Where Are Welsh Judges over MAPPA?

South Wales Police HQ

25th November 2017

Dear Mr Nigel Rees,

I again send this letter to you as it appears you are refusing to reply

As you may appreciate, I need to have a clear up to date summary of when I have been subject to MAPPA so that those I formally communicate with can use what you write as a reliable concise account.

Please could you reply to the five points below and also any other point you think a recipient will be wanting to know or understand when they consider my matters:- 

1) The dates of when was I subject to MAPPA 3 level 3 and the reason why this was necessary?

2) The dates of when was I subject to any other MAPPA or risk measure and the reason why this was necessary?

3) When was I last subject to any MAPPA or like risk measures and the reason why this was necessary?

4) Am I now under MAPPA or any risk measures and if so the reason why this is necessary?

5) The meaning of the different MAPPA categories worded for someone not familiar with MAPPA?

Thank you

Maurice J Kirk

copies to: Criminal Court of Appeal

Cardiff Crown Court

Court of Appeal

Cardiff County Court


2nd December 2009 police application that I be indefinitely incarcerated  in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital as a MAPPA level 3 category 3 registered victim to be amongst the top 5% most dangerous in the UK in order to block my civil damages claims  against the Chief Constable.

During that secret Cardiff Crown Court hearing, with neither their  victim present nor legally represented, both presiding Judge and Crown Prosecutor were quite unaware the court tape-recording machine had been mistakenly switched on.

My sister managed to obtain this ‘snippet’ of the ‘machine-gun’ conspiracy before that was shredded along with the first 30 minutes of that clandestine hearing  along with the now 25 years of Cardiff County Court records of my civil damages claim, covering the first 33 of some 50 odd failed police malicious prosecutions, only because all claims are subject to appeal and being currently argued out in The Royal Courts of Justice.

09 12 02 Transcript Crn Crt REDACTED

09 10 01 Transcript SWP

09 10 19 OPINION Clinical [fabrication explained] (2)

Screenshot (34).png

17 11 17 Time Line rough copy

Extract from Caswell Clinic report written before 2nd December 2009 police application I be incarcerated for life in Ashworth to avoid the machine-gun trial’s obvious acquittal thus exposing senior police officers conspiring to have me killed.



In considering Maurice’s case, it seems important to be aware of one’s own standpoint. Maurice

is an entertaining storyteller, who has lived a fascinating life. It is difficult not to warm to his

personality and stories of adventure, leading to a tendency to romanticise his position.

Alternatively, Maurice has openly admitted to not following laws if they did not fit with his own

moral code. He appears to have broken a number of laws on the way, usually relating to

smuggling or his personal safety whilst in an aeroplane, and one could see how this may frustrate

many people in authority.

In a similar fashion, Maurice’s personality could also be considered within different contexts.

As an example, Olympic athletes are often praised for their determination, drive and ambition.

However, in other contexts, similar characteristics could be seen as being obsessive, selfish and

narcissistic. For Maurice, the aggressive nature of his personality that has fuelled his need for

adventure, may have also been responsible for his numerous conflicts with the police.

In my opinion, Maurice’s early court cases were motivated by his personality characteristics, the

aggressiveness, the refusal to admit being wrong, and the tendency to criticise others as a

reaction to any perceived criticism. The paperwork detailing successful court cases, would

suggest that Maurice’s court cases were based on fact rather than delusional beliefs

It would also appear that Maurice’s personality factors are maintaining his difficulties. The

intrusive/needy element to his personality would make him relish being the centre of attention.

He stated that he actually enjoyed the “show” and “performance” that surrounds a court case and

he spoke about these aspects as the reward for the stress involved in the litigation process. He

likened these moments to the fuel that ran an aeroplane, calling it his “go-juice”. However, at

certain times, Maurice has commented that he wished the court cases would all just vanish and

the stress be taken away. Paradoxically, it may be another element to his personality, the self

defeating aspect, that is actually pushing him to continue. This part of him thrives on perceived

disappointment and high levels of stress, which may make it difficult for him to walk away from

the litigious process.

It would appear that Maurice has elected to champion the causes of a few men, with whom he

identifies and it also seems that he enjoys the messages of support he receives from others in

similar circumstances. However, Maurice acknowledged that his case may also appeal to

“crackpots” who may themselves have mental health issues. While Maurice may not pose any

specific risk of violence towards the police and government officials, the same guarantee cannot

be extended to his associates.

I do not feel that Maurice’s court cases and litigious processes were initially motivated by any

form of delusional paranoia. However, it may well be the ongoing effects of these court cases

have had a negative impact on his mental health. The long-term effects of stress; lack of sleep;

removal of other forms of cognitive stimulation, such as his work; and association with a peer

group who have extreme conspiratorial beliefs may, at certain points, cause Maurice’s to be

vulnerable to delusional beliefs.

Following my first meeting with Maurice, I felt that the manner of his presentation indicated a

delusional disorder. His manner was confrontational, he expressed ideas of being mistreated and

appeared suspicious and highly vigilant for signs of betrayal from the clinical team. However,

such a presentation would also be expected from an individual with an aggressive and controlling

personality who was under a huge degree of stress.

Results from the personality assessment suggest that Maurice is suffering with a significant

degree of anxiety. This may have some origin in the stress caused by his ongoing court cases,

but could also be related to one or more past traumas. Maurice appears slightly reluctant to

discuss these difficulties and has a tendency to downplay any potential affective difficulties.

This may be due to his pride in being hard-headed, combined with the potential of losing his

pilot’s licence due to mental health factors.

In my opinion, Maurice is not currently suffering from a delusional disorder. However, it is felt

that continued physical and psychological stress could have some adverse affects on him in the

future. If the current stressors surrounding Maurice were removed, there is every chance that his

mental state would stabilise and his levels of anxiety reduce. However, it could be predicted that

his with his strong personality and active intellect, he would soon apply himself to a different

personal challenge.


About Maurice Kirk

"When the state get it wrong it is dangerous to be right" (Voltaire) A website as a warning to others should you cross the Welsh authorities. I am forced to be a chronic litigant after being 5 years in Prison due to the Welsh Police determined to have me locked away by using fabricated medical records, by their blackmailed doctor.
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