fair trial included the right to access the Court. This included being able to contact legal professionals for advice because this is often essential to be able to make a claim.

The fair, public and expeditious characteristics of judicial proceedings are of no value at all if there are no judicial proceedings.

My arrest soon sparked The Civil Aviation Authority to cause English police not only to clear my WW1 ‘gun’, then bolted on a now sold DH2 replica biplane but had cleared all such guns in the UK.  

 However, Old Warden’s air museum was found to have three prohibited weapons on their World War aircraft all openly displayed to the general public but no arrests or prosecution! Why?

CLAIMANT POSITION STATEMENT BS614159 CF03361 & D00CF279                          

South Wales Police Machine Gun Fraud reliant on False Medical Records

Claimant’s ‘Position Statement’ for 24th January 2020 Cardiff’s Civil Claim Hearing

  1. On exit from prison he has had a chance to see the official transcript revealing not just deceitful conduct by 2009 prosecutor Richard Thomlow, throughout the near three week criminal trial for all to read now but also deliberate deceit by the presiding judge at the time, Paul Thomas, yet another wicked man hell bent on hiding the truth that the conspiracy had been originally based on fictitious unqualified medical reports obtained by police blackmail.
  • The proposed trial judge for the 1CF03361 civil claim trial for compensation, HHJ Keiser QC,  appears to be no different, of course, to the past 17 judges so far in Cardiff, that have managed to cover-up this high level of deceit metered out by police HQ, prosecuting lawyers, prison and parole staff all in on the act . Read it on the official trial transcript.
  • In this past week, for example, the Claimant has travelled the length and breadth of England, well over one thousand miles for witnesses but not Wales, of course, as it is far too dangerous to enter for fear of yet another arrest on spurious grounds yet again.
  • Claimant’s gathered statements, of the first time, already given to police post acquittal, for  a post-trial investigation, have not been seen or heard of again, surprise, surprise.
  •  One witness repeats his statement identifying the ‘gun’ having been bought from Claimant as all ‘black’  to be partly paint ‘silver’ only for it to be returned post-trial a third colour!
  • Another confirms the ‘gun’ in trial’ was brought into court each day by one policeman with it slung over his shoulder to 2nd week needing 3 armed  police using a locked box for transport.
  • Another witness again confirms he and his wife had been interviewed under police caution for ‘being in possession’ of a prohibited weapon contrary to s. 5 of the 1968 firearms Act.
  • Interesting, when you consider both he and his wife then gave prosecution evidence against the Claimant, facing a 10 year mandatory prison term, despite the South Wales Police having already known from the English police that the ‘gun’ was deemed to be in lawful possession.
  • Welsh police even  knew Caswell clinic’s Glanrhyd Hospital staff, bar one,  had confirmed the Claimant displayed no traits of ‘Paranoid Delusional Disorder’ nor was he any danger to the general public or to himself, as leaked in June 09 MAPPA minutes. He was only a ‘serious risk’ to the then Chief Constable, very wicked Barbara Wilding, with her pet ‘shoot to kill’ policy  as tested on attempting to ‘snatch’ our, then, 10 year old  daughter, Genevieve.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc                                                                                            19th January 2020

The 2009 Law Commission report, while MAPPA plotted my demise, confirmed such ‘guns’ were exempt of 1968 law begging the obvious question, are all in Welsh judiciary so thoroughly wicked?

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Article 8: The Right To Privacy, Family And Personal Life

Furthermore, the decision confirmed that just because prisoners lose some of their rights under Article 8, the loss of these rights is not an automatic consequence of being imprisoned.

The authorities still have to show that the removal of a prisoner’s rights to privacy, family and private life is necessary and proportionate in a democratic society. 

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"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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